Didn’t Suck

You know those motivational images that say that no one ever regrets a workout?

So true. Seriously, never regretted a workout. You could be sore, or sorry tomorrow. You choose.

Yeah, that’s the one.     Lies, all lies.  I’ve regretted numerous runs.  Multiple times I forced myself out there to only to have it be a truly miserable experience.   The way Tuesday shaped up I had a feeling I was going to regret that run.

Lately, I look forward to my run in the mornings but by the time I get I off work I am usually exhausted and that enthusiasm wanes.   Tuesday was more of the same.   I so wanted to go home and sit in my comfy chair and do nothing.    But I changed and headed for the river path to get in 4-5 miles.    As I was driving there were so many things against this run.

  • Wrong shoes
  • Wrong socks
  • I forgot my headphones
  • I forgot my belt
  • My inhaler was also in my belt
  • My side/ stomach had hurt all day

So yeah, this was going to be awesome.  IMG_1488

I always leave my belt in my car after running but my mom had given me a ride after Sunday’s long run and I never put it back in my car.   Same story with my headphones.    I have a box of spare running gear in my car but I don’t like them, that’s why their in the box. 😃    But I sucked it up, dug out my old Flipbelt and Yurbuds and attempted to run.   Less than a 1/4 mile in I was reminded of why I dislike those items so much.  The cord on the Yurbuds is like 4 miles long and bounces incessantly no matter how you wrap it around your belt.  Then there’s the belt.   I know everyone loves the Flipbelts but they just don’t work for me.   I realize I wear my belt super low, I mean low, so it’s partly my fault.  That just doesn’t work with the Flipbelt.   It ends up being more like the poor man’s version of a butt lift.  😄     Plus it tends to move around.

My stomach hurt so there were plenty of walk breaks and a few complete stops along the way.   I ran 2 miles completely and the rest was a mish mash of running and walking.   I was hoping I would at least hit 4 miles but my stomach hurt and then I got a little emotional so I called it at 3.74.   To get to 4 I would have had to run past my car and back and I just wasn’t up for that.

As if I didn’t already know, this run helped prove why people say runners are crazy.  Or slightly masochistic.    For all that this run had against it, it didn’t suck.   It was far from amazing but it was also far from horrible. Oddly my form felt better than it has in weeks.   Actually, those 2 miles I managed to fully run were in the low 9’s.    So yeah, it didn’t suck.  I needed that.

How was your week?

Ever have a run that didn’t go as poorly as you thought?

Happy Friday!!

23 thoughts on “Didn’t Suck

  1. I completely agree that your quote is s LIE! So many times I think, I’ll be so much happier when it’s over only to hate life during the run. But you know when it pays off? On the day that you go out and the miles feel effortless. They don’t come often, but when they do you can be assured that the days you suffered out there are paying off. Nice job getting it done!


  2. I don’t care for the flip belt either. It sags! I do, however, love my Yurbuds. I use a handheld case by HB Tune when I carry my phone, so I just bunch up the excess cord in my hand.

    I agree with you — there definitely have been runs I regretted. One race in Vermont when I had a foot injury comes to mind.


    1. I’m not the only one, yay! It seemed like I was the only person dissatisfied with the Flipbelt. I’ve looked at the HB Tune and I like the idea but I tend to throw things I carry. I’ve had to chase down so many water bottles!

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  3. Blergh, sounds like a tough mental battle. If my brain isn’t in it, I just can’t ever really get into a run. I’m glad at least you felt like it wasn’t super awful.


  4. I’m glad it didn’t completely suck! I’ve definitely had runs where I thought they were going to be great and they turned out terrible… I can’t remember any the other way around, but I’m sure they’ve happened, they were just less memorable 😉


    1. The bad ones always seem to linger in your mind longer than the good ones. That’s one plus about blogging. I can look at a post and go “oh yeah, that run was kind of awesome”. Just wish it happened more often.😀


  5. I have had many many runs like this. I think we runners are very ritualistic and we need our specific running equipment or else it throws our game off. I have had my Garmin die in the middle of MANY runs and it totally jacks me up. Onward and upward my friend… just take a deed breath and keep going!


  6. Glad it turned out to be a good run for you! I’ve had bad ones too….but I do feel good about having the initiative to make myself go.


  7. Ugh I know the struggle of those tough runs, but congrats anyway for finishing it! I refuse to believe there’s such a thing as ‘junk miles’. I had a really weird run the other morning when I was delayed leaving the house, people kept calling me and dogs kept running into me at the park. But nonetheless, a mile is a mile!


    1. I can’t believe in junk miles- that would be 90% of my miles! Not really but sometimes I feel that way. Dogs charging people make me cranky- why can’t the owner control them? I have been attacked too many times, I give dogs a wide berth now.


      1. I actually love dogs and I’d happily make friends with them, they don’t seem to attack people so much or get agressive in the UK- but the other morning there was this little bitty puppy who was trying to weave in and out of my ankles. That was tough!


  8. I’m amazed that you still did your run with so many things going against you! Good for you! I’ve run when maybe two or three of those things went wrong before but all of that?! You’re a champ. Glad it ended up being a decent run after all 🙂


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