A Little Truth Time

Truth– I didn’t run for 7 days.  It made me twitchy in the beginning, feeling like I should get out and run, but the last few days the laziness felt easier.

Truth– I’m in a funk.  Work funk, life funk, running funk.  Can’t quite decide the best way out of the funk.  I’ve considered going back to school–well, I’d have to finish it first.

Truth– Food and I have a very dysfunctional relationship.   And it’s not working out anymore.    It’s not like I can break up with it.  For once, I’m not referring to my stomach issues.  I’ve debated writing a longer post on this but haven’t figured out how.

Truth– Green tea is growing on me.  Some brands taste like lemon pledge but some are pretty good.

Truth-I am trying to learn to like the treadmill.   It’s a necessary training tool and if I want to run better I need to train better.  Which means actually getting to the gym to run.   So tonight, I laced up and ran a very slow 5k.  But nothing ached for once- new for a treadmill run- so I’m calling it a win.

Truth-I love the cheesy holiday movies that are on every channel these days.  My DVR is getting quite the work out these days.   But-please, don’t hate me now- I am not a fan of Elf.

Truth– Tuesday was our company holiday party and I indulged with a Diet Coke- they all got wine and I had a Diet Coke.   😋

Truth– I just got distracted while typing this with one those previously mentioned Christmas movies.

Truth– I purchased a new toy- a Jawbone Up.  Standing is not moving.  I have a stand up desk but sadly I’ve been averaging 3500 steps a day- ouch!!

Truth– Everything said above is trivial in the grand scheme of things.

Truth– My commute took an hour and a half this morning, twice as long.  But as I drove past the horrific wreck that was reason for the delay, I thought that we all just need to slow down.  We all need to complain a little less and be grateful for what we have.   Not only during the holidays- all of the days.

What’s your truth today?



19 thoughts on “A Little Truth Time

  1. I LOVE my Jawbone UP, but I’m on my 3rd warranty replacement… my warranty runs out in February so I’m thinking of getting the UP 2, because even though my UP had issues, I love the Smart Coach!

    Food and I broke up almost a year ago, that is when I became vegetarian and it was such a good move for me, but giving up processed food, I’m on year 2 of that journey and am feeling good about it. Putting less chemicals in my body via the food I eat has helped me out, a lot. So, I can’t wait to hear about your journey, what is going on and what you think you’ll do!

    My truth for the day is that a few weeks ago I found a pair of lined running pants… and it was the first pair I had found in my size, so I splurged (Okay, my only pair of running pants I got for free thanks to coupons and Kohl’s cash, so the fact that I spent $60 on this pair means that on average I actually only spent $30… so that’s okay, right?!?) anyway… apparently this brand believes that if you do cardio, you have the cardio butt. Flat. I don’t have the cardio butt. I make it a block before I’m pulling them up. Then I make it two blocks. By then they are a bit more flexible and I make it a mile before they are falling off again! LOL. Truth: I have a big butt. 🙂


    1. 3rd warranty?! That’s like my Nike Fuelband- they had to replace it twice. So far I am liking the UP2, they have ones that look more like bracelets. I dislike how often it buzzes to tell me to move though. 😦
      Food, grrr, I need to figure something out…but it’s so hard!
      Running pants can be super frustrating. Either they are falling down in the crotch or they are so tight you probably shouldn’t sit in them. I had to do a little dance just to get into mine tonight!
      I love Holiday in Handcuffs!! Did you know Lifetime now has an app for smart phones?!


  2. Truth: There’s a giant pile of dusty old reel-to-reel tapes behind me that I’m supposed to be processing for digitization, but I’m ignoring them as hard as I can because they smell and give me a headache and I just can’t deal right now 🙂

    Truth: It’s apparently very trendy to hate on Love Actually right now, but I love it and I’m proud!

    Truth: My commute takes an hour and a half each way every day and it makes me sad 😦


    1. That doesn’t sound like fun! I hope your headache went away!
      I still really like Love Actually but I don’t really watch it around Christmas time. The Alan Rickman story line just makes me sad. And I love Alan Rickman.
      Ouch, that’s a rough commute. Mine runs from 45 minutes to hour- depends on traffic. Or if there’s a grain truck on the road…or people freaked out by the road. 🙂


  3. TRUTH: I’m really, really sad that you don’t like Elf. But I guess I’ll forgive you, in the spirit of the holiday season. I can’t wait to watch some Christmas movies in the coming week 😀


    1. Haha, I knew I was taking a risk sharing that. I really tried to like it since everyone else thinks it’s so great but it just wasn’t my thing. I’m watching another Christmas movie right now- 🙂 Enjoy your movies!


  4. This was a very refreshing post! Sorry to hear you’re in a bit of a funk, especially with food. I hear you on that one- I’ve also been debating writing a post but it’s very personal so a bit tricky to talk about. Hope things pick up soon 🙂

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    1. Right? It’s hard to decide how much to post. On one hand, sharing can help but on the other you’re afraid of judgement from the people reading it. Plus putting it in writing means I have to be willing to fess up to the issues. Decisions, decisions. 🙂

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      1. Exactly. I want to be honest but without oversharing- I want to be able to keep some things private. It’s a tough balance to strike. But I’ve written a post and had it in my draft for months- even writing it helped a lot


  5. Thank you for posting this. A lot of what you wrote is very similar to what I am feeling lately! I’m in a work and a running funk for sure. Also a diet funk. I am kind of rolling with it and making it my goal to clean up my act on 1/1/16. Hang in there!!!


  6. Funks suck. My advice: ditch the stuff, with no guilt, that’s not making you happy and that you can live without. That’ll give you more time to focus on what you need to get done. For me, that has been running before – it was giving me more stress than it was taking from me.

    As for food…it’s a tough one…for those who have issues with alcohol (addiction, allergy, values/religion, etc) the answer is: you avoid it. You can’t do that with food though…you kind of need it everyday. Many of my patients have poor relationships with food and it’s a tough one to manage, but it can be done. Just don’t be too hard on yourself!!

    And as for what you share on your blog…do what’s comfortable for you…and know that we’re here to support no matter what! 🙂


    1. I finally just admitted to myself that my running is going to be even more slacker-like for the next week or so. Accepting that helped cut back on some of the stress, at least a little. 🙂
      Food is hard, I was doing so well for a while but this last 6 months have been a big mess. Every time I try to dig myself out of the whole I end up back sliding sooner or later. Grrr.


      1. You have no choice but to eat food everyday…you cannot always be perfect…and you shouldn’t anyway. Food is for fuel/energy, but it is also for social celebration. Take care of your body with food – this means fuel it with nutrition, but also treat it with yummy non-nutritious foods sometimes too. No matter what, leave the guilt on the curb!! 🙂


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