Week 20- Oddly Inspired

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  • Rock N Roll San Diego 13.1-June 4

I planned to take it a bit easy this week post Wine Country Half but other than some soreness in my quads on Sunday and Monday, I was feeling pretty good.  I’ve been fighting some achiness in my left leg though so I am trying to be smart for once with another half in a few weeks.

Work was busy last week, meetings galore and more to come this week.   Thursday started an hour and a half early- damn that was a long day.  Guess one plus to no longer being salary is that I actually get overtime for crazy days like that.   😛

Monday- 3 miles   I had new shoes- Adidas UltraBoost X to break in so I was looking forward to my run after work.    These are different than my past shoes in that they have a ton of arch support.  I took these miles slow as my feet were not entirely on board with the change.  I had to stop and listen the shoelaces as they felt super tight.  By the end of the run my left foot was on board, my right was still protesting.  I wasn’t worried about it though because it always takes me a while to break in new shoes.

Tuesday- 4 miles  AMGEN rolled into work town so we closed early and got the heck out of town before the chaos got too bad.   I had big plans for a Tuesday 10K at the lake but when I got there I didn’t want to run there.  So I drove to home town and the river path.    was still looking forward to the extra time to run but my legs were not on board.    They were stiff and just felt like boards.  I gave them until mile 3 to warm up.  When I still had dead legs at that point I called it at 4 miles.  It wasn’t happening and pushing it wasn’t likely to be beneficial.

Wednesday- Rest  After the dead legs of the day before, I figured I’d listen to my legs and take a day off of running.  I planned on some cross training but yeah, that didn’t happen.

Thursday- 2.6 miles I had 2 meetings at work and it ended up being a 10 hour work day.   My last meeting was in home town though so I rushed home and changed super fast to get out the door for a run.   It was in the 80’s but it felt ok.   I wore the Adidas again but this time with thinner socks to see if made a difference.  It did but it wasn’t all good.  On the flats and uphills, the shoes felt great but on downhills I was sliding all over the place inside the shoes.    That said, my legs felt great and I felt like I could have kept running but I forgot why I don’t run my neighborhood around 6- the elementary school is a death trap.  😕

Friday- Rest Friday brain had definitely set in.   I planned to cross train after work but again, that didn’t happen.

Saturday- 3.1 miles  I planned a low key weekend hoping I could catch up on the sleep I’ve been short on for 3 weeks.  I knew that may mess up my long run but  I was ok with that.    I woke with my alarm, turned it off and went back to sleep.   Oops.  I headed out around 3:30 for a short, slow run.  It was mid 90’s when I started so I my only plan was to take it slow and just start acclimating to the heat.  And to force myself to wear my Stride shorts.  😛   My legs felt great but yeah it was warm out there.  I wanted to run more but considering 70’s killed me at SLO, I forced myself to keep it short.

Sunday- 8 miles bike  Did you forget I had a stationary bike?  I kind of did too.  Last time I was on it was December.   My bad.   I stayed up late reading on Saturday night which meant an early morning run did not happen.  I still thought about heading out for 6 miles around 3 but it was 95.  Combine that with a sudden re-occurrence of the damn achy left leg and I chose another option.    However, I haven’t gotten my fan out of the shed and didn’t use the air conditioner so the room felt like a sauna while I was riding.  😛

Miles- Run 12.7   Bike 8    Ok so the miles don’t show it, but hot damn people, look at this week!  I worked out 5 times!  Do you know the last time that happened?  Because I don’t.   Surprisingly, I also feel like I caught up on a little sleep and I checked a few things off of my to do list.  Say what?!  I don’t know what came over me last week but I kind of like it.   Will it continue or was it a one time fluke?  I’ve been struggling with motivation this year and I’m kind of over it.   I just want to run… and I need that feeling to last longer than this week.  Oh and I wore shorts 3 out of 4 runs!  It the little things right?

How was your week?

What’s your weather like?

Anyone race?

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  1. Great week! Better than mine, last week was rough and I just had to accept it and move on! And I meant to say something on IG, but on my shoes, I do the runner’s loop to keep them strapped to my ankle and give my toes room. I’ve found that works the best for me and thought you might want to give it a try!
    Okay, I’m off to sign up for the 5k and half marathon for Vegas! EEK! And, I haven’t even looked at flights! I figure there is still time!


    1. Rough weeks bite, sorry you had one. I feel like I’ve had those most of this year. My problem with shoes is usually in the arch spot so I usually skip those holes but these shoes are so different I haven’t quite figured it out yet.
      I’m so excited about November!!!! Yay!!!!! I can’t wait!


  2. Nice week of mileage! My week was okay I seem to do the bulk of my mileage on the weekends, which I’m trying to change. I’m always panicking at the end trying to meet my goal. It’s probably better to get the miles out of the way earlier…except when I have to start training for my marathon. Eek! The weather has been okay. It’s a little warm. Just hope it cools down for the Rock N Roll race. 🙂


    1. Yeah, I tend to overload my weekends and I would like to stop that. I would like a day without a run on the weekends without feeling guilty for missing miles. But then again, I feel like all I do is miss miles this year. I looked at my yearly total and yikes! I hope it’s a little cooler for SD, I ran in my Bibrave tank today and I forgot how warm that thing is.

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  3. great week Fallon…funny how you decided to ride your stationary bike in what ended up being a sauna! from a training perspective my week was the worst ever…i finished my peak week of my training plan, nailed every run and bam, there went my back! my non-running streak is now at 8 days and counting with my next marathon in less than 2 weeks, guess i’ll be rested at least…and it’s hot, but we’re not complaining because it has rained in Seattle for the last 8 months mostly 🙂


    1. Right? I have to get a better fan or at least find mine. Luckily the weather reversed directions today and now we’re colder again. What gives? Boo, I am so bummer to hear about your back! I hope it is on the mend and you can get in some good runs before your race. Otherwise rest is better than further injuring yourself. 😞

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