Run to the Music 4

But this isn’t giving up no this is letting go
Out with the old dreams I’ve borrowed
The path I carve from here on out will be my own
A path to take me home
Most of my runs lately have had me thinking deep thoughts.    Maybe facing some truths too.     I claimed that this was the year  of no goals but I let myself get swayed by the dark side, the numbers side.  It’s all too easy to get caught up with social media and fall into the comparison trap.    Denying it can only dig you deeper and deeper into the hole.    Combine that with a bunch of crappy things happening outside of running this year and I think I’m falling apart.    Not completely but I’m starting to crack.
Which means a lot of things but one of those is letting go of those pesky numbers goals that snuck back up on me.   I’ve become a little too mired in pace and miles.  I realized the other week that I have run more miles this year than any year previous.   Right after that, I realized how close I am to actually pulling off 1000 miles in a year.   In other words, 2015’s failed goal.   But let’s be honest, 2 hundred mile months right now would break me.   Likely make me hate running too.  I don’t want that, I want to enjoy running just to run for the rest of year.  Maybe next year too.  Who know?  I want to enjoy races for awhile.
Thankfully, my iPod is still on shuffle all.    The perfect song came on at the right time today.
This is Letting Go– Rise Against
So this me letting go.  I saying it out loud…and in print.  Hopefully, you’ll see a shinier Slacker in the coming months.

10 thoughts on “Run to the Music 4

  1. As I always say – there is no race, no pace, no distance worth getting injured or losing my love of running. Definitely let stuff go – it is so liberating!


  2. Don’t get to stressed. We all fall into this scenario. For me work gets stressful, running a lot of miles, making sure family gets attention, and so on. It builds and is just very stressful.

    That is when I know something has to give. I think you see that. Let stuff go and I’m sure things will start to get better.


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