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Week 53 – Goodbye December

And just like that, another week, another month and another year has come and gone.   Busy 7 days!

Last week was interesting to say the least.     I ran!!  Some at least.  However, sleep was not my friend and by the end of the week it was all I could just to get through the day.  The long days.  But let’s back up.

Monday- 4.5 miles A day off work means I have to run right?  It’s like a rule, right?  I waited until what I hoped was the warmest part of the day and headed out.  The whole flu thing turned me into a big baby in the cold.  😛  Man, was I slow.  But I ran!!!    I thought I would feel miserable after such a lackluster month of December but other being slow, I felt pretty good.  I think I was just excited to be running.

And then Monday night.  Everything was normal until I tried to go to sleep and failed.  I tossed and turned and paced.  Covers on, covers off, sitting up, laying down, 2 pillows, 1 pillow, no pillows.  I felt like my heart was racing and I could not fall asleep.  I even texted my boss at 2:30 AM to let her know I may not be on time to work because of this.   Don’t worry, I didn’t wake her- I know she puts her phone on do not disturb but I figured this way she would see it first thing in the morning.   I was also hoping that taking that little stressor away would help me sleep.  Yeah, not really.  I dozed a bit between 2:30 and 4 but that was it.  90 minutes of crap sleep.  Sounds like a recipe for success, right?   I was up and oddly energized so off to work I went for a very busy Tuesday.

Tuesday night– more of the same.   What the hell?!  This was a slight improvement in that I think I managed around 3 hours of sleep.   Oh yay.  All right, Wednesday, let’s do this.

Wednesday night– about 4 hours of sleep.  Ok now, this is getting ridiculous.  By Thursday, the cumulative fatigue was adding up and I was fading.    Combine a day where we down 2 people at work, a vital piece of equipment broke and we were so busy that I didn’t get to lunch until after 3:30 and I was fried.   I had brought my running gear with me to go for a run but I barely had enough energy in me to just drive home after work.  There was no running that night.

Friday- Rest  Yeah, Thursday night saw about 5 hours of sleep and I worked open to close.  That same piece of equipment was still broken 1/2 the day and we were still down 2 people, it was a much calmer day though and we all made it through.  Woo hoo!  From there I only had one more work shift to get through.

Saturday- Rest   I wanted to run, I really did.   I worked in the morning- maybe my last Saturday shift?!?!- and while I had actually slept the night before, the damage of the sleepless week had caught up to me.  I was so damn tired.  My New Year’s Eve was spent chillin’ in my chair watching Netflix.   Party animal right?  😛


That brought my December mileage to a stellar 14.74 miles.   I think that may be the lowest month since I started tracking years ago.    Oops.     That also brought my 2016 mileage total to 851 miles.  Highest number yet!

Sunday- 5 miles  My Smashrun politely told me that this was my longest run in a month.   I’m trying a new strategy with my long runs and while this wasn’t exactly long I figured why not?  I recently bought a book on Galloway’s Run-Walk-Run method and thought why not?   So I tried intervals of 3:00 run and 1:00 walk for this run.  I was still slow but I wasn’t miserable.  I also noticed that I had more energy at the top of the last hill.   Now, let me clear, I’ve been running for 6 years and I have never run this hill, just walking up it kicks my ass, I felt a little less tired this time though.   Granted it could have been a fluke.  I’m still not sold but I’m giving it a try.

9.5 miles for the week.    Not great but it’s a start right?  I have plans for 2017 so time to stop Slacking!  Ok, well not completely.  😛

How was your New Years?

How was your week?

Can you function on little sleep?

Happy 2017!



Week 1- Training Recap

Upcoming races– Castle to Coast 8.2 m
Surf City Half

Focus– Finding the rails.  As you saw in my mileage post, I derailed a bit in December.

I’ve been doing some thinking and with having a goal free 2016, I decided I didn’t want my recaps to be based around race training.   The year has 52 weeks though right?  Who wants to bet on how long it will take me to lose count?   😝  That said, I still want the upcoming bigger races highlighted so I figured I would open with those as well as what I focused on during the week.   This is all new so I may be ironing out a few kinks in the next few weeks.

Monday- Rest
Tuesday-4.66 miles
Thursday-Rest- crazy day at work/ New Year’s Eve
Friday- 1.25 miles
Saturday-Work/ Cleaning of the closet
Sunday- 6.22 miles


I worked on Saturday so I had a half day on Tuesday.   I was feeling optimistic and had wanted to try for a longer run around 8 miles at the river path.    My stomach had it’s own plans and was an asshat Monday and Tuesday.    I still wanted to try to get a few good miles though.  I headed to the lake path to see how things went.  If worse came to worst, I figured the laps of the lake would make it easier to get back to the car.   It was actually a pretty good steady run but by 4 laps in, I knew I was done.  

I really could have used a run on New Year’s Eve but my gym closes super early and there was no way I could get there before work ended.  Boo.

Ok, Friday looks small but it was awesome in reality.   A local business- Moore Sports Recovery had posted about a short New Year’s Day group run led by none other than Olympic hopeful Jordan Hasay.  Hmm, really?  But I don’t mingle well with strangers, I’m so awkward.  Never fear- enter Heather of SloLuckyRuns and Ashley at Rather Be Runnin’.    Both are bloggers that I had multiple conversations with on blogs, Twitter and Instagram but not met in person.  We’d seen each other at races but never really chatted.    Where do I sign up? 

Heather, Ashley and myself

The event was great.  It gathered quite the crowd for a smaller event.  Jordan started the event with a group stretch and then we all went out for the run.  It turned out to be shorter than planned but that’s ok.    I ran with Heather- she knows everyone!- and Ashley and it was awesome.   After the run, we took a tour of the recovery area, Ashley tested out some of recovery tools and we took photos with Jordan.  She was super nice and it was great meeting her.    After, Heather, Ashley and I chatted so long we were there longer than anyone else.  😄      I can’t wait to hang out with these ladies again.

Jordan!!! and my eyes are closed, oops
Saturday was odd, I had planned on running after work but it just never happened.  I started cleaning my closet and it just grew into this huge organizational project that ended up expanding to rearranging all the bedroom furniture.  

I’ve been fighting a tickle in my throat for days and Sunday morning it reared it’s head.  I’m not very surprised, people were dropping like flies last week at work.    I slept a little longer and ran some errands before heading out for a run.    The weather was perfect for a t-shirt and shorts (mid 50’s) but I bundled up in full pants and sleeves just to be on the safe side.   I knew it was going to be a slower run and again I was fine with that.    Overall, I ran 6.2 miles around an 11:00 minute pace.  Some miles were faster and some were slower.  I took fewer walk breaks than I thought I would need so I am calling it a win.

So it wasn’t a super strong week but it went a long way to getting to back on track.   I found the rails again!   Three days of running is a good start to that.   I am keeping my plans flexible for the coming week.    The first heavy El Nino storms are supposed to hit so I may be spending a lot of time on the treadmill. In the gym.   In the first week of January.    Wish me luck!

How was your New Year’s?

Did you have a good weekend?