Week 29- What’s Running

Upcoming Races-

  • Salinas Valley Half Marathon

This will likely not be a long recap.  😛  4.5 years ago I went through a system conversion/ merger where I worked insane hours and managed to only run on the weekends.     Advantage last time was that I knew all the systems and everything else.  This time I know next to nothing.    Why I thought this would be different, I have no idea.  Maybe I repressed all those memories?  Maybe I was naive?

Either way, this week had little to no running.   I packed my gym bag with all my running gear including my new running shoes on Sunday evening.  Then I just stared at it in my car everyday like it was taunting me.   I felt like my shoes were calling my name.   But my shortest day was getting off work around 6:30 not counting my commute.  If lunch hadn’t been brought in each day, I don’t know that I would have time to make food.  But it is what it is and I have amazing coworkers and we made it through.

Yep, it was that kind of week

So yeah, let’s get to it-

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday– Yeah no.  It was all I could do to just to get through work then come home and crash.

Saturday– I woke up early but my entire body felt sore and bruised so I decided to sleep longer and go for a run in the afternoon.  Which was the plan until it was decided that my cat needed to go to the vet.  She had been lethargic and acting like she had a UTI for a couple days but it got worse.  We found a vet who squeezed her in but it was a literal wait in the waiting room until all the other appointments were seen.   So almost 3 hours.  But she was seen and was given medicine.   Which she does not appreciate.

Then of all odd things- the other cat is now freaked out by her.  Like screaming in the middle of the night, wake the whole house up as he runs from her.  WTF?  So they had to be separated.

Sunday- 7.5 miles I should have gotten up earlier but I just couldn’t make myself.  The plan started out as 10 miles then turned into 8 but ended up being 7.5.  It was hot and I was still tired and when I was walking more than running, I decided that pushing it on my first run in 7 days wasn’t the best idea.   My legs felt fine but the rest of me was not on board.  I ended up going home and crashing hard and taking a long nap.   I was actually supposed to go to the fair with my mother in the afternoon but we both bailed on that.  I was just too tired.

7.5 miles for the week.   I cry on the inside but sleep and work were more important.

Now, fingers crossed the gym bag leaves my car this week.

How was your week?

How do you deal when you’re too busy to run?

16 thoughts on “Week 29- What’s Running

  1. I tried to force running on myself this week and it wasn’t fun! I’ve done practically no running since the marathon and decided I needed to get my butt in gear, I guess you just cant force it, wait till things calm down at work! Also hope the cats are ok!


    1. Yes, take your rest. I jumped back into things post marathon last year and it was not good. The cats are odd, the sick one is feeling better with the medicine but the other one still looks at her like she’s possessed. He still runs away from her!

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  2. When you get through this rough patch and have the time and mental energy to get back to running, imagine how fresh those legs are going to be!


  3. Work pressure and stress certainly makes it a struggle at times, especially when trying to follow a plan which makes it all the more frustrating. But, the system conversion won’t go on forever (hopefully) and before you know it, you’ll be back hitting the mileage.


  4. I worry about making time for running when I get a real job. The struggle is so real when you’re mentally drained from work. Hope work eases up lady. You gotta prepare for your halfs! 🙂


  5. Congrats for just getting out there at the weekend – I would have been so tempted just to curl up and sleep after such an intense work week… Having the gym bag in the car is a great motivator though, I hope work calms down enough next week for you to use it!


  6. There’s always next week!! Hopefully it slows down for you!!

    My work environment has been so much better since the Boss swap!! I’m enjoying using the TM at work again!!



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