I took a hard turn into Funk Town last week. It was a long stop over. I may still be there.

I don’t know if it’s work being crazy busy, the impending birthday, my lack of running, lack of motivation or current events that is getting to me or all of the above. Throw in some back pain and I had every excuse in the book for last week. Not that I needed any, I just wallowed.

I may be a mediocre runner but boy am I a good wallower. I think I spelled that wrong. Or it’s not a word.

And Heli, because why not?

In case you haven’t guessed by now, I did not run last week. Or work out at all. Well unless you count lifting heavy boxes at work. You can’t count climbing the stairs because they still kick my ass. I should probably start making myself use the upstairs bathroom. Also, I know my back pain is partially due to my switch back to a stand up desk. I don’t have it quite right yet. I have a stool for sitting and I do but I miss my desk chair, ha!

Last week wasn’t all crazy. I may have done a little indulgent online shopping. Maybe. Did I order myself a pair of running shoes just because they would look good with jeans? Maybe.

I had a slice of very indulgent cake.

I found masks that I could talk with and not inhale and wear for 8-9 hours. Thanks Athleta. I may have to buy more. Prior to that, my best one was from Miles and Pace but I can’t wear the camo to work. Boo.

I watched a very weird, dark tv show- Fortitude. Finished season 1 and still not sure how I feel about it. Taking a moment before season 2. I also still need to replace my DVD player so I can stop paying to rent movies I already own on Amazon. I am sure they love it though.

I ate good food. Maybe too much. Sunday was my birthday and I admit I was feeling a little food drunk. I also could have just been feeling the 105* weekend though. Maybe a combo of both.

Oh and if you read my last post, I caught the giant spider. At least I am telling myself it was the same spider.

I wonder, do my running shoes miss me?

How was your week?

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