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Week 15 Recap- Extremes

Week 15?!  My race is almost here?  How did that happen?  I haven’t even registered for it yet!   Well, crap, I better get on that.  Right after this damn heat wave leaves.

Monday- Rest

Lugging one less bag to work on Mondays is kind of nice.  Think I’ll stick with this Monday rest thing.  I was going to come home and ride the back but I decided to dye my hair instead.  #byebyeblonde


Tuesday- 4.51 Miles

Holy speed, Batman, I ran a 7:49 mile?!?!?  Awesome!    I’m still kind of stoked about that.   If you missed me shouting it from the rooftops, you can read about it here.  😃😄


Day from hell.  For reasons I can’t say, the day went south real fast in the afternoon.  If there was ever a day to drink, it was this day.   But the only alcohol in my house is Patron and I wasn’t feeling shots.  😏 So I ate pizza instead.


Thursday- 4 Miles

It was in the low 80’s when I started my run and it was so nice.   There was a nice breeze too.  It later turned into a pretty strong headwind but that’s not the point.   The cooler temps were amazing, this run actually felt comfortable.  I wanted to keep running for a few more miles.   But the downside to the cooler temps is the quicker setting sun.  And the river bed is not really the place for a post twilight run.  But it was a 4 solid miles.  ✅

 Friday- Rest

Day 10 of 11 in a row working.  Stick a fork in me, I’m done.    I really did think about getting on the bike when I got home but just couldn’t make myself do it.   Plus the heat had come back and my house wasn’t much cooler than outside.

Saturday- 7.5 miles bike

Day 11!  With a projected high of 100 I knew I wasn’t running after work.  Unfortunately I am just not fast enough to pull off a long run before work on Saturday’s.  Even with it being a later start, I still have to be on the road before 8.   So errands, laundry and biking was it for the day.

Sunday- 6 Miles AM, 3.2 Miles PM

Shot myself in the foot on this one.   I needed to a run a 12 miler.  Needed it for this training cycle and mentally because I have as serious mental block with a 12 mile training run.   It was also predicted to be 101.  My alarm was set for an early morning run, I even managed to go to bed around the 11:30 on Saturday.  I was going to do this.  Then my alarm went off.

So, the average hours I sleep every night run around 6.  And those aren’t a good 6.    I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in so long I can’t even remember.   Until Saturday night.   When that alarm went off, I didn’t even think about it, I turned it off. I was in such a good spot sleeping, I wasn’t wasting it.   I had a back up alarm an hour later anyways.   Except it was turned off in the same way.   The sleep was seriously awesome.  I did eventually make myself get up and got ready to run.   I was out the door by 9:15.  It was already warm so I knew I wasn’t finishing 12.   So I planned to get in as many as I could before I felt too hot and then do the remainder at the gym a little later.   Not ideal but better than nothing.

I pulled off a slow, hot 6 miles before calling it.  After a few more errands I was on my way to the gym.   I was taking my mom to the movies later so I wasn’t sure I had the time for 6 anymore.  Thanks to some stupid shorts and some horrible stomach cramps I only pulled off 3 miles.   I started to feel better around 2.5 miles but the first part took so long I wasn’t getting much farther.  So I called it and went home to shower for the movies.   9 miles for the day- not what I wanted but not too bad either.  I don’t regret the extra sleep at all.  I needed that.  😏

The movie- The Scorch Trials– was awesome and the popcorn was a yummy consolation prize.  Oh and that temp?  We broke records and hit 105*.

Paleo- C

Honestly, this might be a B.  I was pretty behaved last week even with all the stress.  I didn’t binge on chips or cookies and after Wednesday, I could have rationalized it.  But I didn’t.    However, I did eat pizza twice and had the popcorn and some candy at the movies.  So I am sticking with the C.

Considering the chaos of last week, I am actually content with the training I got in.   They were all solid miles that will only help me grow as a runner.  I am thinking more long term than short term here and that’s what counts- running for a long time to come.   Not just for my upcoming races.   😊     And there was that fast mile!   Yeah, I’m going to hang on to that for a while.

Now this week-  My boss is on vacation still so one more week with little breaks is on tap.  That’s ok, I can do it.  Then this weekend is my favorite race of the year!  Woo hoo!  I will be racing a 10K on Sunday and running a 5K right after.  😜  Oh and volunteering the day before.   Love it.

How was your weekend?

Tell me all about your fall weather- I need to live vicariously right now.

Ever run double races?

Week 13 Recap- Hell Yeah

13 out of 17 done!  Hmm, my math seems off, I may have to check race day again.   Not that I would complain about an extra week right now, though.  🙂

Monday- 9.35 miles bike

My neck was still feeling sore and stiff from Friday’s run in so I opted to not run that day.  Instead I headed home and got on the bike.    I’ve been testing out the resistance workouts on the bike and so far I like them.   I was also thankful that I bought a recumbent- it made things easier on my neck.  🙂

Tuesday- Rest

My stomach was a total asshat all day so I ended up taking a rest day.   The night before I had indulged in some candy and while I knew I was probably going to regret it, I didn’t think it would be that bad.   Did you know sour straws were made of wheat?  I had no idea!  While I don’t necessarily have a wheat sensitivity, my stomach has never been too fond of it.  Combine that with sugar and ouch.   Don’t think I will crave candy for a while though.FullSizeRender (24)Wednesday- 3.2 miles  

This run was thisclose to not happening.  After a rough run on Sunday and 2 days off, I left work looking forward to running.  Somehow, I drove past the lake without realizing it.  Oops.   Ok, I would head to home town.  I stopped at Target along the way to pick up some prescriptions.   Since I was getting a later start, I bypassed the river path and figured I would run from my old work spot again.  Except there was road construction everywhere.  Seriously?! It was almost 7pm and a primarily resident area.  I was so close to just bailing but I had said I needed to get out of my own way, right?  So I ended up parking at the bottom of my driveway and squeezing in a few miles before dark.  I even saw one mile in the 9 min range.  Sweet.

Thursday- Rest

Since I had a race on Sunday, I had a crazy idea of getting my long run done today.   However, work had other plans.   We were 45 minutes late getting out of work.  By the time I would have changed and headed back to town, I wouldn’t have enough daylight even for 3 miles.   Seriously, when did the days get shorter?    I thought about the gym but Thursdays are pretty busy and I didn’t think hogging a treadmill for 2 hours would go over so well.  Plus I wasn’t too fond of the idea of 2 hours on a treadmill.  😝

Friday- 10.1 Miles- Hell Yeah!

Confession- I ate a donut.  🍩 And it was awesome.  Curious thing- so was my run.    I worked the early shift so I was optimistic for a long run after work.  Being Friday and a busy day at work though, I was doubtful of my follow through.    I didn’t even think about the Labor Day traffic until I was on my way to the river path to run.  Crap.  I wanted 10 but decided 8 would be fine to if traffic was too crazy.IMG_1876I had woken the night before with a horrible charlie horse and I had felt it all day.  I walked the first 3/4 of a mile just to make sure it wasn’t going to be a problem.   Things felt good when I started running, better than they have in months.  I told myself not to get cocky, I was only in mile 2!   My goal was just run a nice comfortable pace and maintain it as long as I could.  Which, let’s be honest, these days that is about 3 minutes.   However, I just kept running, my legs felt good, my breathing wasn’t labored at all and things felt great!    I had a lollipop route planned that I thought would put me around 8 miles when done.   My math was so wrong.   I figured it out around 4.5 when I hit a point in the route that I thought would have been 6.5.  Oops.  I had to decide if I wanted to go back up for another loop and hit 10 or head down and circle the river bed trail until I hit 8.   I was still feeling good so I headed back up the hill for another loop.

I never really looked at my pace on my Garmin, I only recall seeing it once during mile 5 and it showing my ave pace in the 9’s.  Slow down!  Things were going well, I didn’t want to mess things up!   10 miles completed just as the sun was fading.  10 awesome miles.   I ran the whole damn thing not counting the warm up and it felt awesome!   I only started to feel sore for miles 9 and 10.  Which was to be expected as this was my longest run in over a month but I still managed to pick up the pace a bit there too.  In full disclosure- I admit that while I never walked or intentionally took a break, I did hit 5 or 6 stop lights.   I was so freakin’ excited by this run.  I was still smiling about it on Saturday.    That one run will get me through another 2-3 months of crap runs.  😃😃

Saturday- 6 miles bike

I didn’t want to run since I had a race the next morning so I hopped on the bike.   I kept things easy as I was a little sore from the previous day’s run.    I also headed down to SLO to pick up my race packet so I would have one less thing to worry about on race morning.   I missed the shirt deadline so this was a very small packet.    I was kind of really worried about this race.   I haven’t raced a 5K since July 2014 and I wasn’t sure I was even in 5K shape.IMG_1883Sunday- Central Coast Cancer Challenge 5K

Argh, nerves.  After all you can’t have 2 good runs in a week right?   Recap in next post.   Spoilers on Instagram.  😃FullSizeRender[1] (7)Overall, this was the best training week I’ve had in a long time.  Like since April.    While my mileage didn’t increase I finally feel like I put in 3 quality work outs, oh wait, I cross trained too- 5 work outs!  Woo hoo!!!     I also followed through with a plan and pulled off my long run before the weekend.   Which for September I may have to do more often.   Unfortunately, Fridays won’t be an option going forward.   With my boss gone, I will be working open to close, so that will fill up most of Friday.   So time to do some thinking!

Paleo- B

Overall I made better choices last week, candy and doughnut aside.  I have zero guilt about that doughnut though, I give it partial credit for my run on Friday.    😊    My weakness right now is these chips-

Since I won’t be able to leave the building while my boss is gone I am hoping to use that time as a way to make me stop eating them.   I still need healthier dinners though.   I did enjoy my pizza cheat on Wednesday and it was awesome.  😉

This week will be tight, with work and the Avocado Margarita Festival but I am hoping to get a solid week of work outs in.   The heat wave coming in is concerning.  Triple digits are predicted for all week.   Last week’s cooler weather was just a tease.  I may have to be a little Thomas this week- ” I think I can, I think I can”.

How was your week? Is the weather cooling down in your neck of the woods?

How was your Labor Day? Anyone else race?

Do you have a snack food you just can’t stop eating?

Week 10 recap- I lost the battle

Oof, where did last week go?  I just had to double check the race website that it really is only 7 weeks to race day.  What?! 

 Monday- 4 Miles- 14:52, 9:57, 9:42, 9:09

Another Monday run, who am I?  Plus it was National Lazy Day, yet I did the opposite.  Confused Slacker.     I was excited to actually run in my new Pure Flow’s so I headed to the River path after work.   Maybe a route that wasn’t 2 miles of up followed by 2 miles of down wasn’t the best idea for new shoes but oh well.   As you can see I started out super slow.  I wanted to make sure everything felt ok before I started running.   Holy splits Batman, I haven’t seen those in a while.    Like I mentioned before, I feel like my left leg finally joined the party.  It felt odd but good too.   I had a few aches later that evening and the next day but again, that is normal for me and new shoes.    My shins and ankles get fussy.  My knee feels good though so it evens out.  🙂 

 Tuesday- Rest- 1 Mile stationary bike

My bike came in!  I drove to SLO on my lunch to pick it up.   🙂   Then the evening was spent struggling to put it together.  Can I call that a work out?  4 letter words were flying out of my mouth each time I needed more than 2 hands or accidentally skipped a page of directions.    Then I slammed my head into the dresser so that didn’t help.  😞   I finally finished it a little after 10 and had to take it for a test spin.   Just to make sure it didn’t fall apart right?   So, a 1 mile ride.

Wednesday- 5.5 miles Stationary bike

The plan was take my half day on Thursday so I was going to run my long run then.   Due to that, I chose to take another rest day from running but I got on the bike!    I took it easy since it’s been forever since I was on a bike and truthfully never a recumbent.  So far I like it.   It’s basic with no frills but that’s all I needed.  I do need to figure out a better layout though.  I slammed my left ankle into the machine in the dark one night. 

 Thursday- 5 miles- 15:02, 10:22, 10:17, 10:17, 13:41

Long run fail.  I was hoping for 8-10, barely managed that 5 mile slog.   It was 95* when I started running and the humidity while not high was not where I would have liked.  My asthma chose to be a dick and I had troubles catching my breath.  I had troubles getting going and then I couldn’t get it together.  I did not eat enough for a long run either.  By mile 4 I knew I was done.  I still had the weekend so I called it at 5.   I felt beat up.  😓 

 Friday- Rest

I planned on riding the bike after work but was so fried I just kind of crashed into the comfy chair.   I did receive some happy mail though!  My Hogwarts swap arrived from my partner and it was freakin’ amazing.  I may have squealed like a little kid.

Saturday- Rest

I worked in the morning and planned on finishing my Hogwarts swap craft that evening.  I was hoping for a short run too.  Haha!  This was the beginning of the end of training this week.   The swap deadline had been Friday but I had a small extension because one of the organizers had emailed me a week previous.  My partner (the person I was crafting for) dropped out at the last minute.  Well, crap.   Now what?  She asked it I wanted to take over for the person my partner was supposed to craft for.    I had to think about it.   They had entirely different tastes, different favorites and different color schemes.  I am not the craftiest so I wasn’t sure I could pull off starting over in time.    I committed though.  I bit off more than I could chew.   😂 

 My plan was for a basic pillow and mug rug (coaster).  Sounds simple?  Did I forget to mention I’ve never sewed anything, ever?   My mom had a machine and I figured I could figure it out.   Ha!   We couldn’t get the machine to work.  I even You tubed videos but no help.   Now in a panic, I texted my former boss to see if she had a machine.  She did.  So I drove there (2 towns over) to borrow it, getting lost in her apartment complex along the way.    Then it didn’t want to work either.  That user’s manual and I became real good friends.   Finally got it to work and created the pillow.  Then it was off to bed, I was exhausted. 

A few friends for the walk
 Sunday- 4 mile walk/run

Did I mention the excessive heat warning this weekend?  Yeah, upwards of 105 both days.   My plan to run early failed when I could not drag myself out of bed.    I figured I would end up doing my long run at the gym on the treadmill.    Ummm, no.  Spent all day fighting with the sewing machine again.     I panicked when I ran out of bobbin thread.  How the hell do you replace that?   With the help of my trusty user manual I figured it out.  Or so I thought.   Every now and then my stitches would turn into a mullet.   The seam looked fine on the surface but the underside looked like a wig for an 80’s hair metal band.  Why?!!!!!  I managed to get out the door for a mile walk/ run but that was it.   And it was mostly walking.   Then it was back to finishing up crafting and crashing in bed.   For a weekend that I spent at home, I never even turned on my tv.

So, yeah not the strongest week of training.   But I can’t dwell on it, so time to move on.

Paleo grade- B

Lunches and breakfasts were still on point and I did not eat out nearly as much.  Score!   I made some veggie swaps for my lunches and my stomach liked those much better.    So I will be taking a break from romaine and cabbage slaw for awhile.     I do still get an intense craving for chips.    I admit I indulge if I think about them for more than 4 hours.   Only 2x last week.  I’ve been indulging with those Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato chips.   Not paleo, but at least they are kosher, vegan, gluten free and contain no GMO’s.  Baby steps, right?    I’ve held strong to the no soda in the mornings though, so yay for that!

Can you sew?  What was I doing wrong?

How was your weekend?  And weather?

What’s your favorite chip?

Week 9 Recap

Hmmmm, let’s just call this a step back week?

Monday- Rest

Actually I had a Harvest Marathon meeting, so a rest day worked out perfectly.  Plus it was Monday and I don’t seem to run well on Mondays’.   I was late getting to the meeting so I felt like a total slacker.   It’s just hard when work runs late and then I still have the commute.

Tuesday-  3.74 Miles

The less than great run.   That being said, I think my post about it came across more negative than I had wanted.     Yes, the run was rough but overall it wasn’t that bad and I was glad I didn’t bail because of all of my gear/ shoe issues.  Maybe that’s why non runners think runners are crazy- I cried but I still call it a decent run.    😉

Wednesday- Rest 

I remember!!  Tuesday’s stomach issues doubled and I felt the beginning of a migraine coming on so rest day.   I headed to Target for some small things and headed straight home for the comfy chair.

Before the run got creepy
Before the run got creepy

Thursday-  5 Miles- Creeptastic run

Not only was my headache still around, I was exhausted.  Stupid hormones.  Any how, I headed to the lake after work hoping for 6 miles but resigned to 4.   I honestly didn’t think I had more in me even with keeping an easy pace.   However once I got running I felt pretty good even with the headache and thought I could run a 10k.  Then things got weird.

You know when you feel like something is looming over your shoulder?  I got that feeling as I hit the backside of the lake just before mile 4.   I looked over my right shoulder and there was a truck driving half in the dirt and half on the street super slowly.  My first thought is that they wanted to pull over and park and I was in their way.  So I sped up.  So did the truck.   Ummm?  I slowed down again, so did the truck.  This went on for 1/2 a mile.   I came to a complete stop and tried to get a better look at it.  It pulled behind some trees.   Enough.   Run done.    I got my ass back to the parking lot as fast as possible while looking for the truck behind me.   As an extra caution, I ran to the playground and waited there for a while just to make sure it didn’t follow me to my car.  IMG_1517 Cue the Slacker PSA–  Maybe I overreacted, maybe I didn’t.   As much as I love the running community and all people I cross paths with while running, I am out there running by myself.  Hence rule #1- Be Paranoid.    If something seems off, trust your gut.  Don’t continue assuming that everything’s ok or that you’re tough enough to handle whatever comes your way.  That may be true but toughness should be a last resort- cut your run short or change your route.  Don’t be stubborn, you can get the miles in on another day.   End PSA.

Friday-  Rest

I fell prey to a cookie around 9:30 but that ended up working in my favor.  I started work at 7:30 but didn’t get to lunch until after 3:00.  I credit that cookie with getting me through the chaos that was Friday.  😆

Saturday- 4 Mile walk

I went to SLO for 2 intentional purchases but ended up spending more money than planned.  One stop was the Running Warehouse but more on that next post.     Victoria’s Secret had sports bras for $35 so I had to go check that out- those things are expensive!  But kind of useful for running.  😝    Those were the planned purchases.  What was not planned?  At least it hadn’t been a fully formed thought-

source- fitstudio.com
source- fitstudio.com

So that happened.   I was in the best running shape when I rode the stationary bike 4x a week.   Ever since mine died, I have never followed through with going to the gym.     Now I have to follow through.  Yes, recumbent is lazy but my stomach and side appreciate it.   Now if it would just get here.

Finished the evening with a 4 mile walk, testing out some new gear.  More on that later, too.

Post run puppy visit
Post run puppy visit

Sunday- 4.5 miles

Long run fail.    I had planned for 8-9 miles but woke with a gnarly headache again.  I think it was part hormonal and part sinus- I’ve had some allergy issues lately.  I blame the humidity, that’s my scapegoat these days.   Sunday family dinner wasn’t happening so I decided sleep a little more and get the run in the evening when it was cooler.    Then things changed.  Not only was Sunday dinner happening but it was at a restaurant.  Well damn, now I couldn’t even show up sweaty.    I headed out in the heat of the afternoon and pulled off a slow 4.5 miles.    My head was not too impressed with that decision.    I was hoping I could out run the migraine.   Not so much.  It did ease a bit though by the time we headed to dinner (steak and veggies for me).

All in all, not a horrible training week.    No speed work thanks to my stomach but I kept my weekly mileage consistent.  Low but consistent.  It’s the little things right?

Paleo Week 1-  C

Last week was also my first week changing things up.  Breakfasts and lunches were on point, dinner was atrocious.  I ate out every single week night last week.    I didn’t even do it on purpose, it just kind of happened.     Tuesday pizza was supposed to be the only night eating out.  Bad!!    I also ate a little bag of Lay’s one day.   Last week might not have been the best week to start paleo.  I tend to want to eat everything that week of the month.   So I guess in some respect it was a win because I didn’t go crazy on the snacks.      Also something in my lunch veggies- spinach, romaine, cabbage slaw, celery and carrots pissed off my stomach every day.     It couldn’t have been the spinach or cabbage slaw because those have been staples of my lunch for months.   So I swapped a few things this week and we’ll see how I do.   I meal prepped for the week on Sunday again.    It’s like Tetris getting all the containers into my lunch bag on Monday morning.   😃

Goals for this week are to get in the miles.  Definitely a long run and hopefully my side will accommodate some speed work.  Another goal is to only eat out 2x for dinner.  Last week was just ridiculous.

How was your week?

Ever had a potentially creepy situation on a run?  What did you do?

How often do you eat out?

Not Ok

When your doctor sounds completely bewildered by your test results it means one of two things.  Either it’s time to find a new doctor or you’re just extra special.  I haven’t quite decided which one to think yet.   Maybe both.

If you’ve been reading for a while, you’ve heard me whine, moan, complain about my stupid stomach.   Actually I usually call it something much more colorful, it has a few nicknames.    Speaking officially, it’s gastroparesis with a side of GERD.   Or is that the other way round?   GERD was diagnosed about 12 years ago, and gastroparesis about 5.    It was all handled pretty well until June 2014.  Things since then have been one giant flare.     Which has brought on numerous tests, multiple medicines and some more dietary restrictions.  Yay.  I’ve run too many medicated races in the last year+.  Not ok.

I’ve tried to not complain too much on the blog in the past couple of months but I think I failed.   I have been quiet about how rough things have become.   My left side pretty much aches all the time.  I’ve been retaining water, air, something- who knows- to the point that I look puffy and swollen most of the time.  And people have started to comment on it.    I’ve been waiting for someone to ask when I am due since half the time I look pregnant.  Trust me, I’m not.   But my new stretch marks say differently.   Any pictures you’ve seen recently have all been taken from very odd angles to try to hide it.   I am once again living in dresses.   And my running shorts have turned almost scandalously short.   Not ok.

It also finally clicked that my side is affecting my sleep.    I may be a night owl but normally when I do fall asleep, it’s next to impossible to wake me up and I always stayed in the same position.  Curled up on my left side, always.   I’ve tried to sleep in other positions but always ended up back on my left side.    I haven’t been able to sleep on my left side in months.   Grrr.     Oh and my side talks.  Seriously everyone at work has heard it.  Sometimes it sounds like a whale.  At least that’s what a coworker used to say.  Other times a plane. And not in the I’m hungry, let’s growl way.    It moves too.  Yay me.That 'dying whale' sound your stomach decides to make in the most quiet situation.

So when the doctor ordered another CT scan, I was torn about it.  As much as you want answers, you also don’t want anything to be really wrong.  It’s kind of a catch-22.    I’ll also say that the results could have been so much worse.   But words like collapsed and mass are not things you want to read on a medical report.    Or hear from the doctor who sounds completely confused.   So now I wait while they are requesting yet another test to try and figure out what is going on.   But I can’t just wait.

I haven’t had the best luck with Atkins.  Partly because it was a little tricky and partly because I cheated too often.  It was an interesting 3+ months.  I also didn’t like that a lot of the options that were “low-carb” had an ingredient list 5 miles long.   And most of them were words I couldn’t even pronounce.  Also, I can not get into Quest bars, I don’t understand the fascination with them.  That consistency is just odd.    It was a little too easy to eat crappy food as long as it fit within my carb limits for the day. If you ask my mother, Atkins made me worse.   My side’s hurt longer than that so not true.    She also questions if I should be running at all.    Doc didn’t say to stop but I also didn’t ask.    I figured I would stick with 3 days running and slow down my easy runs.  That’s not a lot.


So for plan b (or is it plan f now?) I am wading into the Paleo waters.  I’ve mentioned it in passing before but never followed through.  Now I am really going to give it a try.  Baby steps, but I am going to try.    The plan was to start this week but if you read my last post, you know I cheated more than few times last week.   Instead I started this week with the Slacker version of a reboot.  Starting Sunday, breakfast and lunch were all fruits and veggies via smoothies.   Dinner was usually more veggies.   It was surprisingly easy.    Except for Wednesday night, I had a serious case of the munchies.  All I wanted was cake or ice cream.    Seriously, if the fair wasn’t in town and making traffic crazy I might have headed to the donut shop.    Thankfully, it passed.    I wasn’t expecting miracles but I don’t feel worse, maybe just a little more even.   So, I’m calling it a win.   My mother told me I looked less puffy today.   😉

On another note, since last week I’ve cut my Diet Coke intake in half.  Slacker say what?!  Normal for me was 2 a day.  Now those 2 were 32 oz.   One in the morning and one around 2:30.    I only drink soda at work or when I’m eating out.  I don’t even buy it for home.  Combine those sodas with my usual over indulgence in water and I drink a lot of liquid throughout the day.  😃 I still commute so I added black coffee in the morning to keep me alert.    Baby steps, right?  I don’t think I will ever give soda up completely.   It’s my one vice.    Seriously, it tastes amazing after a race.

Now my challenge is to get through the weekend without backsliding too much.  I also need to double check my list for my first paleo grocery trip this weekend.    I can do this right?  Can I get through cookie Friday?!   Will this help?  I have no idea but at least I am doing something while I wait.    I’m not even aiming high, I would like to follow the 80/20 rule with this new plan.  Mostly because pizza, and the previously mentioned Diet Coke.

Thanks for listening to me whine.

Any Paleo tips?

What’s your vice?  What one food could you not give up?