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Week 20- Oddly Inspired

Upcoming Races:

  • Rock N Roll San Diego 13.1-June 4

I planned to take it a bit easy this week post Wine Country Half but other than some soreness in my quads on Sunday and Monday, I was feeling pretty good.  I’ve been fighting some achiness in my left leg though so I am trying to be smart for once with another half in a few weeks.

Work was busy last week, meetings galore and more to come this week.   Thursday started an hour and a half early- damn that was a long day.  Guess one plus to no longer being salary is that I actually get overtime for crazy days like that.   πŸ˜›

Monday- 3 miles   I had new shoes- Adidas UltraBoost X to break in so I was looking forward to my run after work.    These are different than my past shoes in that they have a ton of arch support.  I took these miles slow as my feet were not entirely on board with the change.  I had to stop and listen the shoelaces as they felt super tight.  By the end of the run my left foot was on board, my right was still protesting.  I wasn’t worried about it though because it always takes me a while to break in new shoes.

Tuesday- 4 miles  AMGEN rolled into work town so we closed early and got the heck out of town before the chaos got too bad.   I had big plans for a Tuesday 10K at the lake but when I got there I didn’t want to run there.  So I drove to home town and the river path.    was still looking forward to the extra time to run but my legs were not on board.    They were stiff and just felt like boards.  I gave them until mile 3 to warm up.  When I still had dead legs at that point I called it at 4 miles.  It wasn’t happening and pushing it wasn’t likely to be beneficial.

Wednesday- Rest  After the dead legs of the day before, I figured I’d listen to my legs and take a day off of running.  I planned on some cross training but yeah, that didn’t happen.

Thursday- 2.6 miles I had 2 meetings at work and it ended up being a 10 hour work day.   My last meeting was in home town though so I rushed home and changed super fast to get out the door for a run.   It was in the 80’s but it felt ok.   I wore the Adidas again but this time with thinner socks to see if made a difference.  It did but it wasn’t all good.  On the flats and uphills, the shoes felt great but on downhills I was sliding all over the place inside the shoes.    That said, my legs felt great and I felt like I could have kept running but I forgot why I don’t run my neighborhood around 6- the elementary school is a death trap.  πŸ˜•

Friday- Rest Friday brain had definitely set in.   I planned to cross train after work but again, that didn’t happen.

Saturday- 3.1 miles  I planned a low key weekend hoping I could catch up on the sleep I’ve been short on for 3 weeks.  I knew that may mess up my long run but  I was ok with that.    I woke with my alarm, turned it off and went back to sleep.   Oops.  I headed out around 3:30 for a short, slow run.  It was mid 90’s when I started so I my only plan was to take it slow and just start acclimating to the heat.  And to force myself to wear my Stride shorts.  πŸ˜›   My legs felt great but yeah it was warm out there.  I wanted to run more but considering 70’s killed me at SLO, I forced myself to keep it short.

Sunday- 8 miles bike  Did you forget I had a stationary bike?  I kind of did too.  Last time I was on it was December.   My bad.   I stayed up late reading on Saturday night which meant an early morning run did not happen.  I still thought about heading out for 6 miles around 3 but it was 95.  Combine that with a sudden re-occurrence of the damn achy left leg and I chose another option.    However, I haven’t gotten my fan out of the shed and didn’t use the air conditioner so the room felt like a sauna while I was riding.  πŸ˜›

Miles- Run 12.7   Bike 8    Ok so the miles don’t show it, but hot damn people, look at this week!  I worked out 5 times!  Do you know the last time that happened?  Because I don’t.   Surprisingly, I also feel like I caught up on a little sleep and I checked a few things off of my to do list.  Say what?!  I don’t know what came over me last week but I kind of like it.   Will it continue or was it a one time fluke?  I’ve been struggling with motivation this year and I’m kind of over it.   I just want to run… and I need that feeling to last longer than this week.  Oh and I wore shorts 3 out of 4 runs!  It the little things right?

How was your week?

What’s your weather like?

Anyone race?

Week 4 Training Recap

Upcoming Races-  Surf City 13.1

Focus this week- Long Run

4 weeks in and I already lost count.   Oops.    But I was just doing the numbers and this week was intense for a Slacker.  πŸ˜ƒ

Monday- 4 Miles  Ugly, ugly run.  It was the kind of run of that makes me feel like an imposter.  I could not get it together.  My head and body were in 2 entirely different worlds.  I felt the beginnings of one of those weird asthma/ panic attacks.  Maybe it’s a Monday thing?  There’s a reason I usually take Mondays off.   The last 2 weeks had rough Monday runs but how can I pass on running on a day off?

Tuesday- 11 miles Stationary bike-  A recent obsession with Z Nation has been making these bike miles fly by.  Who knew zombies would help me cross train?πŸ˜€

Wednesday- Rest   I had packed my gear to hit the gym and run but things went weird partway through the day.    I just odd, just very not right for lack of a better description.   I’m transitioning back to a lower carb diet and trying a new medication for my stomach issues.   I think things just combined in a less than great way on Wednesday.

Thursday -12 miles Stationary bike-   I was feeling better but just could not stomach the idea of heading to the gym and running on the treadmill.   It was the last thing I felt like doing.  I knew I had big plans for my long run this weekend so I figured an extra day off of the feet wouldn’t be horrible.πŸ˜›

Friday- Rest  Cookie Friday also won.  #lowcarbfail

Saturday -12.4 mile long run!!!!  3.8 mile puppy jog  Who got up and ran 12 miles in the morning?!  This Slacker did!   12 miles is like my white whale.   I chase it but never hit it.  I think I have run maybe 2 or 3 12 milers tops since I started running.   Maybe.   And they were all miserable.  With Surf City 2 weeks away, I really wanted to get a 12 miler under my belt.  Both for training purposes and just to say I could do it.  I had mapped out a route that was incessant loops or hills the night before.  The plan was to meet up with my mom halfway and she would join me for a bit.   My route would then double back to where she parked and we would head to lunch.    Except when I texted her at mile 3, she said wasn’t meeting me.   Well, crap.  I had planned on getting more water from her plus now I had to change my route mid-run.    Mid-run math always make my brain hurt.  I knew I had to make it home so I was either going to end up short of 12 or over but I wasn’t sure which way it was going to fall.  I tried to keep my pace as steady as possible aiming for between 10:45-11:15.  My overall average pace was around 11:03 but my miles were all over the place.    Mile 5 saw a 9:20 and mile 7 an 11:55.  Oops.   Mile 5 had me running across the bridge and hate the bridge so much that I usually speed up.  Mile 7 had a long slow climb and I started having odd feelings in my toes.  I also knew there was no way I was going to have enough water.   Grr.   Mile 9 had some drama with loose dogs too.   It was one of the busiest streets in town and chocolate lab and wiener dog were running lose.   A lady was trying to catch so I stayed with her for a bit.  She then went on to follow them in her car and I ran on.  I hope she was able to help them. 


Ok, total #firstworldrunnerproblem moment.  I was looking forward to seeing 12 miles on my watch, I needed to see it.    Except my battery started to die.  Seriously?!   Finally I decided I didn’t want to risk losing my data so I stopped it at 10.2 miles, saved it and then started it over.  It ended up lasting the whole run and I am glad I didn’t chance but I missed seeing that 12.  10.20 and 2.2 just doesn’t have the same ring to it.   Plus I still ended up half a mile from my house when I stopped my watch the second time. 

Sunday- 5 miles Stationary bike–   All right, first 20 mile week in a long time had me feeling sore.   I chose the bike over running as I didn’t want to push my legs too hard after a 16 mile Saturday.  Plus I wore the wrong shoes on the puppy jog, so I was feeling familiar aches in my knee.   5 steady miles were freakin’ hard.  But better than nothing right?  Oh and I took a nap.   πŸ™‚

I am kind of proud of this week turned out.  Running, cross training and I only had pizza once, I’m calling it a winning week!  βœ…πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½  Question is, can I do it again??  Luckily I am only aiming for a 10 miler next weekend so I am hoping for 3 days running and 3 cross training.   Which means I will have to go to the gym and use the treadmills.   Grrr.   I am counting down to the time change.

How was your week?

Do anything fun this weekend?

Do you have a white whale?




Week 10 recap- I lost the battle

Oof, where did last week go?  I just had to double check the race website that it really is only 7 weeks to race day.  What?! 

 Monday- 4 Miles- 14:52, 9:57, 9:42, 9:09

Another Monday run, who am I?  Plus it was National Lazy Day, yet I did the opposite.  Confused Slacker.     I was excited to actually run in my new Pure Flow’s so I headed to the River path after work.   Maybe a route that wasn’t 2 miles of up followed by 2 miles of down wasn’t the best idea for new shoes but oh well.   As you can see I started out super slow.  I wanted to make sure everything felt ok before I started running.   Holy splits Batman, I haven’t seen those in a while.    Like I mentioned before, I feel like my left leg finally joined the party.  It felt odd but good too.   I had a few aches later that evening and the next day but again, that is normal for me and new shoes.    My shins and ankles get fussy.  My knee feels good though so it evens out.  πŸ™‚ 

 Tuesday- Rest- 1 Mile stationary bike

My bike came in!  I drove to SLO on my lunch to pick it up.   πŸ™‚   Then the evening was spent struggling to put it together.  Can I call that a work out?  4 letter words were flying out of my mouth each time I needed more than 2 hands or accidentally skipped a page of directions.    Then I slammed my head into the dresser so that didn’t help.  😞   I finally finished it a little after 10 and had to take it for a test spin.   Just to make sure it didn’t fall apart right?   So, a 1 mile ride.

Wednesday- 5.5 miles Stationary bike

The plan was take my half day on Thursday so I was going to run my long run then.   Due to that, I chose to take another rest day from running but I got on the bike!    I took it easy since it’s been forever since I was on a bike and truthfully never a recumbent.  So far I like it.   It’s basic with no frills but that’s all I needed.  I do need to figure out a better layout though.  I slammed my left ankle into the machine in the dark one night. 

 Thursday- 5 miles- 15:02, 10:22, 10:17, 10:17, 13:41

Long run fail.  I was hoping for 8-10, barely managed that 5 mile slog.   It was 95* when I started running and the humidity while not high was not where I would have liked.  My asthma chose to be a dick and I had troubles catching my breath.  I had troubles getting going and then I couldn’t get it together.  I did not eat enough for a long run either.  By mile 4 I knew I was done.  I still had the weekend so I called it at 5.   I felt beat up.  πŸ˜“ 

 Friday- Rest

I planned on riding the bike after work but was so fried I just kind of crashed into the comfy chair.   I did receive some happy mail though!  My Hogwarts swap arrived from my partner and it was freakin’ amazing.  I may have squealed like a little kid.

Saturday- Rest

I worked in the morning and planned on finishing my Hogwarts swap craft that evening.  I was hoping for a short run too.  Haha!  This was the beginning of the end of training this week.   The swap deadline had been Friday but I had a small extension because one of the organizers had emailed me a week previous.  My partner (the person I was crafting for) dropped out at the last minute.  Well, crap.   Now what?  She asked it I wanted to take over for the person my partner was supposed to craft for.    I had to think about it.   They had entirely different tastes, different favorites and different color schemes.  I am not the craftiest so I wasn’t sure I could pull off starting over in time.    I committed though.  I bit off more than I could chew.   πŸ˜‚ 

 My plan was for a basic pillow and mug rug (coaster).  Sounds simple?  Did I forget to mention I’ve never sewed anything, ever?   My mom had a machine and I figured I could figure it out.   Ha!   We couldn’t get the machine to work.  I even You tubed videos but no help.   Now in a panic, I texted my former boss to see if she had a machine.  She did.  So I drove there (2 towns over) to borrow it, getting lost in her apartment complex along the way.    Then it didn’t want to work either.  That user’s manual and I became real good friends.   Finally got it to work and created the pillow.  Then it was off to bed, I was exhausted. 

A few friends for the walk
 Sunday- 4 mile walk/run

Did I mention the excessive heat warning this weekend?  Yeah, upwards of 105 both days.   My plan to run early failed when I could not drag myself out of bed.    I figured I would end up doing my long run at the gym on the treadmill.    Ummm, no.  Spent all day fighting with the sewing machine again.     I panicked when I ran out of bobbin thread.  How the hell do you replace that?   With the help of my trusty user manual I figured it out.  Or so I thought.   Every now and then my stitches would turn into a mullet.   The seam looked fine on the surface but the underside looked like a wig for an 80’s hair metal band.  Why?!!!!!  I managed to get out the door for a mile walk/ run but that was it.   And it was mostly walking.   Then it was back to finishing up crafting and crashing in bed.   For a weekend that I spent at home, I never even turned on my tv.

So, yeah not the strongest week of training.   But I can’t dwell on it, so time to move on.

Paleo grade- B

Lunches and breakfasts were still on point and I did not eat out nearly as much.  Score!   I made some veggie swaps for my lunches and my stomach liked those much better.    So I will be taking a break from romaine and cabbage slaw for awhile.     I do still get an intense craving for chips.    I admit I indulge if I think about them for more than 4 hours.   Only 2x last week.  I’ve been indulging with those Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato chips.   Not paleo, but at least they are kosher, vegan, gluten free and contain no GMO’s.  Baby steps, right?    I’ve held strong to the no soda in the mornings though, so yay for that!

Can you sew?  What was I doing wrong?

How was your weekend?  And weather?

What’s your favorite chip?