A Reason for Speed

Happy Wednesday!

After this weekend’s hot miles, I felt like I had a blister forming on my right foot, which is not cool. I have to admit that I have only had one blister since I started running.  I think the heat plus the miles made for some uncomfortable feet.   So I switched the usual run on Monday for Tuesday’s yoga.   Sometimes I feel like that DVD is easy but I always end up ridiculously sweaty.  I also still can’t hold the poses very long either and I have to drop my knee while doing side planks.   But I am going to keep trying!  Like I said before though, I am glad no one can see me.   🙂

So bad but worth the smiles
So bad but worth the smiles

Tuesday was a pretty good day work-wise. I was able to get away for lunch and hit up the Dollar store for some pens and things for my coworkers.   Not the healthiest choices but guaranteed to bring a smile to someone’s face. 🙂   I was looking forward to an easy 4.5 miles after work. Then I apparently decided to prove that my hair color is natural. Without going into too many details, we were wrapping up at work per usual, and I went and did something I thought I couldn’t fix.  It was a pretty big something.   I felt like my stomach had dropped to the floor and I went slack jawed. I was trying to figure out who to call first and trying not to panic. What an example I was setting.  🙂  One of my coworkers said that something similar had happened before and she thought she knew what to do.   My face now probably showed complete disbelief, because seriously how does a person do what I did?! We were able to get it straightened out but it took another 20 minutes. Whew. But then I was running behind to get running.6-10

After changing in a hurry and finally getting to the park, I saw plenty of people on the path. I still had to change my shoes and get all my gear together so I was a few minutes longer than usual in my car. When I started to get out I noticed a potential lurker sitting on the fence two places down. Really?! I waited to see if I was just paranoid. He finally meandered down by the horse shoe pit. I got out of my car but kept an eye on the pit and ran the path in the opposite direction than I usually do. There were about 20 people on the path and more in the park and on the playground but I still made sure to keep my pepper spray handy. I am sure that he was probably harmless but my theory is that when you are running alone, everyone has the potential to be creepy so it’s best to be cautious. I didn’t see him on first loop back so I did another. The general uneasiness had me only running 3.5 miles. I also went from an easy 4.5 to a closer to pace 3.5. Potential lurker = run faster.

The iPhone didn’t do it justice, so there may be a filter on this

The sky looked amazing as I was leaving, so I tried to snap a few, very quick pics before jumping in my car.

That brought my little challenge to 10 for 10 so far. Today, I had planned on completing the yoga DVD again but my lovely stomach chose to rebel again so today ended up being the 1 out of 7 that I allow myself to be really lazy.   I hit my goal every day (7 out of 7, what!) last week so I was hoping this week would be the same, but 11 was not my lucky number. But that’s ok, too.

I am looking forward to getting back on track tomorrow. And I have a 9-10 miler to look forward to this weekend. I also may need to look for new socks as well.  For shorter runs, I have been using the Target C9 socks, but I really do not want blisters. Any suggestions?

How had your week been?

Anyone else had any lurkers while running?


20 Comments on “A Reason for Speed

  1. I can only imagine what the boo boo that you made was that you had to fix. I was on the edge of my seat! HAHA

    Definitely good to be cautious of lurkers. I always run a little faster past people just sitting on the bike path, or ones that aren’t running or biking.


    • It was ridiculous! It was something I do every day and have never messed up before. I’m not even sure who I would have called to help, anyways.

      The park can sometimes have transients but they usually keep to themselves around the horseshoe pit, this guy was lurking in the lot staring at the cars.

      I actually thought of you and my friend ML the other day on my run, because I ran past a broken down white truck that looked like a creeper van until I got closer. Then I noticed a woman working on it so momentarily relaxed, but then I thought of Supernatural-“she could be a demon- run!”. Have you ever had random thoughts like that, haha.


  2. Yay for running in spite of every circumstance trying to hold you back! That’s dedication!


  3. I have found that Features socks helps prevent blisters for me. Is it weird that I don’t like candy…at all. I do like some dark chocolate, but everything is not appealing. BTW, I wasn’t lurking, I was just waiting to critique your running form. 😉


    • Oh, I will look into those. I am not a chocolate person, and I am trying to not be a candy person. 🙂 Haha, I can just hear it, “your stride’s a little wonky, are you sure you know what you’re doing”. 🙂


  4. You were right to trust your gut instinct and avoid any lurkers! I wear smartwool running socks and the injinji toe socks for long runs. They’re a bit pricey but I think they’re worth it.


  5. If side planks give you some trouble, try raising your hips up just a little. Up until a couple months ago I couldn’t hold a side plank to save my life. My yoga teacher made this slight adjustment and now I can! Haha I obviously can’t demonstrate..but this really helped me. I use Puma socks, I found them at Nordstrom Rack and they are soft and super quality..never had a blister!


    • Thanks! I’ll try that during my next go around, I would love to not have to drop a knee. 🙂 There isn’t a Nordsrom Rack nearby but I’m sure I can find them on the internet, thanks. 🙂


  6. You should check out Balega socks. They are the best running socks in my opinion. I’ve NEVER had a blister while wearing Balega socks. Plus, if you still have a hot spot, a little duct tape over it, and a little vaseline over that, will practically guarantee you don’t get a blister.

    Have a great 9-10 miler this weekend!


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