Bye July/ Week 8 Recap

First up, let’s talk about July.   July did not see the mileage increase that I was hoping.  Between a week of feeling meh some achy legs and well life, the number didn’t grow.   Instead, my mileage held steady.   Which for right now, I am calling a win. July Miles

Miles- 64.30
Races- Shoreline Half

So let’s move on to last week’s training!IMG_1410Monday- 4 Miles

This run sucked.   There are no other words for how much I hated this run.  There was some reason I was running on Monday instead of a rest day like usual.  Except even then, I couldn’t remember why.  Maybe it was a combo of all the fair walking on Saturday plus the speed work on Sunday but my legs would not work.   I knew I was tired and was aiming for a nice easy run at recovery pace.    Instead I got a jumbled mess- 14:09, 10:51, 10:08, 9:43.   Even walking felt funny at the beginning so I walked more.   Then I ran too fast when I did run.  But even that felt like I was slogging through peanut butter while running.  IMG_1416Tuesday- Rest

Awesome.   Plus I enjoyed Monday’s usual pizza night just a day late.   I said 80/20 paleo right?   But even more shocking- I left the building!  Haha.  But seriously, I can count on 2 hands the number of times I’ve left the building during work for the last 2+ years.   I had to get my book swap package in the mail so I decided to walk on down to the post office.    It was farther than I thought in heels- oops!


Seriously, is Wednesday a black hole?  Why can I never remember it?FullSizeRender (21)Thursday- 4.26 miles

Same route as Monday but a better run overall.   My mom met me there so I ended up walking the first mile with her.   15:01, 10:08, 9:41, 9:09.   Seriously, what is with this route and the progression miles?   One of these days I will get my weekday runs back up in miles.   One day.    I meant to run slower due to achy legs but nothing seemed labored so why not?

Friday- Rest

I survived cookie day unscathed!  Woo hoo!!    Plus grocery shopping for all the veggies.  🙂

Saturday- Rest

Walked around SLO most of the day and did a little shopping.  I really mean little- I bought one shirt.   But I got my steps in so yay!     I also woke up to an email regarding the HP swap I signed up for that had me scrambling all day.   Let’s just say I am starting over…only 2 weeks from ship date.  Well crap.  Is it odd that I think the time crunch pressure might be fun?  I ended the evening at movies.  We saw Mission Impossible.  Not my choice but I was outvoted.  It wasn’t bad.  I also ate way too much popcorn.

IMG_1456Sunday- 7.3 mile long run

My mother was going to clean/ organize the tennis courts so my plan was to run early and meet her there then she would give me a ride home.    I was feeling rough that morning so I set out a little behind schedule.   I then walked the first 10 minutes just to make sure I was even ready to run.   Other than that first mile I maintained a 10:30 pace for the rest of the run.   I am completely ok with that pace for a long run right now.   It was just under 5 miles to the school and I finished the rest on the track.    Mile 4 makes me laugh.  I hate running the bridge across town and tend to pick up the pace there.   As much as I can with 4 stop lights that is.  Then a hill hits you in the face so you slow down.  😐    Outside of the obnoxious humidity (68%!) I liked this run.   I felt pretty good afterwards.   😃   Oh, and I meal prepped salads for lunches for the week. Who am I?

All in all, an average week.  I felt tired all week so I passed on my speed work.  I am sure smoothies for lunch and cutting back on soda added to the tiredness but I anticipated that so I planned to take it easier this week.    My mileage stayed pretty consistent to previous week so that’s a plus at least.     Going into this week, I have some scheduling issues but I would like to see the miles increase.  Pace will depend on how I feel with my stupid stomach and new (goal) eating habits.  Fingers crossed!   As for August?  Keep on keeping on.  😄

How is your training going? 

Any streets/ bridges you dislike running?

Seen any good movies lately?

What are you looking forward to in August?

17 thoughts on “Bye July/ Week 8 Recap

  1. Awesome week! I’m cracking up at your Wednesday post. When I run in Bethlehem, there are three bridges to run over and I actually love them! There’s one road on that route that I absolutely despise, with a huge incline that leads up to a pretty main road but I do it anyway. It’s part of the RW Half course so I feel like I can’t skip it!


  2. Congratulations on getting some meal planning/prep done! I need to be better about that, especially because I’m about to get super busy with the show.


  3. I’m really looking forward to incorporating more long long runs back into my training schedule. I’m with you on cleaning up my diet… really need to focus as I have a noticeable difference in my morning runs when I eat well (read don’t snack after 730) the night before. Hope you have a fabulous day!


  4. I know what you mean about not hitting your mileage goals but still feeling like it was a success in its own way (sorta). And eating right is the worst part of training! My August plan is to clean it up a lot, and to get ALL my miles in. Good luck in August!


  5. Keep on keeping on in August… I like that! My July wasn’t great, but I’m steadily improving as my stupid knee recovers so I’ll take any improvement I can get! 🙂 I saw Antman last weekend, with really no expectations, and I really liked it! Paul Rudd made it silly, which I appreciated.


  6. I just recently moved and am getting used to running around here. There are really nice tree lined BUSY streets, so far, not a fan:/ great running week and I’m so jealous of your meal prepping. I never have that much self control. Although, Derek and I talked about going it the other day….😃


    1. My usual route has few cars but sometimes I get so tired of just running loops of the same streets. Then every time I run the busy streets I miss my boring ones . 🙂 Meal prep went well this week, not I just need to see if I can stick with it!


  7. I’m not training for anything so I’ve been pretty slow going. Has anyone ever told you to avoid corn due to your tummy issues? I have a gazillion tummy issues, and pop corn always upsets my stomach….just a thought! That, and dairy…no bueno for me!


  8. You know, I always love your pictures so much! It makes me want to run where you are because it’s so beautiful there 😀 And congrats on passing on cookie day!


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