Rambling On 5

Happy Friday! 

It’s time change weekend!!  Woo hoo!!! Now I will complain when my complain when my alarm goes off on Monday… and Tuesday, etc but I am so looking forward to more daylight for my after work runs.   I am sorry for everyone running a race this Sunday though.

Is anyone else watching Riverdale?  Does anyone else feel old watching Luke Perry and Skeet Ulrich?  Or is just me? 😛  And tell me, is that Zack or Cody?

For the first time in months, there is no rain in the forecast for at least 7 days.  Yay!!!  Now we just have wind.  Boo.  But the sun is marvelous.   I really wish we had some sort of outside sitting area at work.

how about a sunset?

Speaking of work, the merger is going full steam.   On a personal, whiny note, I learned that I have to start taking more normal lunches.  Boo.  My lunch is usually around 2:15 which is way past the 5 hour mark (CA law) but I signed a permanent waiver because my theory is that everyone else’s lunch was more important than mine.  Well and I used to be exempt.  I’ve adjusted to it over the years and now I like it.  But things will change in April.  But hey, maybe this will help my weird blood sugar issues?

I always start these posts with so much to tell you then forget half of it while I am typing.   😁

I may go shoe shopping this weekend.  The Sayonara’s have worked but they aren’t awesome.  My toes hurt after runs and my shins are not very happy.  I am hopeful that Brooks fixed all of the problems with the Pure Flow 5’s and that the 6’s are much better.  I’ve heard good things, so fingers crossed!

What do you have planned this weekend?

Anyone racing?

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14 thoughts on “Rambling On 5

  1. You already know that I’m excited about the time change too. Can’t wait! Also, I’m thinking about ordering some Altra running shoes. Since most of my issues are toe-related, and the Altras have a “foot-shaped toebox,” I’m hopeful that they might be the shoe for me. I just wish someone near me carried them so I could try them on before buying.


    1. I’ve tried Altra’s on and while I liked the space in the toebox I think it was too much space. I don’t like feeling like I have to grip the shoes with my toes. The Running Warehouse has some Altra’s on sale right now and they have free shipping if that helps.


      1. Oo, that’s very good to know! I have feet shaped like duck feet, so I desperately need the space. Fingers crossed!


  2. I’m racing tomorrow – I signed up yesterday – going to go pick up my pack today – in a few hours actually, cause I signed up so late, I want to make sure I get a shirt! LOL. My ankle is hurting, but I’ve been walking in very non-supportive slippers lately, so I am wearing good flip flops today – but I went for a run, even with it hurting, and yup, by mile 2 it was loose and feeling good, so I can race on it tomorrow. 🙂

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  3. Beautiful photo! I can’t wait for spring! Celebrating some birthdays and running my long run indoors given the frigid weather. Will be an adventure! Happy Friday!


  4. I, too, am excited about more daylight! Woohoo! Too bad that means that I’ll have to wake up earlier for my race on Sunday. Haha I’ve already started sleeping early to try and ease my body into the time change. We’ll see how it goes. I’m still sick so I’m still pretty worried. Lol


  5. Ugh, I hate the time change! I leave for work early in the morning and just hit the point where it’s light out on my morning drive (yes!), but now it will be dark again 😦 And we’re supposed to get like a foot of snow or something on Tuesday. I don’t mind winter but I had a taste of spring a few weeks ago and now I’m just done with snow and cold!


    1. I do hate driving in the dark but for me it’s my drive home. I couldn’t handle the cold we had this winter, I think I would have fallen apart with snow. Hopefully it’s not as bad as they predict!


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