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The Oddest Taper

It’s almost Friday!!  And I’m on vacation!  😛

But let’s back up.  Even before the reality of a trail 25K kicked my ass, I knew I may have to adjust some things this week.   I figured if I was feeling extra achy and sore after Sunday, I would push Tuesday’s run to Wednesday and Thursday’s to Friday since I took a few days off for Surf City.  Ummm, what was I thinking running a 25K and a half 7 days apart?

13.1 It Takes a Special Kind of Idiot... I think I should start training for a half marathon :)
7 days later, ouch source

I was a little achy but headed to the gym on Tuesday per usual.  I ran super slow but I was just fine with that.  3.5 miles later, I stretched and called it a day.  Even though my pace was slow, I unintentionally pulled off the perceived effort progression that was on tap per my training plan.  Calling that a win!  Oh and my gym now has those scary stair things, it was interesting watching people on them.  But much better than the freaky cut-the-alien-out-of-the-stomach sci fi movie on in front me.  Blech, I love sci fi but not creature flicks.

Going Tuesday worked out well as I was so tired on Wednesday I overslept that morning.  Then I fell asleep in the comfy chair trying to watch Supernatural that night.  How I didn’t knock the laptop off my lap, I have no idea.   I had planned on running today per usual but my stomach was rebelling pretty badly so I went back to the Friday plan.  Well hopefully.  🙂  I kind of need to pack at some point too.

I got this... right?
I got this… right?

I took a few days off around Surf City because I figured these 8-9 days were going make me pretty tired.  However when I planned that I didn’t realize that was also my window to complete reviews at work.  So I spent most of this week trying to kick those out.  Or at least to a point where I only have to make some minor edits when I return.   Writing reviews stress me out, maybe that’s contributing to my tiredness.   I am so turning off the alarm tomorrow morning.

Wednesday was also my re-check with my gastro.  He’s at a loss, so we’re changing my medication.  This kind of freaks me out, I’ve been taking it for 12 years, what’s going to happen?  He actually warned me that I could have a rough couple of days when I make the change, so we agreed that I could do that Monday after the race.  Plus I have those days off so yay?    Way less exciting than the original plan to go to Disneyland on Monday.  But you know, measles.

Ever use those scary stair machines?  I am not even sure I could even get on one without falling.

Would you chance the measles?

Anyone racing this weekend or having a Super Bowl party?

Who cried at the Budweiser commercial?