Mid Week Musings

On a Thursday, a day late and a dollar short.  That’s how I roll.   🙂  I got distracted last night watching a movie and didn’t finish. 


As much as I want to get back to running 4x a week, I have held steady with running 3x.  Which is putting me around 15 miles a week.   I guess the entire month of May is going to be a recovery/ rest month?  I made it out for 2 weekday runs last week.  A 3.5 mile run and a 5 miler.   Both were run around a 9:45 pace after my warm up.  Not too shabby.  Once again both runs were cold and windy.  Grrrrrr.    IMG_0450I haven’t run long since the SLO half.   6 is as high as I have gone.  I miss the long run.   I’ve finally mostly accepted May for what it is.  However if I am running a half marathon in July, I really need to get back on track in June.    I am going to hold off on registering just yet.   The 10K might be the better fit right now.   Which leads me to-


I am halfway through week 2 of the whole open to close thing.  Monday through Friday only means an extra 45 minutes or so.  Fridays hit 11 hours.    I admit I am a little tired.  I have been making myself go to sleep earlier and it helps a bit.   The sad part is that earlier is still 11:15.  😦    But win for not upping my soda intake!!   So, this is part of why I am ok with fewer miles right now.  Don’t get me wrong, the numbers geek in me is crying but it’s just a small part.   The surprising part is how stupidly positive I have felt.  Being down 50% of the staff should freak me out but somehow I’m not alarmed.  Yes, things are going to be rougher than normal for a month or so but it will all work out in the end.  Who am I?  Maybe that silly song is bleeding into other aspects of my life.  IMG_0431Nothing-

This past Sunday, I planned on doing absolutely nothing.  Not even running.  Now, I’ve managed to run 1 weekend day each week so far in May but I planned to run both days.  Not following through on those days I missed made me feel guilty and that stressed me out.   So this Sunday  I planned nothing.  It was so awesome.   I wasn’t stressed about missing miles or running around doing errands.   I slept in, lazed around, worked on my bib scrapbook and started one of my Harry Potter swap crafts.   Marvelous.


This little flare up hits a year on June 1st.   Can it still be considered a flare if it lasts a year?  Or is it just life at that point.    I am still struggling with the Atkins diet, I think it helps but I need to work on consistency.   While I feel like I am staying fairly calm with all the work stuff, I admit there has been some stress eating going on.    Bad slacker!   The weekend was not a great one for my stomach, even at the race.   Oh well, moving on.

See? Burger is diet approved- fries not so much.
See? Burger is diet approved- fries not so much.

On the upside, the week is halfway over!  *edit- Mostly over!!   The wind is dying down and the temperature is finally warming up- woo hoo!!!! I am very excited to see temps in the 70’s and 80’s.  And American Ninja Warrior is back!!  It’s so nerdy how much I love that show.   🙂

Oh and if you are training for and running a fall marathon, head over to Hanna’s page and check out her fall marathon blog roll!   It’s awesome.  It almost makes me want to run a marathon just so I can join all the cool people.  Almost.  🙂  I’ll stick to my 2 half’s this fall.

How was your week?

What’s your tv guilty pleasure?

Anyone racing this weekend?

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  1. Excited to see American Ninja Warrior is back! It’s not on Hulu, so I’ll have to pay attention to the TV schedule so I can catch it live!

    Glad that you aren’t stressing and instead are taking care of your mind, body and soul, and sometimes french fries aren’t good for the body, but great for the soul! 🙂

    I hit a PR on my run this morning, a full 2 miles in 29:37. For the first time ever, I did less than a 15 min mile!


    1. It’s on Mondays, a great way to start the week.

      Oh, those fries were so good! I rarely stop at In n Out and I just couldn’t help myself. So worth it. 🙂

      Congrats on your run, that’s awesome!!


  2. I’m glad you’re feeling good about your less-than-usual running. That probably means you really needed the break! My favorite TV show that I’m working through on Netflix right now is Bones. I love it! What’s not to love about David Boreanez, am I right? Have a great weekend!


    1. I love David Boreanez. 🙂 Bones too. I actually am looking for a series to watch as background noise if that makes sense. Every summer I pick a series and watch it off and on but this year I just can’t decide what to watch. Maybe i should start Bones again. 🙂


  3. Thanks for the shout out! Let me know which two halves you’re running so I can add you to the other distances section!

    I loooove days when I can do nothing! I moved my long runs from Sunday to Saturday (save for scheduling conflicts) for this very reason – I really needed a weekend day where I could sleep in, not have to run for hours, and just BE. It’s great!


    1. I keep trying to rework my schedule to have a planned rest day on the weekend but it hasn’t worked out so far. At least not the planned part. I am hoping I only need another week to adjust to the longer work hours then I will reassess my training plan.

      My goal is to race City to the Sea 13.1 and just have fun running the Big Sur Half this fall. I mean, it’s Big Sur, right?


  4. I love The Voice. It is so addicting. I actually just met someone who competed on a recent American Ninja Warrior, although I have never watched it.


    1. I used to the watch the Voice- it was pretty good. The judges were always amusing. That would have been cool meeting a competitor but also awkward if you aren’t too familiar with the show. I met a Harlem Globe Trotter once and I was so confused about who he was. Oops!


  5. I think it’s great your listening to your body for the month of May. Sometimes we just need to rest and recover. I am not racing this weekend – wish I was!! But I am also trying to be smart about giving my body the time it needs before I jump back into anything too soon. My training felt a bit off this past week due to a head cold I got last weekend. TV guilty pleasure – Keeping up with the Kardashians and RHONY… Can’t stop won’t stop. Hope you have a great weekend!!


  6. That’s so great that you actually schedule “nothing” for yourself to relax. It’s a good idea sometimes to do that so that you have time to unwind, relax, and de-stress. I need one of those days soon; I’m planning on taking a personal day from work one day when it’s nice to go to the beach (perhaps by myself!) and just relax and read.
    I love American Ninja Warrior! It’s not nerdy at all to like that show. But it is nerdy to still like Survivor after over a decade of the show and that’s my guilty pleasure! Haha.


    1. I realized that not only were we down 3 people at work this week, my boss was on vacation. So I figured I needed a day to relax and clear my head before going into the potentially crazy week. 🙂 I kind of wish I had been able to read more but it was still a good day.
      I used to watch Survivor every season, I still start each season but am never able to finish it. But that’s not because of the show, it’s just that my mother, grandfather and I used to watch and talk about it and I haven’t been able to finish a season since he passed away a few years ago. I keep trying though.


  7. I’m trying to accept that my May wasn’t as amazing running-wise as I wanted it to be, too. Just happens sometimes I suppose! I’ve never seen American Ninja Warrior, but it looks entertaining! I’m “racing” this weekend… I’ll be attending a race and possibly traveling the course, but likely not running. It’ll be nice to be outside anyway! 🙂


  8. Smart listening to your body…and French fries? They make everything better. Almost as much as bacon!! I love the Food network…I went in to withdrawl when we canceled our cable for over a year. SOOOO happy to have it back again.


    1. French fries are awesome, they used to be one of my major weak points but now I only eat them at certain locations. So the fact that I drive past In n Out 2x a day but only stop every few months is a major will power win. 🙂 Ooh, the Food Network always makes me hungry. I loved watching Chopped. 🙂

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