Adieu August

Recovery month, baby!

I admit I was hoping for more miles but it is what is, right?  Plus, considering I was afraid I would come off the marathon and never want to run again, I should count this as a win right?

I managed to pull off one 10 miler- double digits!!!- and one speed work session.   I had some decent weeks and a very small, little 4 miler week.     Considering the amount of smoke in the air from all the fires close by, my mileage was pretty consistent.

I ran zero races.  Which made me super envious of all the cool pictures and recaps I saw online.  😛.  So I compensated by taking lots of scenery pictures.

Work got a little crazy but I think I need to realize that it always will be.    That said, this week kicked my ass.   2 rooms flooded and we’ve been working with industrial blower fans running all day, every day.   I think the constant noise is making my brain liquefy.    I really wanted to hit at least 50 miles for the month but after an abbreviated run on Monday- hello blisters- my last chance to fit in miles was Wednesday.   By the end of the day, I felt fried, even the idea of changing into my running gear was exhausting.    In the end I decided hitting an arbitrary number wasn’t worth it, all I wanted to do was hide in a dark and quiet corner.   So I did and 44.14 was it for August.

Which brings us to September.   I am partially excited and partially in denial.   Excited because I haves races coming up!   First one isn’t until the end of September but it’s one of my favorite races and I am looking forward to it.  That being said, how the hell is it September?!?!?!    That is just ridiculous.  Seriously, wasn’t it just March?  Why is time moving so fast?  I can’t keep up!  Then today, my Instagram feed was full of Pumpkin Spice Lattes- slow your roll people!

How was your August?

Any plans for September?

What are you looking forward to ?


10 thoughts on “Adieu August

  1. Wanting to continue running after the marathon is a huge win lol. Totally normal to have some down time after a long training cycle and a full marathon.

    My August was awesome, decided to do my first 50k and started training. So excited!!


  2. LOL my Instagram is also full of the PSL and the posts that equate September with foliage and fall. Eh….not really, people. Don’t I wish, though! September is still pretty warm and it’s not even officially fall until the end of the month anyway. People always get so ahead of themselves with the seasons. Not that I should talk because I’ve been totally guilty of that in the past.

    I haven’t raced in a month now. I would be jealous of my racing friends but racing in August? No thanks, they can keep it, haha!


    1. Don’t get me wrong, I am looking forward to fall temps but like you said we have another month of heat- it is so not time for that yet! Plus a hot drink in the middle of the day sounds horrible right now.
      I thought about running a race next weekend but then I thought about the last time I ran it – 85 with 80% humidity. Nah, I’ll just look at pics on IG.😛


  3. Being injured and watching others train and race is so hard and slightly depressing. Glad you had a great August/ recovery month, so important. The end of September will be here before we know it!


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