Week 21- Trucking On

Upcoming Races:

  • Rock N Roll San Diego 13.1-June 4

This week was pretty good.  My brain felt fried for part of it but eh, that happens sometimes right?  I ran, I ate yummy food, I read and I tried to sleep.   I had a really bad moment at work one day where I got a little frustrated with a situation but I dug myself out of that mood and moved on.    Not to say it won’t happen again but I got past it for last week.  And my coworker made me laugh hysterically- a customer asks her “so, any big plans for the 3 day weekend”.  Her very calm, almost bored response was “not really, just having a baby’.   I damn near spit out my water.  I’ll miss her sense of humor while she’s on leave. ๐Ÿ˜›

Monday- 3.5 Miles  Holy tight calves, batman. Ouch.  I headed to the lake after work to get in a few miles and I was feeling good.  Until I started running that is.  My calves were so tight, I felt like they were going to rip.   I crawled these miles and stopped to stretch about every 1/2 mile.  Nothing seemed to help.  I called it after 3 laps of the lake.  They weren’t loosening up and it wasn’t worth risking an injury for more miles.

Tuesday- Rest  After the day before I was taking time to rest the legs.  I made sure that I foam rolled that evening though.   It was a long day at work with an early morning meeting so my brain was kind of fried so I just vegged that evening.

Wednesday-3.1 miles I had planned for running more in the morning but the weather had turned on me by the evening.  I had packed shorts and a tank which was fine for Monday but today the weather barely hit 60 and the winds were gusting up to 25mph.   Luckily I had an old race shirt in my emergency stash of clothes so I layered that over my tank but my ears were still cold.  I made it to the turn around for 5K before I decided to bail.  I hate cold ears.  Cold ears turn me into a giant baby.  I need to make sure I keep a Buff in my bag for rare days like this.   My legs felt ok, if I could have warmed up my ears I think I would have kept running.

Thursday- 2.5 miles Cold and misty miles.  Seriously, weather just pick one and stick with it!  I was just better this time though- capris, long sleeves and my Buff.   My legs were feeling fussy though so I kept the run short.  I just did 2 laps of the lake before stretching it out.    I figured out part of my problem may have been that my shoes were tied too loose.  I was stretching on the parallel bars and my right shoe popped right off!  Oops.    I was also to meet someone I’ve been following on IG for the last year.  We’ve run a bunch of local races at the same time but I’m slow and she’s fast so we’ve never met in real life.  ๐Ÿ™‚

Friday- Rest  It was an open to close kind of day.  I planned on riding the bike when I got home but yeah that didn’t happen.  Slacker.

Saturday- Rest I went to SLO for some shopping with my mother.  I feel like we walked miles.  We didn’t but that’s how I felt.  I may have spent more than I had planned.   Which I had planned to spend zero but that never seems to work, does it?  I meant to ride the bike that evening when I got home but I didn’t.  I also briefly considered trying for my long late that evening but I was exhausted.   That seems to be my current state.  I discovered that Hulu has Eli Stone and that is how I spent my evening.

Sunday- 8 mile run, 5 mile bike  I had planned for 10 miles as my last long run before Rock n Roll Diego.   However I really didn’t want to get out of bed that morning.   I pushed it later then I should have.   The plan was to run 10 miles, have my mother pick me then we were going to lunch.   I left later then planned and it was warmer then I wanted it to be.  As I passed the cemetery, I paused and thanked all those that had served.  There were a lot of flags on the graves.

While the first 5 miles were pretty good, I slammed into a wall in mile 6.  My pulse was jumping and I was too warm.  It was also uphill.  I pretty much walked all of it.   I decided to just run 8 and spend some more time stretching before she met me.  Plus those last 3 miles were slow so they took me longer than planned.  ๐Ÿ˜   I actually ran more than 8 too, at some point my Garmin paused and it took me a while to figure it out.  Boo.  Later that evening I hopped on the bike just to get some miles in before dinner- the family bbq’ed on Sunday- once again, I really need to find my fan.

17.1 miles run, 5 miles biked.  Another week of 5 workouts.  Can I keep this up?  Maybe get to 6 or 7?  How about adding in some strength workout?  Woah, that’s crazy talk for this Slacker.  We’ll see how it goes.  Especially since this is a race week so I shouldn’t be doing anything too radical during it.  That wouldn’t be very smart of me, right?

Oh an I may have bought a shiny new Garmin.

How was your weekend?

Do anything fun?

Anyone make any impulse purchases?


8 thoughts on “Week 21- Trucking On

  1. OHHH which Garmin did you get? I’d quite like a new one! That is good going, yeah you should probably rest more before the race on Sunday!
    I have had a week off running and exercise in general since the marathon, you’d think I would be nice and rested… I celebrated a bit too hard with my run buddies on Friday, went to see Elvis (obv not the real on) on Saturday and attended a baby shower on Sunday, yesterday I did some strength work and today I am SORE And TIRED haha!

    Good Luck for race day!


    1. It’s a Garmin 735XT, it was on sale and I couldn’t resist.
      A week off is good! I didn’t do that after mine and I really should have, I ran 3 days later. That sounds like a fun weekend though! I’ve never seen Elvis, well not a performance. A guy was dressed like him once during one of my half marathons.๐Ÿค”


  2. My friend has a small Garmin – but it’s water proof, and that is becoming a good idea for me – it was also more reasonably priced than I expected! But, no, I can’t remember what it is! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Oh, I ran this morning and realized I’m only 1/2 a mile away from meeting my monthly mileage goal (65 miles) so I’m super excited, cause we both know what a rough month it has been! Getting in 17 miles is great – you seem to be getting back on track!


    1. This one is waterproof, my last one wasn’t. I also need a new phone too, grrr. They can be decently priced. My first one was a gift so that was a great price.๐Ÿ˜›
      I think you’re going to beat me! I’m only at 60 right now and I’m not sure I’m going to get any miles in tonight. I want to but my watch was delivered and it’s too tempting just to go home and play with it.๐Ÿ˜‚

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  3. Great job with working out 5 days a week! I have been so bad with impulse purchases this month. It’s been a month of leggings for me. I may have bought a few leggings and treated myself to nice food as a result of stress. Haha I’m hoping to taper correctly this week, but we’ll see. When I get stressed, I run and it’ll be a pretty stressful week this week.


    1. Leggings are necessary right?๐Ÿ˜€ I orders new sunglasses too but considering how badly mine were scratched those are highly needed. I’m torn on tapering, I feel like I’m running so few miles right now there’s really no point. I guess I’ll just see what happens. ๐Ÿ˜€

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      1. Well, you could reverse taper where I increase miles the week of a race. LOL Ever since I realized that’s what I was doing, I’ve tried really hard to actually decrease my miles. I ran 6 on Monday and technically I’m only allowed to run another 2 miles before the race if I’m truly tapering. LOL. Sigh.


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