The Oddest Taper

It’s almost Friday!!  And I’m on vacation!  😛

But let’s back up.  Even before the reality of a trail 25K kicked my ass, I knew I may have to adjust some things this week.   I figured if I was feeling extra achy and sore after Sunday, I would push Tuesday’s run to Wednesday and Thursday’s to Friday since I took a few days off for Surf City.  Ummm, what was I thinking running a 25K and a half 7 days apart?

13.1 It Takes a Special Kind of Idiot... I think I should start training for a half marathon :)
7 days later, ouch source

I was a little achy but headed to the gym on Tuesday per usual.  I ran super slow but I was just fine with that.  3.5 miles later, I stretched and called it a day.  Even though my pace was slow, I unintentionally pulled off the perceived effort progression that was on tap per my training plan.  Calling that a win!  Oh and my gym now has those scary stair things, it was interesting watching people on them.  But much better than the freaky cut-the-alien-out-of-the-stomach sci fi movie on in front me.  Blech, I love sci fi but not creature flicks.

Going Tuesday worked out well as I was so tired on Wednesday I overslept that morning.  Then I fell asleep in the comfy chair trying to watch Supernatural that night.  How I didn’t knock the laptop off my lap, I have no idea.   I had planned on running today per usual but my stomach was rebelling pretty badly so I went back to the Friday plan.  Well hopefully.  🙂  I kind of need to pack at some point too.

I got this... right?
I got this… right?

I took a few days off around Surf City because I figured these 8-9 days were going make me pretty tired.  However when I planned that I didn’t realize that was also my window to complete reviews at work.  So I spent most of this week trying to kick those out.  Or at least to a point where I only have to make some minor edits when I return.   Writing reviews stress me out, maybe that’s contributing to my tiredness.   I am so turning off the alarm tomorrow morning.

Wednesday was also my re-check with my gastro.  He’s at a loss, so we’re changing my medication.  This kind of freaks me out, I’ve been taking it for 12 years, what’s going to happen?  He actually warned me that I could have a rough couple of days when I make the change, so we agreed that I could do that Monday after the race.  Plus I have those days off so yay?    Way less exciting than the original plan to go to Disneyland on Monday.  But you know, measles.

Ever use those scary stair machines?  I am not even sure I could even get on one without falling.

Would you chance the measles?

Anyone racing this weekend or having a Super Bowl party?

Who cried at the Budweiser commercial?

16 thoughts on “The Oddest Taper

  1. I love the stair machine ha lol. You did just give me a visual of you falling off of one though ha!


  2. A 25K and a half within 7 days? Girl, you might be crazy. Totally badass! But maybe a little crazy 😉 More adventurous than I am, anyway! Good luck with Surf City!!

    My gym has two of those crazy stair machines and I have also been too scared to try them. They look like a good workout, but also look like I’d fall off one and hurt myself if I tried!


    1. I’ve known it was coming but that now that it is actually here– what was I thinking?!

      Exactly! They look like a good workout but not only would I hurt myself, I would make a fool out of myself too!


  3. Good luck with Surf City! A 25K and half marathon 7 days apart sounds brutal but it will be good mental toughness training for sure, and will just get you that much stronger so you can rock your goal race!

    Please don’t get measles! 😦 I hope your medication switch goes well!!


    1. Thanks! I just keep telling myself that this Sunday is just another long run. Granted a long run with 20,000 people but just a long run. 🙂

      Yeah, figured I would postpone Disneyland for a few months. 😦


  4. Wishing you a happy tummy and lots of energy this weekend! I hope your medicine switch over isn’t too painful. I’ve never been to Disneyland, but I’m vaccinated, so I’d chance it 🙂 I may go to a Superbowl party on Sunday night, but I may also just stay home in my PJ’s and watch Friends on Netflix 😉


  5. Woohoo, good luck in your half this weekend! You got this!
    That Budweiser commercial (you are referring to the horse and dog one from last year right?) was my absolute favorite ever and I definitely got teary watching it. I don’t know how they’ll try to top it this year or if they even could, but if they showed it again, I wouldn’t object 🙂 I’ll probably be watching the Superbowl with my parents!


  6. I’ve been vaccinated twice so yes, I would chance the measles. Although, with my baby-like immune system, it would be a dumb choice! I hope the new meds help and the transition isn’t too terrible! Will be thinking of you!


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