Week 9 Recap

Hmmmm, let’s just call this a step back week?

Monday- Rest

Actually I had a Harvest Marathon meeting, so a rest day worked out perfectly.  Plus it was Monday and I don’t seem to run well on Mondays’.   I was late getting to the meeting so I felt like a total slacker.   It’s just hard when work runs late and then I still have the commute.

Tuesday-  3.74 Miles

The less than great run.   That being said, I think my post about it came across more negative than I had wanted.     Yes, the run was rough but overall it wasn’t that bad and I was glad I didn’t bail because of all of my gear/ shoe issues.  Maybe that’s why non runners think runners are crazy- I cried but I still call it a decent run.    😉

Wednesday- Rest 

I remember!!  Tuesday’s stomach issues doubled and I felt the beginning of a migraine coming on so rest day.   I headed to Target for some small things and headed straight home for the comfy chair.

Before the run got creepy
Before the run got creepy

Thursday-  5 Miles- Creeptastic run

Not only was my headache still around, I was exhausted.  Stupid hormones.  Any how, I headed to the lake after work hoping for 6 miles but resigned to 4.   I honestly didn’t think I had more in me even with keeping an easy pace.   However once I got running I felt pretty good even with the headache and thought I could run a 10k.  Then things got weird.

You know when you feel like something is looming over your shoulder?  I got that feeling as I hit the backside of the lake just before mile 4.   I looked over my right shoulder and there was a truck driving half in the dirt and half on the street super slowly.  My first thought is that they wanted to pull over and park and I was in their way.  So I sped up.  So did the truck.   Ummm?  I slowed down again, so did the truck.  This went on for 1/2 a mile.   I came to a complete stop and tried to get a better look at it.  It pulled behind some trees.   Enough.   Run done.    I got my ass back to the parking lot as fast as possible while looking for the truck behind me.   As an extra caution, I ran to the playground and waited there for a while just to make sure it didn’t follow me to my car.  IMG_1517 Cue the Slacker PSA–  Maybe I overreacted, maybe I didn’t.   As much as I love the running community and all people I cross paths with while running, I am out there running by myself.  Hence rule #1- Be Paranoid.    If something seems off, trust your gut.  Don’t continue assuming that everything’s ok or that you’re tough enough to handle whatever comes your way.  That may be true but toughness should be a last resort- cut your run short or change your route.  Don’t be stubborn, you can get the miles in on another day.   End PSA.

Friday-  Rest

I fell prey to a cookie around 9:30 but that ended up working in my favor.  I started work at 7:30 but didn’t get to lunch until after 3:00.  I credit that cookie with getting me through the chaos that was Friday.  😆

Saturday- 4 Mile walk

I went to SLO for 2 intentional purchases but ended up spending more money than planned.  One stop was the Running Warehouse but more on that next post.     Victoria’s Secret had sports bras for $35 so I had to go check that out- those things are expensive!  But kind of useful for running.  😝    Those were the planned purchases.  What was not planned?  At least it hadn’t been a fully formed thought-

source- fitstudio.com
source- fitstudio.com

So that happened.   I was in the best running shape when I rode the stationary bike 4x a week.   Ever since mine died, I have never followed through with going to the gym.     Now I have to follow through.  Yes, recumbent is lazy but my stomach and side appreciate it.   Now if it would just get here.

Finished the evening with a 4 mile walk, testing out some new gear.  More on that later, too.

Post run puppy visit
Post run puppy visit

Sunday- 4.5 miles

Long run fail.    I had planned for 8-9 miles but woke with a gnarly headache again.  I think it was part hormonal and part sinus- I’ve had some allergy issues lately.  I blame the humidity, that’s my scapegoat these days.   Sunday family dinner wasn’t happening so I decided sleep a little more and get the run in the evening when it was cooler.    Then things changed.  Not only was Sunday dinner happening but it was at a restaurant.  Well damn, now I couldn’t even show up sweaty.    I headed out in the heat of the afternoon and pulled off a slow 4.5 miles.    My head was not too impressed with that decision.    I was hoping I could out run the migraine.   Not so much.  It did ease a bit though by the time we headed to dinner (steak and veggies for me).

All in all, not a horrible training week.    No speed work thanks to my stomach but I kept my weekly mileage consistent.  Low but consistent.  It’s the little things right?

Paleo Week 1-  C

Last week was also my first week changing things up.  Breakfasts and lunches were on point, dinner was atrocious.  I ate out every single week night last week.    I didn’t even do it on purpose, it just kind of happened.     Tuesday pizza was supposed to be the only night eating out.  Bad!!    I also ate a little bag of Lay’s one day.   Last week might not have been the best week to start paleo.  I tend to want to eat everything that week of the month.   So I guess in some respect it was a win because I didn’t go crazy on the snacks.      Also something in my lunch veggies- spinach, romaine, cabbage slaw, celery and carrots pissed off my stomach every day.     It couldn’t have been the spinach or cabbage slaw because those have been staples of my lunch for months.   So I swapped a few things this week and we’ll see how I do.   I meal prepped for the week on Sunday again.    It’s like Tetris getting all the containers into my lunch bag on Monday morning.   😃

Goals for this week are to get in the miles.  Definitely a long run and hopefully my side will accommodate some speed work.  Another goal is to only eat out 2x for dinner.  Last week was just ridiculous.

How was your week?

Ever had a potentially creepy situation on a run?  What did you do?

How often do you eat out?

28 Comments on “Week 9 Recap

  1. OMG that is the creepiest situation EVER! I get very paranoid when I run because I often run alone and on trails, where anything can really happen. Sometimes I run with girls from the cross country team at the school where I teach, and I am extra paranoid when I’m running with them. You can’t be too careful!!! I did soooo terrible with my paleo lifestyle on vacation and I feel like I can’t get out of that rut. I was so bad yesterday. Your post made me think about that – I need to get back on TRACK!


    • It’s hard because you want to just focus on your run but have to make sure nothing creepy is going on at the same time. This is the first time I’ve ever been that alarmed though. I hadn’t realized how bad my dinners were until I started thinking about this recap. At least yours looked like homemade food- mine was so much crap! It’s a new week to get on track right?

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  2. Dude. Creeptastic for real. I like your rule of being paranoid… better paranoid than in a bad situation! I haven’t had any memorably creepy running experiences (knock on wood) but that’s likely because I tend to run with other people. When I run alone I try to have my spidey senses going at all times just in case. I’m sorry your head was so gnarly this week! Humidity and high barometric pressure does a number on my head and sinuses too. Hopefully this week will be better!


    • Exactly my thoughts! Better to cut my mileage than chance a risky situation. I wish I could find someone to run with. No luck yet! It was ridiculous, I felt like my ears were going to just pop off my head and nothing I took for it helped. Is it fall yet?


  3. I totally agree about being paranoid. That’s why I usually don’t run with music, or if I do, I keep it turned down super low. I’m often running all by myself in pretty secluded areas, so I have to be really careful. I’m glad you got out of there! I hope your head and your stomach are more cooperative this week.


    • I only run with one ear bud in and I keep the volume low. Oddly this was one of the more public places I run but I’ve never felt more creeped out! Thank you, hopefully the minor swaps I made this week will help on the stomach front. 🙂


  4. Ok first off – did I miss something and you’re training for a marathon now?!?

    That is super creepy. It’s not being paranoid to follow your instincts. If something feels wrong, it probably is and it’s always better to be safe than sorry! Glad that didn’t turn out worse!

    Great week!


    • No marathons here, just 2 halfs and a 25K in a 5 week window. Well, stomach permitting that is, which is why I chose a longer training plan since I am only running 3x a week right now.

      I tried to get more details on the truck but didn’t want to run towards it either. I could definitely do without that next run.



      • Ahhh ok, I saw Harvest Marathon in your first paragraph and got a little carried away I guess!


  5. That truck sounds super dubious. You were totally right to just get out of there. I never had anything like that happen to me. But don’t be too hard on yourself about diet and training. We all have bad weeks (or months) 🙂


  6. I will +1 your PSA all day, everyday!! I am the most paranoid runner on the planet. I blame the close to 16 years (holy shit do I feel old typing that out) of watching CSI, Law & Order, New Detectives, Forensic Files, Extreme Forensics, FBI Files, Dateline, 48 Hours, and every show on Investigation Discovery for that paranoia. Sometimes, it *might* be a tad extreme but I would much rather be alive and feel silly than have someone find my remains 6 years later in the mountains. #sorrynotsorry

    I don’t run well on Monday’s either – it’s all mental, but I just can’t seem to get over it! I don’t know how you run with a migraine….those things are brutal and the fact the you even attempted it is bad.ass.!!!!


    • Exactly! I watch all those shows and can’t help thinking of the stories while running sometimes. I was watching one where a hiker disappeared and they still haven’t found her! Why do we set ourselves up for nightmares like that?

      I see all the inspirational images that say “Never miss a Monday” and I’m like- nope, not for me. Unfortunately I average 1 bad headache a month and usually a horrid migraine every few months. Sometimes running helps ease the pressure and sometimes not. I just try to take it super easy and see what happens. Sunday’s run had plenty of breaks interspersed in. Thanks!


  7. I’m lucky and haven’t experienced that on a run – although I am a bit weary of taking back roads out of town just in case. You did the right thing. I’d do the same.


  8. You were absolutely right to take off in the other direction. I always err on the side of caution too. On a side note, I’m jealous of every male runner who can just run trails and streets and anywhere they want without having to spend time wondering if and why a van looks like it’s following them. Anyway, good luck on this coming week. I can relate to the runs you had last week. :/


    • I know things can happen to men while running too but for the most part, they seem to have less to worry about. They also don’t have to try and take off a sports bra post run either!😃 Have a great week!


  9. Woah….scary!!!! One of my go-tos when scared is to pull out my phone and call someone. That way someone will know if I disappear. I don’t know if that is helpful or not, but I do it. I’ve definitely been scared while running before…that feeling that something is looming over my shoulder is all too farmiliar. Most times, it has been irrational, but a few times, I don’t think it was. But I always take it seriously. I agree…when running alone…be paranoid. Glad you are ok!!!


    • Oh, the phone is a good idea! I’ve done something similar before but totally didn’t think of that that day! I hate that every run for the next few weeks will feel extra creepy but I will definitely be alert! Thank you!


  10. First of all…I love your pictures. 🙂
    Secondly…OMG CREEPY. I am all about being overly paranoid if the situation calls for it and I think you did the right thing for sure! I’m glad you’re okay!


    • Thank you! I like that the blog gives me a reason to take pictures, photography used to be a hobby of mine but I just kind of stopped for some reason.

      It’s definitely going to make me pay more attention on future runs!


  11. I would definitely cut my run short too given that creepy situation. Better safe than sorry in my opinion! Hope your bike comes soon so you can enjoy your new toy 🙂


  12. I run at 5:30 am… it is dark… and I have reflective wrist bands (which I’m not sure work) and I bought out the Target dollar spot when they had cute little LED bike lights – It is on a bungee and thread it through the laces on my right foot – I have it going and it helps me see the path – but really helps cars see me. I’m usually alone on my runs, but I say good morning to every person in their driveway, out walking their dogs, etc. when I pass them so that they know I acknowledge and “see” them! I don’t know if it makes a real difference, but I feel better knowing they know I know they are there!

    Of course, the other day, my own shadow scared me… I just happened to be at the right spot in between street lights and porch lights and all of the sudden a 2nd shadow appeared and it took a few beats before I realized it was just me 🙂


    • Nice precautions! You gotta be safe out there! And seriously, you rock for running that early!

      Haha, I’ve totally been scared by my own shadow. It used to happen at the restaurant all the time. Even with all the lights on, it was still dark and creepy at 5:30 in the morning. 🙂

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