Surf City Week 1-Oops

For some reason, I thought it would be a good idea to start an abbreviated training plan last week.    I had the previous 2 weeks  off, what could go wrong?    Oh, and last week was my first week re-attempting Atkins.   This time on no soda.    Weee!

Monday was a given rest day.  I packed my running gear but I knew it wasn’t really going to happen.    First day back at work and I slept horribly the night before.  According to my UP, I slept for a measly 4 hours.  Woo hoo.     I knew the day was going to be busy just catching up on things.    I only had a couple hundred emails- double yay.  😏

Tuesday was odd as I had an appointment with an allergist/ immunologist to see if they had any ideas about my stupid stomach.    Then it was off to work for a few hours before taking a partial half day.   Half day after vacation?  I was working Saturday but I still felt guilty taking a half day that close to vacation.  That said, I didn’t fight it too hard.   I changed and bolted out the door.  I made it to the river path in home town with only enough time for a short run.    I managed to squeeze in 4 really solid miles before it was too dark.  Mile 4 saw an 8:45.  Hello!  Where is more of that?   Actually it was a pretty sweet progression-13:08, 10:24, 9:38, 8:45.   Plus I finished in time for this view-


Seriously, no filter

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday– Migraine city.  I was supposed to meet A at the gym on Wednesday but I was having troubles walking.  I felt so bad when I texted her to cancel.  My boss tried to send me home but not only did I feel guilty again I didn’t think I could drive home.    It eased up enough by closing time and I drove home.  I’d planned on saving my cheat indulgent meal of pizza for the weekend but I ended up eating it that night.  I choose to believe that it helped a bit.  Thursday, my head still hurt and I barely ate.   I zoned out in front of the tv watching Christmas movies that evening.

Saturday– work and Vine St Showcase.  I had hoped to squeeze in a run but my stomach had other plans.  That said, this was also the first time I’ve hit my step goal without running since I bought the UP.  Little victories right?   Plus- Christmas lights!!

 Sunday–  I’ve been in a Christmas funk and having serious troubles with gift ideas.   Unfortunately no one else in my family is a runner.   😢  I was feeling stressed.  I headed down to SLO to see what I could accomplish.  I shopped longer than planned, missed getting in a run but I feel more prepared for the holiday that is rapidly approaching.  I’m calling that a win.

So, yeah that was a 4 mile week.  Ouch.    I am trying to look on the shiny side though.  I got in 4 awesome miles.  I was low carb half the week and I went 7 days with zero soda.   7!    I still indulge if I go out to eat and they serve Diet Coke.    I think that built in cheat is helping me pull this off.   I went from 2 32oz a day to 1 or 2 a week.   I didn’t even give in when I had my migraine.  That was the first time in weeks that I was actually craving soda.  But I held strong…while whimpering in the dark- ha.  😉

So for the week ahead, I am hoping to get in a few more miles.   We also have our holiday party for work to look forward too.   The only time I ever order the Filet.  Yummm.  I’m drooling in advance.

How was your week?

Are you finished shopping? How is it only 11 days away?

Anyone race over the weekend?  I saw tons of Santa races online.  🎅


9 thoughts on “Surf City Week 1-Oops

  1. I have one gift card left to buy – for my dad. Then I am officially done! I keep forgetting I have a mini vacuum at my parents house that I need to pick up and wrap for Mr. T… for his college dorm!! ACK! I can’t even!

    Oh, and everyone loves warm, cozy socks… I’m thinking of your dad, if he was one of the men on your list you were struggling with!

    Last week my runs were HORRIBLE! They were painful, I cut several of them short, I struggled to breath… and then I realized my nutrition was suffering last week… all because I had some personal issues that happened that created a bump in my life. So I have recommitted to myself, my health and well-being! I will finish the year stronger! And I looked back, and my runs and times weren’t that bad, it just didn’t feel right, but this morning, it was freezing, but felt better, so I’ll take it!


    1. College supplies- exciting! But nerve wracking, too. 😁
      I always get my dad socks for his stocking along with some snacks, it’s the bigger gift I can’t quite figure out this year. I’m about ready to do a homemade IOU for another hike!
      Nutrition and emotions can play a huge role in how our runs feel. Then we get frustrated when it seems harder than it should. But those days that feel great more than make up for it! At least that’s what I tell myself. 🙂

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      1. I got my dad a gift card to the local movie theater, he and mom used to go often (before grandpa moved in, and now that he has passed on) dad said he’d like to do that again. Oh! Walgreens is doing really good promotions on photo gifts! Do you have a good photo of you and your dad, or you and your siblings! The photo on wood looks great, I got that for several in my family this year! -Okay, I’m done!! 🙂


  2. High fives for that Tuesday run! That is an awesome progression, and that sunset looks like an incredible reward! 😀 Sorry about the migraine though 😦 Comfort food always seems to help me too, so I choose to agree with your theory that the pizza helped. Somehow I managed to finish all my shopping (thank god for use of mother-in-law’s amazon prime account!) but I still feel like I’m forgetting someone… this always happens!


    1. That sunset was almost too awesome to believe! Comfort food is awesome but I think I’ve come to rely on it a little too much lately. My mother has Prime and I usually use it but this year we’ve had some gift snafu’s. As a result I know what one of my gifts is already- oops!!


  3. What a great progression run! That’s definitely a positive. And getting the shopping done was necessary – at least you probably walked alot that day too, right?! Last year, I was DONE with my holiday shopping on Cyber Monday…this year, I’m struggling too. Still have no idea what to get for some people and I def took the easy way out with some GC’s for family this year (though, to be fair, they do like GC so I can’t feel bad about that).


    1. Shopping was quite bit of walking even though it was more like meandering. 😛 I have a feeling that I may be going the gift card route, I am still having issues with a few. I like gift cards but I usually try to find something special. I think this is just going to be an off year for inspiration.


  4. I find Christmas shopping super stressful. And no one else in my family runs either. Plus, when my mother in law asked me what I wanted and I said running stuff, she said, “Ugh, don’t you want anything else?” 😦


    1. Doesn’t she know running stuff is the best?! 🙂 When I first started running, Christmas and birthdays paid for my running shoes! Now I go through too many pairs but it was great while it lasted! Shopping for another runner would be fun, though.

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