Adieu August

Recovery month, baby!

I admit I was hoping for more miles but it is what is, right?  Plus, considering I was afraid I would come off the marathon and never want to run again, I should count this as a win right?

I managed to pull off one 10 miler- double digits!!!- and one speed work session.   I had some decent weeks and a very small, little 4 miler week.     Considering the amount of smoke in the air from all the fires close by, my mileage was pretty consistent.

I ran zero races.  Which made me super envious of all the cool pictures and recaps I saw online.  😛.  So I compensated by taking lots of scenery pictures.

Work got a little crazy but I think I need to realize that it always will be.    That said, this week kicked my ass.   2 rooms flooded and we’ve been working with industrial blower fans running all day, every day.   I think the constant noise is making my brain liquefy.    I really wanted to hit at least 50 miles for the month but after an abbreviated run on Monday- hello blisters- my last chance to fit in miles was Wednesday.   By the end of the day, I felt fried, even the idea of changing into my running gear was exhausting.    In the end I decided hitting an arbitrary number wasn’t worth it, all I wanted to do was hide in a dark and quiet corner.   So I did and 44.14 was it for August.

Which brings us to September.   I am partially excited and partially in denial.   Excited because I haves races coming up!   First one isn’t until the end of September but it’s one of my favorite races and I am looking forward to it.  That being said, how the hell is it September?!?!?!    That is just ridiculous.  Seriously, wasn’t it just March?  Why is time moving so fast?  I can’t keep up!  Then today, my Instagram feed was full of Pumpkin Spice Lattes- slow your roll people!

How was your August?

Any plans for September?

What are you looking forward to ?


10 thoughts on “Adieu August

  1. runningschlub

    Wanting to continue running after the marathon is a huge win lol. Totally normal to have some down time after a long training cycle and a full marathon.

    My August was awesome, decided to do my first 50k and started training. So excited!!


  2. Hanna @ TheMillennialNextDoor

    LOL my Instagram is also full of the PSL and the posts that equate September with foliage and fall. Eh….not really, people. Don’t I wish, though! September is still pretty warm and it’s not even officially fall until the end of the month anyway. People always get so ahead of themselves with the seasons. Not that I should talk because I’ve been totally guilty of that in the past.

    I haven’t raced in a month now. I would be jealous of my racing friends but racing in August? No thanks, they can keep it, haha!


    1. Don’t get me wrong, I am looking forward to fall temps but like you said we have another month of heat- it is so not time for that yet! Plus a hot drink in the middle of the day sounds horrible right now.
      I thought about running a race next weekend but then I thought about the last time I ran it – 85 with 80% humidity. Nah, I’ll just look at pics on IG.😛


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