Bye July/ Week 8 Recap

First up, let’s talk about July.   July did not see the mileage increase that I was hoping.  Between a week of feeling meh some achy legs and well life, the number didn’t grow.   Instead, my mileage held steady.   Which for right now, I am calling a win. July Miles

Miles- 64.30
Races- Shoreline Half

So let’s move on to last week’s training!IMG_1410Monday- 4 Miles

This run sucked.   There are no other words for how much I hated this run.  There was some reason I was running on Monday instead of a rest day like usual.  Except even then, I couldn’t remember why.  Maybe it was a combo of all the fair walking on Saturday plus the speed work on Sunday but my legs would not work.   I knew I was tired and was aiming for a nice easy run at recovery pace.    Instead I got a jumbled mess- 14:09, 10:51, 10:08, 9:43.   Even walking felt funny at the beginning so I walked more.   Then I ran too fast when I did run.  But even that felt like I was slogging through peanut butter while running.  IMG_1416Tuesday- Rest

Awesome.   Plus I enjoyed Monday’s usual pizza night just a day late.   I said 80/20 paleo right?   But even more shocking- I left the building!  Haha.  But seriously, I can count on 2 hands the number of times I’ve left the building during work for the last 2+ years.   I had to get my book swap package in the mail so I decided to walk on down to the post office.    It was farther than I thought in heels- oops!


Seriously, is Wednesday a black hole?  Why can I never remember it?FullSizeRender (21)Thursday- 4.26 miles

Same route as Monday but a better run overall.   My mom met me there so I ended up walking the first mile with her.   15:01, 10:08, 9:41, 9:09.   Seriously, what is with this route and the progression miles?   One of these days I will get my weekday runs back up in miles.   One day.    I meant to run slower due to achy legs but nothing seemed labored so why not?

Friday- Rest

I survived cookie day unscathed!  Woo hoo!!    Plus grocery shopping for all the veggies.  🙂

Saturday- Rest

Walked around SLO most of the day and did a little shopping.  I really mean little- I bought one shirt.   But I got my steps in so yay!     I also woke up to an email regarding the HP swap I signed up for that had me scrambling all day.   Let’s just say I am starting over…only 2 weeks from ship date.  Well crap.  Is it odd that I think the time crunch pressure might be fun?  I ended the evening at movies.  We saw Mission Impossible.  Not my choice but I was outvoted.  It wasn’t bad.  I also ate way too much popcorn.

IMG_1456Sunday- 7.3 mile long run

My mother was going to clean/ organize the tennis courts so my plan was to run early and meet her there then she would give me a ride home.    I was feeling rough that morning so I set out a little behind schedule.   I then walked the first 10 minutes just to make sure I was even ready to run.   Other than that first mile I maintained a 10:30 pace for the rest of the run.   I am completely ok with that pace for a long run right now.   It was just under 5 miles to the school and I finished the rest on the track.    Mile 4 makes me laugh.  I hate running the bridge across town and tend to pick up the pace there.   As much as I can with 4 stop lights that is.  Then a hill hits you in the face so you slow down.  😐    Outside of the obnoxious humidity (68%!) I liked this run.   I felt pretty good afterwards.   😃   Oh, and I meal prepped salads for lunches for the week. Who am I?

All in all, an average week.  I felt tired all week so I passed on my speed work.  I am sure smoothies for lunch and cutting back on soda added to the tiredness but I anticipated that so I planned to take it easier this week.    My mileage stayed pretty consistent to previous week so that’s a plus at least.     Going into this week, I have some scheduling issues but I would like to see the miles increase.  Pace will depend on how I feel with my stupid stomach and new (goal) eating habits.  Fingers crossed!   As for August?  Keep on keeping on.  😄

How is your training going? 

Any streets/ bridges you dislike running?

Seen any good movies lately?

What are you looking forward to in August?


  1. Awesome week! I’m cracking up at your Wednesday post. When I run in Bethlehem, there are three bridges to run over and I actually love them! There’s one road on that route that I absolutely despise, with a huge incline that leads up to a pretty main road but I do it anyway. It’s part of the RW Half course so I feel like I can’t skip it!


    1. I’m pretty sure that by bridge standards, ours is super tiny. I just hate how noisy it gets and how on display I feel. It’s all in my head I know. 😀. Have you run the RW half?


  2. DarlinRae says:

    Congratulations on getting some meal planning/prep done! I need to be better about that, especially because I’m about to get super busy with the show.


    1. I decided to see if it would help me feel less rushed. Lunches are interesting these days so anything that helps those go a little smoother should be good right?

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  3. Jamie says:

    I’m really looking forward to incorporating more long long runs back into my training schedule. I’m with you on cleaning up my diet… really need to focus as I have a noticeable difference in my morning runs when I eat well (read don’t snack after 730) the night before. Hope you have a fabulous day!


    1. I know I snack way too much. Especially at night. I haven’t quite figured out good paleo snacks so I haven’t had any snacks recently but that urge hits every night!

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  4. ishouldrun says:

    I know what you mean about not hitting your mileage goals but still feeling like it was a success in its own way (sorta). And eating right is the worst part of training! My August plan is to clean it up a lot, and to get ALL my miles in. Good luck in August!


    1. I’m trying to look at the bright side of things, it’s hard! As is eating better, right now I just want all the chips. 😁. Good luck in August to you too!

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  5. dgobs says:

    Keep on keeping on in August… I like that! My July wasn’t great, but I’m steadily improving as my stupid knee recovers so I’ll take any improvement I can get! 🙂 I saw Antman last weekend, with really no expectations, and I really liked it! Paul Rudd made it silly, which I appreciated.


    1. So glad to hear your recovering! I wouldn’t have minded seeing Antman, I’m kind of a nerd about the Marvel movies but I lost. Paul Rudd is a plus too. 😀


  6. I just recently moved and am getting used to running around here. There are really nice tree lined BUSY streets, so far, not a fan:/ great running week and I’m so jealous of your meal prepping. I never have that much self control. Although, Derek and I talked about going it the other day….😃


    1. My usual route has few cars but sometimes I get so tired of just running loops of the same streets. Then every time I run the busy streets I miss my boring ones . 🙂 Meal prep went well this week, not I just need to see if I can stick with it!


  7. I’m not training for anything so I’ve been pretty slow going. Has anyone ever told you to avoid corn due to your tummy issues? I have a gazillion tummy issues, and pop corn always upsets my stomach….just a thought! That, and dairy…no bueno for me!


    1. I usually do avoid corn. I only eat popcorn when I go to the movies and I normally tolerate it well. I think this had do with how much I ate- oops!

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      1. hehe!! Who doesn’t love movie theater popcorn?!? ❤

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  8. charissarunning says:

    You know, I always love your pictures so much! It makes me want to run where you are because it’s so beautiful there 😀 And congrats on passing on cookie day!


    1. Thank you! At least when my stomach makes me stop for a moment, I get to take pictures. 🙂 I’ve been debating dusting off the big camera. Tomorrow will be another cookie day battle. 🙂

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