Run!, Slacker

Recovery Week Recap

I hadn’t planned on a recovery week after City to the Sea but that’s how it worked out.    But that’s ok.   Contradicts my last post though right?

In brief-
Monday- I thought about a shake out run but it was 94*.  Seriously?!
Tuesday-  I was looking forward to a good run but only made it one lap of the lake.   I felt…off, kind of tired and not right, a little woozy, so I called it after 1.15 miles.
Wednesday- The room was shaking and I turned a little green so I ended up leaving work early and going home sick.  I spent the afternoon sleeping.    On a side note, I found out I have 180 hours of sick time saved up.  😃
Thursday- I still wasn’t feeling great and couldn’t figure out how to change after a work meeting in a different town.   Walking around in shorts when the CEO is in the building?  Um no.   I didn’t count on my stomach making its whale song throughout the CEO’s presentation though.   Nice.
Friday-  My brother’s birthday- I indulged in pasta and birthday cake.  Homemade beef stroganoff and marble fudge frosting?  Yes, please.
Saturday– 3.85 miles.   I worked in the morning and was still feeling tired but I really wanted to run.  The run actually felt pretty good until my stomach turned on me around 2.7 miles in.  From there it was as fast as I could slowly get home.    And taking a shortcut.
Sunday-  Does a 3 hour nap count as training?  And more birthday cake.


Did I mention there are goats in the lake?
 So yeah, more recovery that running.  I finally just decided to go with it.    Work has been chaos and stressful for months now, I’ve felt like I have been fighting something for a while.    At least it held off until after City to the Sea, or I was in denial until this week.   It takes a lot for me to leave work early because I feel sick.   Maybe I feel like I have to overcompensate for all my stomach issues? But at one point I was sitting on the ground under my desk; I felt so nauseous, I wasn’t doing any good there so I went home.    I slept a lot last week and I am feeling better today.    Oh and what does a sick runner do when they are resting?  Register for a race of course.  😉

So, last week’s training thoughts.   I think I have a plan for a new regimen, not a race training plan per se, but a plan for improving my running over all.     What I can’t decide is when to start it.    Part of me is eager to start this week but another part thinks it might be better to hold off.   I have a half marathon in less than 3 weeks followed by a 25K trail race 7 days later (potentially).   Since both of those races are more for the experience than PR’s, I am thinking it might be smarter to wait until after those 2 races.    Especially since I am not 100% on the new regimen.   There were some great book suggestions after my last post so I want to check a few of those out.  Right now I feel torn.  Grrr.

How was your weekend?

Would you start a new plan 3 weeks before a race? 

What’s your favorite kind of cake?