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but then again, not really.    I had a post mostly formed about insecurities and doubts but I am in an oddly good mood today and don’t want to spoil it.  So, I’m gonna hold onto that one ok?

Like I said, oddly enough I am in a good mood.  Not sure why, this week feels like it has been 10 days long already, Tuesday’s run was hard on the lungs and I’ve been hollered and lectured.   But, like I said, odd good mood.  The shoe can drop later, until then let’s talk about guilty pleasures.

Pizza–  Duh, of course I was going to start here.  Wednesday has kind of turned into my cheat pizza night.   Last week, I was disappointed.  I went to the usual place but the pizza was just meh.  Kind of too saucy and not very warm.  Boo.  This week, they made up for it.   Also, when this account follows you on Twitter, it may be a sign that you talk about pizza too much-

For real?
White chocolate macadamia nut cookies–  How have I never had one before?!   You’ve probably heard me mention that we have cookie Friday for the customers at work.  We are contemplating switching bakeries, so of course we have to try them all out.  😛 Seriously, this cookie was so good!  

Sunsets– I mean look at this!!!!  The run might have been rough and my lungs were pissed but look at that view!    I also had a few tidal wave fears on this run but that’s not the point.  (earthquake and no birds= creepy silence). Sadly, I sometimes forget that scenes like this are right outside the door at work.  Seriously, I can see the harbor from the sidewalk. 

New security??

TV– I have odd taste in TV shows.  Seriously between Teen Wolf and Downton Abbey– I think I run the gamut.  They both air on nights when I am usually trying to type up a blog post.   I spend more time staring at the tv screen than I do typing.  At least I can say I finally have somewhat of a clue as to what is going in Teen Wolf.   I was lost for like half the freakin’ season.  And I promise it’s not as cheesy as it sounds.    But let’s not talk about what else I watch right now.

My training journal– ok, this is actual guilt.  I haven’t written in my training journal since the second week of January.   Oops?  I am so bad at keeping those!

Online shopping–  Seriously, I browse websites all the time.  I put things in my cart all the time.  Then I let them sit there.  I can’t remember the last time I completed a purchase.

Races– Like most of you, I want to run all the races!!!  But I procrastinate registration, partly because I am gun shy but partly because I am lazy.    But, guess who registered for Rock n Roll LA on the first day it opened?  This Slacker did!   Dude, that’s in October!  I’m running it with Ashley and Heather and it’s gonna rock!!

And I thought I had more but I’ve forgotten what they were, oops!

How has your week been?

What was your guilty pleasure?








The First Monday

The first Monday of 2014 is almost over 🙂  Which means that really this could have been a Monday of epic proportions… luckily it was just average.  I hope everyone else had a good day. 🙂

I chose to take yesterday as a rest day like my plan called for.  I actually felt pretty good after Saturday’s 8 miler.  I was only slightly sore, but it was a good kind of sore, you know?  So instead I turned my attention to the usual errands and laundry that needs to be done every week.   I also cleaned in the inside of my car,  good lord did it need it.   Except that I cannot clean windows, seriously they almost look as bad as they were before I started.  😦  I finally put a new running sticker on my back window too, now I might actually be able to find it in a parking lot.

Courtesy of cafepress.com
Courtesy of cafepress.com

Today was a pretty good day at work.  It only became really hectic towards the end.  But all in all much calmer that I had expected from the first Monday.   I wore a dress today that when I wore it a month ago was super comfy and very appropriate.  Today however, it felt a little more scandalous.  Stupid holiday indulging; too bad it all tasted so yummy 🙂   The dress has a modest V front and back and when I was walking away from my boss, she cracked up laughing.   I spun around thinking there was toilet paper on my boot or something and she just smiled.  Apparently my racerback tank tan lines are fairly obvious and the back of the dress showed a bit.  Oops!  Runner problems 🙂

Don't forget the tank top tan!
Don’t forget the tank top tan!

I was not looking forward to the gym tonight.  I figured it being Monday and the new year, it would be crazy busy.  Plus it was the first Monday of the month and my gym does pizza night.  I have never understood the logic of that.   So I had to walk past people scarfing down to get to a treadmill and ignore the smell while running.  But other than that, it wasn’t busy, it was more of an average day.  Woo hoo!

I was looking forward to trying out my new Garmin on the treadmill because it was supposed to work.  When I ran on Saturday it had a little trouble finding a satellite, so my Nike + app had at a little faster and a little longer.  Yes, I am still using both, which turned out to be a good thing tonight as the Garmin was not working.  It kept vibrating that I had a pace of 00:00.  I finally turned it off 10 minutes in.  It said I had gone .10 of a mile, ha!  Nike + tracked the run of 3.5 miles in 34:51.

Tonight felt hard.  Maybe I was more tired than I thought, but my legs felt heavy and I was so stinkin’ hot.   I seriously felt like I was dripping in sweat (over share!), ugh.  My training plan called for 5 miles but I only did 3.5.  Nike+ has a new coaching section, so I figured I would give it a shot.  This is what this week looks like, um yeah, that’s a bit much for me, but I want to break 2:00 in my half, we’ll see how it goes!  Otherwise back to 3x a week for the Slacker!


The Comfy chair has been getting a workout these past 2 days as well.  My inner nerd girl has been celebrating the return of Downtown Abbey and Teen Wolf.  Hmmm, those look odd next to each other 🙂  But both are so good!  One made me misty eyed and the other made me jump multiple times.

So fingers crossed, I get some miles in tomorrow.  And I think I finally figured the Garmin out, so I need to test it again 🙂

How did everyone’s Monday go?

What’s you TV guilty pleasure?

Good luck to everyone running Disney!!!