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but then again, not really.    I had a post mostly formed about insecurities and doubts but I am in an oddly good mood today and don’t want to spoil it.  So, I’m gonna hold onto that one ok?

Like I said, oddly enough I am in a good mood.  Not sure why, this week feels like it has been 10 days long already, Tuesday’s run was hard on the lungs and I’ve been hollered and lectured.   But, like I said, odd good mood.  The shoe can drop later, until then let’s talk about guilty pleasures.

Pizza–  Duh, of course I was going to start here.  Wednesday has kind of turned into my cheat pizza night.   Last week, I was disappointed.  I went to the usual place but the pizza was just meh.  Kind of too saucy and not very warm.  Boo.  This week, they made up for it.   Also, when this account follows you on Twitter, it may be a sign that you talk about pizza too much-

For real?
White chocolate macadamia nut cookies–  How have I never had one before?!   You’ve probably heard me mention that we have cookie Friday for the customers at work.  We are contemplating switching bakeries, so of course we have to try them all out.  😛 Seriously, this cookie was so good!  

Sunsets– I mean look at this!!!!  The run might have been rough and my lungs were pissed but look at that view!    I also had a few tidal wave fears on this run but that’s not the point.  (earthquake and no birds= creepy silence). Sadly, I sometimes forget that scenes like this are right outside the door at work.  Seriously, I can see the harbor from the sidewalk. 

New security??

TV– I have odd taste in TV shows.  Seriously between Teen Wolf and Downton Abbey– I think I run the gamut.  They both air on nights when I am usually trying to type up a blog post.   I spend more time staring at the tv screen than I do typing.  At least I can say I finally have somewhat of a clue as to what is going in Teen Wolf.   I was lost for like half the freakin’ season.  And I promise it’s not as cheesy as it sounds.    But let’s not talk about what else I watch right now.

My training journal– ok, this is actual guilt.  I haven’t written in my training journal since the second week of January.   Oops?  I am so bad at keeping those!

Online shopping–  Seriously, I browse websites all the time.  I put things in my cart all the time.  Then I let them sit there.  I can’t remember the last time I completed a purchase.

Races– Like most of you, I want to run all the races!!!  But I procrastinate registration, partly because I am gun shy but partly because I am lazy.    But, guess who registered for Rock n Roll LA on the first day it opened?  This Slacker did!   Dude, that’s in October!  I’m running it with Ashley and Heather and it’s gonna rock!!

And I thought I had more but I’ve forgotten what they were, oops!

How has your week been?

What was your guilty pleasure?








Mid Week Musings 5

And I’m sick.  Boo.   I tried ignoring it but the damn germs won.    I even went home sick on Tuesday.  Then proceeded to sleep for the next few hours.   I haven’t done any sort of exercise since Sunday.   Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for being lazy- slacker is in my name after all- but not being able to run because I am sick?  Not cool.

El Nino has arrived.   Or at least 2 days of it.   I hydroplaned on my way to work this morning along with plenty of thunder and lightening.   Trees were down all the place, including in our parking lot at work.   Home town flooded pretty badly when we had a freak thunderstorm in July, I am curious how my usual running route looks.    They’ve made some storm preparations but what can hay bales do?


What are those going to stop?
Have I mentioned that I am a nerd who loves my tv shows?  Both Downton Abbey and Teen Wolf are back.  😏  Now I vacillate between confused/happy/sad on Sundays and Tuesdays.    What is going on?!

I have a race in 10 days.   How did that happen?  I am so not ready.  And I had the date wrong.  I was convinced the race was on Sunday but an email yesterday corrected that.  The race is on Saturday.  I know the difference is only 1 day but for some reason it’s freaking me out.  This will definitely be more a long run with people than a race.  But 8.2 miles equals instant PR right?

Does constant coughing count as an ab workout?  No?  Bummer.  I hoping to attempt a ride on the stationary bike.   Coughing in my house is acceptable, coughing in the gym?  Not so much.    Fingers crossed I can push through a couple of miles.

I never notice how long 90 seconds is until I started drinking hot tea.   That takes forever!

How has your week been?

What are you watching lately?