May Miles

And just like that, May is moving on.  In one way I am not ready for the year to be halfway over (almost) but I am ready for June.  A new month and a clean slate.  🙂 So without further ado, here’s May-

May Miles 2Miles- 53.7

Races- Bands on the Run 10K

My SmashRun tells me that I ran 12 days and rested on 19.   Hmm, a little uneven.  So May was not my best month but I’ve already alluded to that on numerous posts so let’s just move on.  🙂  FullSizeRender (13)I made it out for 3 runs last week, so I am holding consistent there at least.    Wednesday was a bit sad and I only ran 2.25 miles.  My stomach was a big butt head at the beginning of last week so I got a late start.    I wasted a perfectly good non work day on Monday by not running.  I love running on holidays but I just wasn’t up to it.  Thursday, I got out for a decent 4 miles followed by a .6 mile cool down.  While the pace was decent, it felt hard.   That could have been partly due the temperature warm up we had late this week.  While the mid 70’s felt awesome, it’s been over a month since I ran in those temps.  But I was so glad to warm, I didn’t even mind that it felt hard.   🙂IMG_0562Then Saturday’s run was in the mid 80’s.  It started as a slow run, turned into a jog and then became a walk.   I had planned on doing the usual run/ walk I sometimes do with my mother but 2.5 miles in I was just walking with her.  It was warm and my left leg was feeling off so I decided that walking was just fine.    Truthfully, my left foot and leg have felt a little off since I tried to break in those Inspires.    Hmmm, I am telling myself that it is mostly in my head and just to take it easy.    I still have 2 weeks before I start training for my fall half’s, so this is the best time to figure out what is making it cranky.

I feel like I should have run more on Saturday as I ate way too much movie popcorn that night.   We went and saw San Andreas.  I admit that I have an odd fascination for earthquakes.   One of my favorite subjects in college was Geology and I briefly considered taking it further.    The movie was essentially a Syfy movie but since it had the Rock, it made it to the big screen.   I thought it was pretty good.  My mom and S laughed multiple times throughout it though.   I have to admit it got a little surreal when we decided to walk across the park after the movie to get some frozen yogurt.    Part of downtown was leveled by an earthquake 12 years ago and seeing the new buildings after the leaving the movie brought a lot of that back.  The town suffered heavy damage and loss and it took a long time to rebuild.    It brought reality back into some of the far fetched scenes in the movie.  IMG_0573

I planned on getting in a few miles today but ended up taking a nap instead.  I really got to stop doing that!  🙂   But I did do a bit of unplanned shopping and picked up some new shirts to run in.    I’ve started running in my Lululemon shorts and they are a little more form-fitting than my other stuff.  Apparently I feel the need to compensate with looser shirts.  🙂    Plus, I’ve worn the same shirt just in various colors for the past 2 years, it’s time to branch out.    Just like I decided that saving the Lulu for a special day was kind of silly, they are super comfy.

So, onto June and getting back on track!  I already know I am not running tomorrow but I am doing something running related.  But more on that later.   🙂     Oh and in May I was nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by MostlyHealthyLiving so that will be my next post.    🙂   Thank you!  You should go check her out!

How was your May? Goals for June?

Shirts with words/ sayings- yay or nay?

What movie are you looking forward to?

17 thoughts on “May Miles

  1. I’m really looking forward to the Entourage movie to come out on Wednesday. Definitely plan on seeing it THAT night! Hope you have a great Monday!!


  2. My month was pretty successful.. I finished my first half marathon and got some good long runs in. For June I’m hoping to choose a marathon training plan and start building some mileage. I feel like it’s been so long since I’ve seen a really good movie. I can’t even think of one I’m looking forward to… something really funny would be good!


    1. You ran a great half! Good luck finding a marathon training plan, that sounds intense. Plus some of those plans look scary! I can go so long with out seeing a movie then I end up seeing a bunch in a few months. I will probably be at the theater in a few weeks for Jurassic Park. 🙂


  3. My May was actually pretty good. It was my highest mileage month since 2014, so I’ll take it! I don’t usually do shirts with sayings, but sometimes they’re too good to refuse.


  4. Naps FTW! I totally indulged in one this weekend too. I’m a big fan of shirts with sayings, and may actually have too many of them… I have a little fascination with earthquakes too, ever since I read a book about the big SF earthquake when I was little. Now that I visit California semi-regularly though, I always cross my fingers that I won’t experience one first-hand!
    Speaking of visiting California… I’m going to be near SLO in the near future! I’ve never been before… is there anything you’d recommend I see/do while there?


    1. I have quite a few now, hopefully I wear them all! 🙂 I know I should be afraid of them, especially since the one in 2003 did so much damage but I just find them interesting. They were my strongest sub-topic in Geology.

      That’s exciting! Hmmm, so many options! Are you going to be north of SLO or south? And what’s your driving range? 🙂


      1. Umm, both! 🙂 I’ll be taking a few days to drive down the coast from SF to LA, so I’ll be going right through SLO. I’m planning on sticking mostly to the coast, but depending on what’s nearby my driving range could be flexible!


  5. I can’t tell if I’m happy May is out of the way or not. I’m mixed on this. I do have some lofty goals for June though. I have a 1/2 at the end of the month and I need to increase my actual running mileage if I don’t want it to be terribly painful!


  6. Shirts with words for sure! Especially running shirts. May went well for me, but June is not off to a good start. I need to get back into the groove. Hopefully June will be great for us both!


  7. My May was pretty good! Better than expected and it went by SO FAST. I can’t believe we’re in June already! I’m looking forward to San Andreas and taking Betty for her first theater movie! (Probably Minions!)


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