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22/ Six

Holy crap, week 6 is already gone????

Granted 2 of those were gone in a COVID blur but what about the rest of them? They say times flies when you get older but this is just silly.

Anyways, back to last week. Monday through Friday were mostly spent adjusting back to work and trying not to be so tired. The tiredness sneaks up and hits you when you are least expecting it. Or at least when I am least expecting it, ha!

I was more productive over the weekend though. I managed to get in miles on both Saturday and Sunday. Still walking and not running but that’s so much better than the previous weeks.

On Saturday, I headed for the river path as I am nowhere near ready for my driveway yet. Hell- I wasn’t in driveway shape before I got sick, it’s gonna be a minute or two before I get back to that. I aimed for a few easy miles. Mission accomplished but I did have to avail myself of a lovely bench seat along mile 2.

Sunday, I headed for the lake path. I haven’t been there in months. Figured the nice and flat dirt path would be nice. And it was a good choice. 3 laps for 3.5 miles. Hey, look, I even extended the distance!

6.5 miles for the week. Which let’s be real- not far off from where I was before I got sick.

I’d say how was your week but we’re actually 2 weeks on, so how have your weeks been?

22/ Positive

Otherwise known as weeks 3 and 4 of January.

2 years. I made it 2 years, customer facing 5 days a week with a crew of 10-12 people. 2 years and I went down on Friday, the 14th. I tested positive for COVID the next day.

The following 2 weeks are all kind of a blur. There was a lot of sleeping, a lot of chills, too many silly movies, a lot of apple juice, not enough food, and time spent alternating between my bed or a recliner. Mostly I just remember being exhausted. I got out of quarantine and tried going to the store for a few things since I hadn’t been anywhere in forever and needed things and one little trip knocked me on my ass for another 2 days.


I returned to work 2 weeks to the day. Going back on a Friday was odd but it did feel good to feel human again. I missed people. Didn’t miss the hundreds of emails I had to get through but that’s life.

I ventured out for a 3 mile walk over the weekend and while it was tiring, it also felt good. I seriously doubt my ability to run 2 half marathons in 5-6 weeks. I am not feeling ready to run yet, walk, maybe, run- not so much.

So, yeah, that was January.

22/ One

I am not sure if I am going fully back to weekly recaps but right now it gives me a direction.

Did the first week of January feel like a month to anyone else or was it just me? Someone mentioned something about New Year’s on Thursday and I was so confused. I almost asked why we were talking about a couple of months ago. Then my brain came back to reality and I remembered it was only the 6th. Oops.

I still haven’t figured out post work running- how was is easier when I was commuting an hour each way every day?? I did actually follow through on the weekend. Mostly, that is.

My training plan called for an easy 3 on Saturday. Miles completed but maybe much easier than originally planned. My stomach wasn’t loving what I had for lunch and the new crops that I had just bought were not a marvelous combination. Those 3 miles were 95% walked. So, a reminder to never eat Chipotle before a run and those crops are being shoved in the back of drawer. Maybe they will see another life if I ever cross-train.

Sunday had me in a mood. One of those moods where I wanted to do nothing and was overly emotionally tired like a toddler. It wasn’t long until I knew I was skipping my long run. Long, ha. It was week 2 of training, the long run was 4 miles. I felt less stressed once I made that choice and went about doing all the other things I needed to do. Coming home from Lowes late that afternoon while sipping on a Frappuccino, it occurred to me that a few miles might not be horrible. I changed super fast and was out the door as quick as I could. It was even more of a low key walk than the previous day but it was 3 miles more than I had thought I was going to get in that day. Gonna call it a win.

However, I know it’s not marvelous, which puts me doubtful that the race I am scheduled for in 3 days is a bad idea. Like, can’t walk the next day, bad idea. So, now to decide if I am smart or stupid.

2021… Meh

2021 was…. Yeah.

I don’t think anyone got what they were expecting this year nor the number of curve balls thrown.

So, 2021 in bullets

  • Started the year with big goals- 50k. 😂😂😂
  • Broke the big toe on left foot running trails in January. Devil shoes.
  • Learned that I did not know how to swallow and went to speech therapy for 14ish weeks to relearn.
  • Went to Yosemite for the first time, when can I go back???
  • It was determined I do not in fact, have asthma. Who knew? Granted Paradoxical vocal cord dys-yadda yadda is much harder to say. Again, a benefit of speech therapy.
  • Diagnosed with multiple melanomas. All removed with clean margins but those are some very scary words. Think I’ve have a biopsy or excision every couple of months this year. Boo. Wear your sunblock!
  • Drove to Idaho/ Washington for first road race since March 2020. Coeur d’Alene is gorgeous. I’m jealous of that running path. Not of Spokane though, ha!
  • Turned a milestone birthday and still not sure how I feel about it or what I have to show for that many years. 🤨
  • Ran another live race in Santa Rosa that felt surprisingly great until it didn’t.
  • Ran one of my favorite trail races again and still smiled even when I wanted to fall down and cry, I was so tired. I’ll be back.
  • I ran more trails in my area but still have so many more to run. 2 of those pics are above.
  • Work is good, stressful but good. Not gonna lie, being customer facing 2 years into a pandemic has shown me a new level of stress.
  • I had a couple more trips planned for the year but well, life.
  • Broke the 2 little toes on my right foot in the beginning of December. Oops. I live up to my nickname of destructo girl, I really do.
  • I ran way less miles in 2021 than planned but any miles are good miles, right?

So yeah, 2021 was yeah. I’m not holding 2022 to anything.


And I ran away again. Oops.

Maybe I should stop saying oops. Things have been a little off lately. Work always gets a crazy around the the holidays but I feel like it’s turned up a notch this year. Plus, the change in my meds may be throwing me for a loop. I mean I cried over a pizza last week. A pizza! Who does that? Also a couple of Christmas commercials have made me teary eyed. Commercials, not even cheesy Hallmark channel movies.

I have been running, barely, but have been attempting at least. Some roads, some trails. I got new shoes and have been trying to put some miles on them. Slow miles are still miles, right?

I’m on vacation this week. All of my plans fell through, Mother Nature had other ideas. I haven’t yet decided if that was a good thing to a bad thing. We shall see. I do have some backup options but sleeping in my own bed does sound the better idea so far.

I feel like there is so much more I want to type but I can’t get the thoughts right in my head yet. Or what’s in my head doesn’t seem the same once it’s on the page, err screen.

So hopefully, it won’t be as long until I update again.😂🤣