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Didn’t Suck

You know those motivational images that say that no one ever regrets a workout?

So true. Seriously, never regretted a workout. You could be sore, or sorry tomorrow. You choose.

Yeah, that’s the one.     Lies, all lies.  I’ve regretted numerous runs.  Multiple times I forced myself out there to only to have it be a truly miserable experience.   The way Tuesday shaped up I had a feeling I was going to regret that run.

Lately, I look forward to my run in the mornings but by the time I get I off work I am usually exhausted and that enthusiasm wanes.   Tuesday was more of the same.   I so wanted to go home and sit in my comfy chair and do nothing.    But I changed and headed for the river path to get in 4-5 miles.    As I was driving there were so many things against this run.

  • Wrong shoes
  • Wrong socks
  • I forgot my headphones
  • I forgot my belt
  • My inhaler was also in my belt
  • My side/ stomach had hurt all day

So yeah, this was going to be awesome.  IMG_1488

I always leave my belt in my car after running but my mom had given me a ride after Sunday’s long run and I never put it back in my car.   Same story with my headphones.    I have a box of spare running gear in my car but I don’t like them, that’s why their in the box. 😃    But I sucked it up, dug out my old Flipbelt and Yurbuds and attempted to run.   Less than a 1/4 mile in I was reminded of why I dislike those items so much.  The cord on the Yurbuds is like 4 miles long and bounces incessantly no matter how you wrap it around your belt.  Then there’s the belt.   I know everyone loves the Flipbelts but they just don’t work for me.   I realize I wear my belt super low, I mean low, so it’s partly my fault.  That just doesn’t work with the Flipbelt.   It ends up being more like the poor man’s version of a butt lift.  😄     Plus it tends to move around.

My stomach hurt so there were plenty of walk breaks and a few complete stops along the way.   I ran 2 miles completely and the rest was a mish mash of running and walking.   I was hoping I would at least hit 4 miles but my stomach hurt and then I got a little emotional so I called it at 3.74.   To get to 4 I would have had to run past my car and back and I just wasn’t up for that.

As if I didn’t already know, this run helped prove why people say runners are crazy.  Or slightly masochistic.    For all that this run had against it, it didn’t suck.   It was far from amazing but it was also far from horrible. Oddly my form felt better than it has in weeks.   Actually, those 2 miles I managed to fully run were in the low 9’s.    So yeah, it didn’t suck.  I needed that.

How was your week?

Ever have a run that didn’t go as poorly as you thought?

Happy Friday!!


Now, I normally pride myself on freakish memory.  Particularly for numbers and things like that, sometimes I scare people.    This week though, my memory has checked out.    On Tuesday I was all set to run after work.  I felt like I needed a run, the morning had been a little odd.  I often take my clothes into work to change but leave my shoes in the car.  This sometimes means I walk to my car in running clothes and flats or heels.    I changed and walked to my car.  When I went to throw my gym bag on the floor of the passenger seat, I notice something missing. forgot shoes

I forgot my damn shoes.  Seriously.    As I drove back to town, I was irritated and debating what to do.   I could go home and get my shoes but I knew that once I was home, I was less likely to get back and run.    I keep a box of shoes in my trunk with a pair of flip-flops, some flats, a pair of heels and 2 old pairs of running shoes.  I like to be prepared.  🙂   So I decided to try running in one of those pairs.   I put on my old Wave Riders and set out.   I kept it slow and easy because I wasn’t sure how the shoes were going to feel.  No lies, my feet were angry, it’s time to retire those shoes completely, they cannot be run anymore.  I took a complete break at mile 3 to try to calm my feet down.  Once again, I looked up and NikeC was coming my way.  We chatted for a bit before I ran on and back to my car.    If it wasn’t for my shoes making my feet angry, I would say that it was a pretty good run.    9-25Instead of passing each other, NikeC and I decided to just run together tonight.  I made sure to pack my shoes; in fact, I packed both my current Wave Riders and Sayonaras.    🙂  But I forgot my Garmin and a decent sports bra.  Ugh!!!  I had one in my bag as a backup but I wasn’t sure how it would be for 5 miles.   We ran one of her usual routes.  Right away I just felt tired.   I was having troubles catching my breath- stupid humidity!  I felt bad, we would run and then I would have to take a walking break.   Granted, neither of us are used to running and talking so that was probably hindering us as well.  🙂    It may have been slower than planned but it was still a good run.  Plus being able to watch the sun set from different angles was cool.    My Nike+ app has been crashing but it said that we did 4.87 miles while hers was closer to 5.   I choose to go with the 5.  🙂   I missed my Garmin.sunsetAs of right now, I am signed up for the 10K on Sunday.    This may well be my last chance to run a 10K until next year.  10K’s are sparse around here.  I hoping that one will pop up around Thanksgiving but no luck yet- all 5K’s and half marathons.    When it comes to the 5K- well I am also signed up for that.  I have yet to decide if I am running it.   I will figure that out as it gets closer.   Actually right now I am more concerned about chafing.  I am wearing a team tank for the first time on race day, yikes!  I can’t test it out because I won’t even get it until Saturday.    My arms are very particular about what kind shirts they lake.   Which is why I have the same tank in 11 different colors.   Fingers crossed!

Happy Friday!!

Ever forget your shoes? Or something else equally important?

Who is racing this weekend?

How is Fall treating you so far?