San Francisco Marathon Training Week 11

Another one bites the dust.

Anyone else just start singing that?  Maybe it’s just me.  πŸ˜›

While my week 11 did not see the start of the strength portion of Hansons, it did see my mileage go back up a little.   Little victories, right?  There are a few perks to running fewer days though.  I suddenly have way less laundry to do on the weekends.  Which also means fewer clothing items strewn everywhere while they air dry.    Also I can wash my hair less, so that’s a win right?

Monday- Rest day  It was a fairly busy day at work and it went a little late.  Going straight home was kind of nice.

Tuesday- 6 miles  Slow and steady, slow and steady.   Outside of long runs, I’ve taken to run/ walk intervals.  My walk intervals are always .25 mile and the run portion will vary from .25- .75 miles.   It’s slow going but I am getting it done.   The shin pain was minimal so I’m calling it a victory.

Wednesday- Rest– We were down 2 people at work so I sure felt like I was running around though.

Thursday-6 miles   I had a work meeting in another town and about 3 hours in I started to feel super sick.   The room was so hot and stuffy, I thought I was going to lose it.   And this is coming from the person who runs her space heater everyday at work.   I still felt crappy at the end of the day but I wanted to at least attempt to run.   River path this time, so more concrete and baby elevation gains.  More run/ walk intervals but my shins were still manageable.    I was able to pick up the pace a bit on the downhill portions and things felt pretty good actually.   I also saw a bunny or two at the end!  πŸ˜ƒ

Friday – Rest  Another open to close and I was tired.  While my shins felt ok, my calf muscles on both legs felt like they were seconds away from a massive charlie horse all day.   I was supposed to run with Heather and Ashley the next morning but between being exhausted and my crazy calves, I texted and canceled.   I knew I would push harder than I should if I ran with people. 😒

Saturday- Rest  Oops.   The weekend was supposed to be cooler so I planned for an afternoon run.   It was nice not even setting an alarm that morning.  I admit I slept until 10.  No shame.   I needed it.  After lunch and a few errands, I was planning on heading out for a run.  I started to feel super nauseated though.  I waited to see if it would pass but eventually decided that Sunday’s long run was more important.

Run 1

Sunday-16 miles  -Run 1- 11.5, Run 2- 4.5 miles   Not the way I planned it but got it done!   Once again, I listened to the weather man when they said the weekend would be cooler.  I started my long run at 9 shooting for 16 miles.   6 miles in, I was over heating and my form was trashed.  My shins were holding up but I knew finishing 16 at that point would probably do more harm than good.   The plan had been to meet my mom at the high school after my run and go to lunch.  I texted her at mile 6 and let her know that was going to be sooner than planned.   With a route change I hit the school at 11.5 miles.  Good enough.  I felt like ran most of it but my Garmin data shows more than a few dips where I walked.

We ate lunch, then I rested a bit before heading back out to finish my mileage.   I was expecting to feel tired and have to concentrate on my form but I felt surprisingly good.   My legs actually felt kind of peppy.  I knew it was going to be slower due to the heat of the afternoon but I was fine with that.   What I didn’t account for was some….ummm… uncomfortable chafing issues that had me taking more walking breaks than planned.   I had changed everything I was wearing but my socks so I have no idea what was up with that.  I hope it never happens again though because that was not cool.  Sorry for the TMI.

Overall- 28 miles. 

Not too bad.   Better than the previous few weeks at least.   Survival mode it is, which means my long runs have become the most important part of my weekly mileage.  I do kind of miss the speed work though.  #justkeeprunning

Dietary wise– my breakfasts, lunches and most of my snacks have been on point.  Dinners have been a whole other ball game.  Kind of a mess actually.   Grrr.  And why does everything have soy in it?!  Some of my favorite Crystal Light flavors have soy in them.  What the hell does lemonade need soy for?

This week will probably see fewer miles than last week if I stick to the way the long runs are scheduled on my plan.   My boss is back though so hopefully things will calm down on the work front a little.  Fingers crossed!

How has your week been?

Do you flavor your water with anything?



16 thoughts on “San Francisco Marathon Training Week 11

  1. I have tried to flavor my water and to be honest. I really like it better plain. I think it may be because if I am going to have something, I don’t want it to taste watered down and that is all it seems to me when I use fruit/citrus heck even mint. I want full strength! Ha!

    Glad that your shins are feeling a little better. Hopefully they continue to improve so you can finish out your training cycle strong!


    1. I love just water when it’s cold but more often than not I am drinking room temp water and I like to add flavor to that. I’ve tried so many things to liven up water.

      Thank you! Fingers crossed things keep improving. πŸ™‚

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  2. Great job getting it done! Coach Suz told me during marathon training that the long runs were most important, so I think taking it slow and easy on your other runs is smart. Regarding the soy thing, soy is used as an emulsifier in a lot of products (including chocolate, so be careful!).


    1. Part of me is loving the excuses to walk more often but the other part is just cranky. I was doing so well with a plan for once!
      These restrictions sure are an eyeopener- I had no idea soy was in so many things. I feel like checking ingredient labels has become a part time job! Luckily I was never a big fan of chocolate, so cutting it hasn’t been hard. Losing red and gummy candy hurts though. Most of that has wheat in it. Boo.


  3. Great week. I think you got some quality runs in while still being cautious of your shins. Your shins feeling ok is the biggest win in my eyes. My week although tiring has been pretty solid so far. I use powerade powder to flavor my water. Oh wait I guess that makes it powerade lol


    1. That is how I am trying to think- any miles are better than no miles! I recently tried one of the Powerade mixes. I kind of liked it, I may buy more of that. Hopefully it doesn’t have soy in it. πŸ™‚


  4. Yay for your 16 miler! San Francisco sounds like it will be a GREAT marathon!! I need to add it to my list! Also, I think you should sign up for RnR San Diego next year. Because I already have!! Yes, again! No pressure πŸ˜‰


  5. Soy in lemonade?? That’s just silly. I don’t love the taste of water so I try to flavor it whenever I can… though the taste is growing on me! Good thing too, because I usually use Nuun but I hate their new formula. So I’m using up my stores of the old stuff until it runs out, then who knows what I’ll do. Oh well. Glad to hear your shins are behaving themselves, and I hope they keep it up!


    1. Right? I went to Target tonight and stood in the drink mix aisle reading all the ingredients. So many things had soy! I found a couple of options and bought another tube of Nuun. I’m still on the fence about it but being able to buy it at Target is a big plus. I kind of like the new formula.


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