I’m Cheating

So, is it possible to run yourself out of shoes?  And I don’t mean by putting too many miles on them.

When I first started running, I ran in Brooks.  A pair usually lasted me a year.   I was also barely doing 200 miles a year but that’s another story.  The shoes weren’t bad but I didn’t love them either.   I had a bad case of shin splints that would come and go as well.  After a few pairs of Brooks- Ravenna, I think- I switched to Mizuno.   Instant convert.  I loved my first pair of Wave Inspire 9’s.   I put over 500 miles on them.    I replaced them with another pair of Inspire 9’s.  Loved those too, until I didn’t.

My favorite :)
My favorite 🙂

I started feeling aches in my feet and achillles.   My 10K PR was set at 55:40 and I still don’t know how.  My left achilles hurt so bad throughout the race I came to a complete stop at one point to stretch it out.  And then there were the walk breaks.   I took a week off after that race and started looking at my shoes.   I had also been running in a pair of Wave Rider 17’s for my shorter runs and I felt better in those.   But they were neutral and I was supposed to be in support shoes, so back to the store I went.    They suggested a high cushion shoe to cure the aches and pains.   So hello, Brooks Adrenaline 14.   Holy crap, those were bricks.    Plus the right one was way too big and even shoe-doo’ing the laces didn’t help.  It was the first time I ever returned a pair of shoes.  I felt really bad about it- I tried to like them, I did- put about 100 miles on them but just couldn’t.   photo 1Back to the store again.   Another treadmill test showed I pronate the same in support shoes versus a neutral shoe so what was the point?   The employee helping me suggested I run in what was comfortable to me and not what “anyone” recommended.  Glory days!   I switched to running in the Wave Rider’s full time and it was smooth sailing from there on.  Over the next year I picked up a pair of Wave Hayate’s for trail running and Wave Sayonara 2’s for shorter, faster runs.   Things were awesome…until they weren’t.

Now, I admit I have odd feet.  The left is bigger than the right, one arch is high and one is medium.  Oh, did I mention they change size?    Legitimately change size, I have had them measured more than once each time I felt like they had grown or shrunk.   The shoes in my closet range from 8-10.     Some of them collect dust depending on what shoe cycle I am on.  Those Hayate’s and Sayonara’s that I love?  Too big now.  When I run trails, I wear multiple socks.    And my much loved Rider’s?  They’re not right anymore.  Something’s off.

4 pairs in and they make my legs hurt.  My knee aches, my shins and calves are tight, my ankles hurt.    I tried going back to supportive shoes and tried the Wave Inspire 11.  Yuck.  That was the second time I’ve returned a pair of shoes.  Sorry!  So I bought the updated Wave Rider 18.  What the hell.  They are awkward and make my left foot hurt and ache in odd spots.  I’ve tried reworking the laces but no luck.   If I wasn’t embarrassed I may have returned them too. 😂  So back to the drawing board.

Everything feels like a lot of shoe these days.  I was kind of embarrassed to go back to the Running Warehouse with my current issues.   I wanted to try things on but not have to bother anyone.    So I headed to Dick’s.   I tried on every shoe in my size that I could reach and put away on my own.   I made sure I didn’t leave behind a mess.   The only things I didn’t try on were Hoka and Nike.  I’ve never liked a Nike pair of running shoes and as for Hoka?  I have troubles picking my feet up as it is, let alone with that much shoe.  There were 2 options that felt good to me but I was still undecided.  I felt like I was cheating on my running shoes.   The shoes I liked were entirelydifferent than what I have been running in.  Decisions, decisions.

This is normal, right?
This is normal, right?

To help my choice, I ran a few runs in my Sayonara’s.   Too big yes, but overall so much better than my current shoes.   Before last Thursday’s run turned creepy I was experimenting with my shoes.  I ran 2 laps of the lake in the Sayonara’s and 2 in my Wave Rider’s.   I was going to change back to the Sayonara’s for one last lap but then creepy truck happened.   Grrr.

Saturday I headed back to the Running Warehouse to make a decision.  I asked for 3 pairs of shoes.   Mizuno Sayonara 3, Brooks Pure Cadence 4 and Brooks Pure Flow 4.     The Sayanora 2’s have been phased out and while the 3’s were awesome colors, I didn’t like how they felt on my fit.  To me they look and feel like an entirely different shoe.  Closer to the Rider 18’s actually but they felt wrong on my foot.   The Brooks Pure line is entirely different than anything I have run in.    I tried them on years ago and hated them.   This time they made the arch on my left foot happy.   One pair more so than the other.  So I left with a pair of Pure Flows.   What have I done?!  8 pairs of Mizuno and I left with Brooks.IMG_1532I am breaking them in slowly but so far I like them.  I am running differently in them but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.   My shins are achy but that’s happened every time I’ve switched shoes so I am not alarmed at the moment.   And my left leg joined the party!!  I’ve mentioned before that my left leg is lazy and usually the source of my problems.  I went for a short run on Monday and it was like my leg woke up.  Hey, where have you been this whole time?!  So now the problem is long runs.   I don’t feel adjusted to the Pure Flow’s enough to run long in them but my Rider’s make my knee hurt.    I’m trying to figure out how to change my shoes at some point during the run.   Hmmm.   Laps of the lake would work but I don’t want to go back for a few weeks.

So, thoughts?

Have you ever just stopped liking a shoe?

Am I the only one with odd feet?  😃

Thoughts on how I should attempt long runs?

27 Comments on “I’m Cheating

  1. I have weird feet too! Sometimes I feel like the only one. My left is bigger than my right after having surgery on it when I was 11 years old. It just stayed bigger after the surgery, about half a size. So, I have to buy shoes that fit that foot and the right foot has more room in the shoe. It hasn’t affected me too much, but it’s nice to know I’m not alone.


  2. I am a bit of a shoe whore. Currently, I’m wearing the Brooks Pure Connect (similar to the cadence – you’re going to like those) and the Newton’s Distance S. But last year at this time I was all “ohhhh Nike Zoom Elite” and before that was the Brooks Adrenaline. Mizuno Wave Inspire. I am happy with what I’m currently in but the Brooks Pure line wears down very quickly. I could probably go through a pair per month if I didn’t add the Newtons in the rotation! Ughhhhh shoes are such a problem! Ha!


    • I kind of wish I could have bought the Cadence and the Pure Flow but that just wasn’t in budget right now. I felt like I wanted to run a few miles in both. I an concerned about how they will wear. I noticed that the feel cushiony right now but I have a feeling that won’t last. Plus I am hard on shoes so if I can get 250-300 miles out of them, I will be ok. Well, if they work out that is. 🙂

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  3. This sounds like absolute madness! I admire your perseverance. If my feet were as crazy as yours, I’d have given up a long time ago. My feet are mostly fine. I have been running in the same brand/model of shoe for over a year now (I got a new pair when the old ones were around 250 miles), and I’ve never really had issues breaking in a new pair or feeling like suddenly things aren’t working anymore. I know what I’m wearing isn’t the perfect shoe for me, but it works, and I’m lazy and cheap, so I stick with it.


    • Haha, I can’t even blame running, my feet have been odd for years. I have 2 adorable pairs of platform heels in my closet that I can’t wear right now because they are way too big! Shoes are expensive!! I don’t blame you, if it ain’t broke don’t mess with it!


  4. I feel for your shoe woes. I have been having them too this summer. Numb feet in my New Balance trail shoes. Hopefully we can both figure this out.


  5. Ugh. Knock on wood, but I seem to be able to run in almost anything without major issues. I can’t even imagine having to be so careful with shoe selection…but my impression is that I am in the majority and that lots of people are in your shoes (excuse the pun lol)!


  6. I had some of the same issues when I was on the hunt for shoes.
    I used to run in Saucony Ride 4’s. Then they changed them – the heel to toe drop went from 10mm to 8mm. It wreaked absolute havoc on my feet, tendons, shins, etc. I went back to the running store and tried to tell them that I needed something with the higher heel. They told me “Well…you could try Brooks. But we’re out of those, sooooooooo here! Try THESE!” and they were another pair of low drop shoes. Repeat x3. I finally did what you did – a ton of research on my own, and sat down at Dick’s with 800 boxes until I found the right ones – Brooks Adrenalines. The 14’s did suck big time (the 15’s are the bomb.com). I don’t blame you for hating them!!
    Hopefully you’ve found the magic shoes!!


    • How could the running store be out of Brooks? Who fell down on that job? I proably looked like a lunatic at Dick’s but I just wanted to try on shoes without anyone commenting. Oh, the 14’s were horrible! That said, they didn’t hurt my feet, I just couldn’t move in them. The 15’s are that much better? I admit I ignored those when I saw them on the shelves. Kind of a knee jerk reaction to the 14’s. 🙂


      • I have no idea how a RUNNING store runs out of running shoes. It’s like a pizza place running out of dough!!
        I don’t know if the 15s are much lighter (I’ve never noticed their weight) but they are just a better shoe. I don’t know what they did the 14s but it was a mistake!!


  7. My feet changes sizes after pregnancy – WHAT a bummer! I basically had to get all new shoes. I love my Asics but won a pair of New Balance which are nice. I always feel guilty when I wear my NB and not my Asics, ha ha!


  8. argh! I need some trainers quite desperately (my current ones are ancient) but I just can’t face the hassle and expense of finding some. This post has scared me a bit 🙂


  9. I love my Hoka Cliftons. I thought they’d be “too much shoe,” but they’re actually super lightweight and not clunky to wear at all. My legs and feet love them. I’d been wearing pretty minimalist shoes before them, but was getting ankle issues and also wanted more cushion for marathon training.


    • I love the idea of Hoka’s but also think I would hurt myself with them. I wish I could find a cushiony pair of shoes that I liked and can run in. Better non running shoes would help too. 🙂


  10. Okay, I was feeling badly- I only have 100 miles on my Sketchers Go Runs, but I’m much heavier than most runners, and I’ve worn down the shoes already. The outside of the heel on both shoes is almost down to the white – and while I really notice how my feel fall outward when I’m stretching out afterwards, it really hasn’t bothered me until recently and I’ve noticed my heels are sore… but I wasn’t going to buy new shoes cause 100 miles! So… I guess now I need to find a store that sells running shoes. 🙂


    • I do wonder how long these Brooks will last. I usually only average around 250 miles for a pair of shoes. I am abusive to my shoes, I know I shouldn’t be but I can’t help it. I wish shoes were more affordable.


      • Me too!! But that makes me feel better, as I’m easily twice your weight, I shouldn’t expect my shoes to last as long… especially since I only do street runs… the pavement and concrete is not very forgiving!


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