Week – Slacker

  • 2019 Race Schedule (so far):
  • 3/24 Oakland Running Festival (more to come)
  • 4/28 SLO Half Marathon
  • 5-4 Wildflower (Thanks BibRave)  Canceled
  • 8-11 Oaktown Half (Thanks BibRave)

Thy name is Slacker and last week I lived up to it.

I have this bad habit of sinking into a dark hole when I get stressed and anxious. Some people run the feelings out but that just gives me too much time alone with my own thoughts. Instead I tend to watch too much TV while reading or trying to and playing word searches on my phone. Productive? Not so much. Distracting, yes.

I had a big A-race planned for the year but I hadn’t announced it here. Good thing a the planned race suddenly changed locations, dates and dropped my distance. Grrrr! Then I received news that another race I was running was canceled. Is fate trying to tell me something????

I was also feeling a little bit of pressure on running because of a running group app. Which made me respond like a teenager and do the opposite. Which is to not run. I was stressed because of a work situation, well situation isn’t the right word- more like possible opportunity. And it’s making me a little anxious.

So did I do anything last week?

Thursday- 1.6 miles
I was feeling fussy and wanted a change. I decided to see what I get in around the lake path. I may have lights but I won’t run at the lake after dark. But I was hoping I get in something. That something turned out to be 20 minutes. A slow walk to begin and then I ran until it was time to quit.

So yeah, it was a very Slacker- like week. Also very hermit like. Here’s to digging myself out this week.

How was your week?

14 thoughts on “Week – Slacker

  1. You’re in the wrong SR group if they are pressuring you to run! I think I lucked out – our group doesn’t care, LOL. We are there to support each other, and I think that is so much more important! I think it’s good to leave it if it is causing you stress!
    I don’t recall you telling me about the work opportunity! I’ll get with you later. 😉
    I did run 2 miles this morning – in 25 mph wind! UGH. But, I haven’t run since last Friday… 1 mile on the TM. The weather has been too random, cold, cold rain and sleety for to get out there! I bought a new protein powder, too – this morning was my first time to use it (quite honestly, I just want a powder I can pick up at the store, mix with some water and be done! The occasional smoothie is just a bonus!) and it’s awful! I mix one scoop of Amazing Greens in, and that green is way over powering the protein… I guess, instead of just staring at it – I’ll go turn it into a smoothie right quick, add in some frozen berries will help!

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  2. I’m really sorry to hear the SR group felt like pressure on you to run. It sounds like it was a good decision to leave if it was causing stress in your life. I hope things are going better soon!


    1. Agree with Donna… if you felt the group app meant you had to run, it’s good you quit! I think we were more concerned about boosting and quizzing, though, but I can see how the pressure felt different. I’m sorry for my part :-/ But I hope the stress starts to relieve itself, soon! And urgh! that’s so frustrating about the race! I hope you get a bright and shiny “a” race at a time that’s good for you!


      1. urgh… that came off badly. I meant, it’s good you did what you felt needed to be done for you… we miss you, of course, and I know it was a hard decision!


        1. I think I understand what you mean, Fallon. I am happy to still be able to chat on wordpress and I hope that things are better for you already this week! Hug!


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