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Week 36 Training Recap

Training for: 

  • City to the Sea 13.1
  • Harvest Marathon 13.1
  • Golden Gate Half


I said these training recaps were going to be shorter starting this week but I may have misspoke.  Last week ran me over like a truck…which then backed up.   So most of my posting plans were ignored in favor of sanity.    I did get most of my planned running in but the bike was ignored in favor of sleep and/or staring at the TV trying to decompress while binging on Netflix.  I’ve now started season 8 of Bones.   It’s a   😛

So long story short- I walked into work on Monday and was greeted by a flood.    Ok, deep breath in and go!   Only a few rooms were flooded but we were literally sinking into the carpet.   Ok then.  Figured out it was the water heater and a plumber came out and fixed that.  We put up some normal fans while waiting for the restoration crew.  One fan damn near grenaded as I was running to wall to get it unplugged.  The restoration crew finally showed up and I thought that meant things were looking up.  Yeah, no.    5 high power industrial drying fans had to run 24/7.   All week long.   By Thursday, I thought I was going to lose my mind.   On Friday I partially did.  I started giggling at something an employee said- that wasn’t funny- and couldn’t stop.  Then I started crying.   I had no idea that sound could affect me that much.

Monday- 2.7 miles  Can’t blame the shortness on the flood this time.  I decided to break in my new shoes and knew by 1.5 miles in that I was going to have problems.   2.7 was when I decided I wasn’t going to make it back to my car without becoming bloody.  I turned off my watch and took off my right shoe and sock.  I stretched and walked back to my car half barefoot.   Grrrr.

Tuesday- Rest Day

Wednesday- Rest Day  I wanted to run but was feeling funky and decided it wasn’t worth it just to make August’s mileage look a little better.

Thursday- 4 miles  Ouch, ouch.  My calves were so damn tight and my brain was on the fritz.  It was day 4 of the fan drama and I really wanted to just run out all the stress but it didn’t work.   My legs were sore and my calves would not loosen up.  I lost count of how many times I stopped to stretch it out.

Friday- Day from hell.   Work was so busy, the fans almost broke me and I didn’t get home until 8.    I started crying on the way home.  Why?!?!

Saturday- Rest  I had made plans to run with Heather and Ashley but on Friday I knew that wasn’t going to happen.  As much as I wanted to run with them, I was fried.  So instead I did something I rarely do- nothing.   I slept in (that part’s not rare😛) but did nothing.   I sat out on the deck for most of the afternoon and just chilled.  I caught on some reading- Runner’s World and I finished a book.  I also listened to some music.  Turns out my calming music is Lifehouse- ha!   That said, it was kind of nice.   And it was so needed after the week of noise.

Sunday- 11 miles.  Oof.   My plan for my long run this weekend was 12.  The fact that I made it to 11 is victory enough.   I dragged my feet getting out of bed but did make it out the door before 9.  I was achy and tired and it never went away.   I was done by mile 3 but I told myself it would get better.  Plus I was meeting my mom at the halfway point so she could walk and I had to keep running to get to the meet up point.   I was so slow, I was taking walking breaks right and left; my pace was all over the place.    I just kept slowing down, I decided I was done at 11.  11 brought me back to the car right as my mother was finishing her walk.  I took it as a sign that 11 was good enough.  😛   I was toast.

17.7 miles for the week.   Not great but not horrible.   At least I held steady from the previous week.     That’s a plus right?

Looking to this week, I would like to figure what is causing all the achiness.   However, I am not setting any definite plans as I know the fans are still running now.    Right now, my only hope is that they will go away on Tuesday.  Fingers crossed!!   The earlier the better.

How was your week?  Have a good Labor Day?

Ever had a pipe break? 

Thanks for sticking through another long post!