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Week 15 Recap- Extremes

Week 15?!  My race is almost here?  How did that happen?  I haven’t even registered for it yet!   Well, crap, I better get on that.  Right after this damn heat wave leaves.

Monday- Rest

Lugging one less bag to work on Mondays is kind of nice.  Think I’ll stick with this Monday rest thing.  I was going to come home and ride the back but I decided to dye my hair instead.  #byebyeblonde


Tuesday- 4.51 Miles

Holy speed, Batman, I ran a 7:49 mile?!?!?  Awesome!    I’m still kind of stoked about that.   If you missed me shouting it from the rooftops, you can read about it here.  😃😄


Day from hell.  For reasons I can’t say, the day went south real fast in the afternoon.  If there was ever a day to drink, it was this day.   But the only alcohol in my house is Patron and I wasn’t feeling shots.  😏 So I ate pizza instead.


Thursday- 4 Miles

It was in the low 80’s when I started my run and it was so nice.   There was a nice breeze too.  It later turned into a pretty strong headwind but that’s not the point.   The cooler temps were amazing, this run actually felt comfortable.  I wanted to keep running for a few more miles.   But the downside to the cooler temps is the quicker setting sun.  And the river bed is not really the place for a post twilight run.  But it was a 4 solid miles.  ✅

 Friday- Rest

Day 10 of 11 in a row working.  Stick a fork in me, I’m done.    I really did think about getting on the bike when I got home but just couldn’t make myself do it.   Plus the heat had come back and my house wasn’t much cooler than outside.

Saturday- 7.5 miles bike

Day 11!  With a projected high of 100 I knew I wasn’t running after work.  Unfortunately I am just not fast enough to pull off a long run before work on Saturday’s.  Even with it being a later start, I still have to be on the road before 8.   So errands, laundry and biking was it for the day.

Sunday- 6 Miles AM, 3.2 Miles PM

Shot myself in the foot on this one.   I needed to a run a 12 miler.  Needed it for this training cycle and mentally because I have as serious mental block with a 12 mile training run.   It was also predicted to be 101.  My alarm was set for an early morning run, I even managed to go to bed around the 11:30 on Saturday.  I was going to do this.  Then my alarm went off.

So, the average hours I sleep every night run around 6.  And those aren’t a good 6.    I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in so long I can’t even remember.   Until Saturday night.   When that alarm went off, I didn’t even think about it, I turned it off. I was in such a good spot sleeping, I wasn’t wasting it.   I had a back up alarm an hour later anyways.   Except it was turned off in the same way.   The sleep was seriously awesome.  I did eventually make myself get up and got ready to run.   I was out the door by 9:15.  It was already warm so I knew I wasn’t finishing 12.   So I planned to get in as many as I could before I felt too hot and then do the remainder at the gym a little later.   Not ideal but better than nothing.

I pulled off a slow, hot 6 miles before calling it.  After a few more errands I was on my way to the gym.   I was taking my mom to the movies later so I wasn’t sure I had the time for 6 anymore.  Thanks to some stupid shorts and some horrible stomach cramps I only pulled off 3 miles.   I started to feel better around 2.5 miles but the first part took so long I wasn’t getting much farther.  So I called it and went home to shower for the movies.   9 miles for the day- not what I wanted but not too bad either.  I don’t regret the extra sleep at all.  I needed that.  😏

The movie- The Scorch Trials– was awesome and the popcorn was a yummy consolation prize.  Oh and that temp?  We broke records and hit 105*.

Paleo- C

Honestly, this might be a B.  I was pretty behaved last week even with all the stress.  I didn’t binge on chips or cookies and after Wednesday, I could have rationalized it.  But I didn’t.    However, I did eat pizza twice and had the popcorn and some candy at the movies.  So I am sticking with the C.

Considering the chaos of last week, I am actually content with the training I got in.   They were all solid miles that will only help me grow as a runner.  I am thinking more long term than short term here and that’s what counts- running for a long time to come.   Not just for my upcoming races.   😊     And there was that fast mile!   Yeah, I’m going to hang on to that for a while.

Now this week-  My boss is on vacation still so one more week with little breaks is on tap.  That’s ok, I can do it.  Then this weekend is my favorite race of the year!  Woo hoo!  I will be racing a 10K on Sunday and running a 5K right after.  😜  Oh and volunteering the day before.   Love it.

How was your weekend?

Tell me all about your fall weather- I need to live vicariously right now.

Ever run double races?

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Sticking to a Plan

I am really trying to stick to my plan.  I want to go into 2015 and my spring races without feeling like I have to start from scratch after the holidays.  That said, a big part of my plan is flexibility.  So when my stomach was a butt head on Saturday, I ran 5 instead of 8.   However, I still followed through with my back to back days and did the 6 mile Cerro Alto hike.

Shorts in November?
Shorts in November?

Tuesday, I ended up getting a way later start than planned and was only able to get in 5 miles before dusk.  However, they felt pretty damn good.  They weren’t the speediest but they felt solid.  After a pretty great 5, I was eager to get running again on Wednesday.  But I was questioning if I should.  Vacation is hard, part of me wants to run all the miles but the more sensible part really wanted to stick my schedule and get comfortable with it.   I never did find a nearby turkey trot but was planning on doing a couple of miles with my mother.  Also, I knew that I would be spending Saturday or Sunday shopping so I started rearranging my running days in my head.   I started thinking I could squeeze 6 out of Thanksgiving and then run 8-10 on Friday.  With that in mind, I took Wednesday as a rest day since I know my body is not a fan of running 4 days in a row.

Oh such plans.  Thanksgiving morning rolled in and I woke with a sore throat and a headache and scratchy eyes.    I spent the day half in pajamas and half in running gear under a blanket on the couch.  I was cold and it was a balmy 75º in my neck of the woods.  My family had a very low key Thanksgiving.  We hung out and watched movies- Into the Storm, Lone Survivor, and Heaven is For Real. Interesting choices, right?  Luckily, we never really go overboard on Thanksgiving so I didn’t feel too guilty.  🙂  In fact, minor sickness aside, it was a pretty great day.

I found fall leaves!!!
I found fall leaves!!!

I don’t do the whole shop at night or at the crack of dawn thing, so I slept in on Friday.    I still felt a little off but better than Thursday.   After a small lunch and a couple of errands, I headed out for a few miles.   5 miles seem to have become my new go-to.   With just trying to complete both races in January before focusing on speed for SLO, there is no speed work built into my plan right now.  Plus, my stomach doesn’t really like it these days.   So any speed work that happens is just based on how I feel that day.  That said, I have been trying to work on a fast finish to most of my runs.   Usually by the end of races and runs, I am done, I can never kick it in to the end.  I figure my stomach should be able to handle that.

I will say it’s a lot easier on the treadmill.  Turn the speed up and just hang on.   Out on the road, I have to focus more.  All I’m aiming for is a speedy last half mile before cool down.  That’s not too long, right?  I felt like I pulled it off the last couple of runs.  My fast pace alert was vibrating my Garmin on Tuesday’s run but I never actually looked at it.   But then it just averaged in with the rest of the mile. Urgh.   So even though I was tired today, I used the lap buttons.   The last half mile comes right after hill that always kicks my butt.  I have never run it.   It’s short but steep and just makes me tired.    I hit the lap button as soon as I got to the top and started running.   Oh,man that was hard.  I felt slower than Tuesday, which made sense, and like there was no way I could maintain anything for a half mile.    I hit 5 miles, pushed the lap button and stopped the Garmin.    It wasn’t until I synced my Garmin with my phone that I figured out why it felt so hard.  I did what?!

Look at lap 6!!!!!!
Look at lap 6!!!!!!

Holy crap!  I realize that it wasn’t even a mile but still sweet!  Also not the pace I was looking for, haha!  I was aiming for the mid to high 8’s but I’ll take it!  Probably couldn’t pull it off again or maintain it for a full mile, but it’s still kind of cool.  🙂

How was your Thanksgiving?

Anyone join the crush of crazy shopping?  Any good deals?