Sunny in San Diego

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I’m going to San Diego!!!!  Woo hoo!

I wanted to run Rock n Roll San Diego last year but just couldn’t make it work with my schedule or my pocketbook.  I didn’t plan ahead very well.  😛   But I kept it a secret pipe dream until about 1 week before the race.  Then I knew I had to give it up.  Ha!

This year I like to think I’m planning a little better (fingers crossed)!   On June 4, I get to run the half marathon at Rock n Roll San Diego!   I’m super stoked!  And maybe I get to meet some people for real too- Chelsea of will be there, Mai at will be there and Helly of too!  Now they are all much speedier than I am but you never know when you might see someone right??   ( I can’t link any of their sites because that feature keeps crashing my computer.  Thanks WordPress.)

I might make a little vacation out of it, not sure yet.  I’m dragging my mom along with me (thanks mom!) and I’m not sure how much time I may have off.  We’ve been wanting to see the zoo.  I also have a Great Uncle down in that area that I haven’t seen in forever.    Now if I could just figure out where to stay.  Seriously, if anyone has any hotel tips, help a girl out!  Most of the ones I’ve found are literally in the middle of the marathon course.   Or $300 a night.     I’ve been stuck on the wrong side of a marathon roadblock before, I don’t really want to do it again.

Want to come run with me?  Use code BIBRAVE15 to save on registration.

Any tips for San Diego?

Ever run this race before?


8 thoughts on “Sunny in San Diego

  1. Yay! I’ll finally get to meet you. As for lodging, have you tried to book an air bnb instead? They’re usually not as expensive. Also, if you book one near a trolley station, you can trolley over to the start line. That’s what most locals do. It is a little more inconvenient, but it’ll save you money on crazy hotel fees.

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      1. Ah. You can look at the trolleys and see which one takes you downtown. I’d suggest just staying near one of the trolley stops. 🙂 I did that with the SD Half. I parked at the Old Town Trolley station (which is far enough from the half that there weren’t road blocks) and trollied in. It’s probably really confusing for a non-local so let me know if I can help with any logistics. 🙂


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