Rambling On 9

Happy Friday Eve!

Nope, it’s Friday now.  😛

I am so looking forward to a 3 day weekend.  I have so many things I need to do.  My car has reached a ridiculous level of dirty again.    And I probably should get in a long run.   Seems like a smart thing to do with a race next week.

So I bought a new sports bra.  Realized it was past time to replace some of mine but the store had very few in my size.  Guess it’s a popular size?  The only color they had was white, kind of boring but whatever.   Then I wore it.  Makes no sense but I felt weird having my straps show.  Purple, coral or flowers and I have no problem but something about the white made me want to cover it up!  That doesn’t even make sense!

My stomach has been an asshat of a different level this week.   I was having a pretty good month- still sick everyday but having a good month- but this week the right side has been hurting abnormally.  Not cool.  I’m pretty good at ignoring pain and it’s nothing too severe but it’s not a normal spot.  Boo.

I’m debating seeing a movie this weekend.   I’m on the fence about the new Pirates movie and can’t decide if it’s worth the expense.  Part of me also wants to go car shopping.   nothing wrong with my car, I’ve just had it for 3 years.  That sounds bad I know but this is car number 10… no 9.  Crap, I’ve lost count.

Random- Did you know that Luffa’s are a vegetable?  I had no idea.  I feel like I know nothing now.    So you shower with a vegetable?  Huh?

What are your plans this weekend?


9 thoughts on “Rambling On 9

  1. Don’t get me started on bras OR their cost!! I was supposed to do 4 miles today… but I wasn’t prepared for the humidity so I did 3.5… but the other day I was supposed to do 5 and did 5.5… so I figure taking that extra half a mile from the 5 miler and adding it to today’s mileage makes it all even, right? #runnermath


    1. Right? I dread buying new ones and I generally buy the same kind over and over but still hate it. That math totally works!! Runner math is awesome! Well, sometimes… there are times I can’t do 2 +2 while running. Ha!

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  2. Wait, what? Luffas are vegetables?? What? And that’s kind of amazing you’re on car #10. I’m only on #2 and I’m already dreading having to buy another one in the next year or two. Bleh. Have a great weekend!


    1. I was typing this post when the news dropped that little nugget of knowledge and I just stared at the tv for a few minutes confused. 😛 I admit I get bored with cars… well that and 3 were totaled (not my fault). 😢 I hope you had a great weekend!

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        1. Yeah, 1 was scary, 1 was moderate and the other was more of an annoyance. There was a period of time when I didn’t think any teenage boy should be allowed to have a driver’s license. 2 of the accidents were caused by teenage drivers in the other cars. 😦

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  3. My car is disgusting, I think because I hate it I don’t look after it, but I’m not getting a new car until I have a new house, ugh!
    Probably because the white feel more like a normal bra rather than a sports bra, which reminds me I need a new one, my favourite one caused some chafing and bleeding during the marathon, which is so annoying because it was totally fine on the long training runs!


    1. I try to look after mine but I’m in so much and carry so much for committing and running that it’s hard. Right? The white is odd, I know I needed it but I’ve troubles wearing it since that first time. I somehow had zero chafing during my marathon but I chafe every half marathon and most long runs. It was a miracle!


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