Rising Moon and a Windy Run

After Friday’s race I was pumped to keep running.    In fact I had hoped to run another 7 miles that day, before dinner and fireworks, to round out to 10 total.  I wanted this to be my last long run before my half in 3 days.   An unplanned 2 hour nap changed that, I didn’t even make it to the fireworks. 😦   While waiting for the awards to start after the race, there was very little shade and I think it affected me more than usual.  When Saturday rolled around; after getting in the shopping trip that was postponed last week, I just did not want to run.  Same for Sunday.  So, I didn’t.  I chose to treat the weekend as some needed rest.  I haven’t decided if that violates the whole #noexcuses thing or if a little rest is a good thing.  Instead of running, I read 4 books.  That counts for something right?

After that restful few days, I was ready to run on Monday.   Work wasn’t too busy, so I was able to get out of there fairly quickly.  I then headed back to home town to run the path I have been running lately.   My mom decided to join me, so I met up with her at the trail head.  I kind of like when she does that, it forces me to take the first mile a little slower, which is a good thing because I rarely ever warm up enough.  Especially on race days- bad runner! Slower is also better when it’s 90+ outside.  🙂7-7

When I broke away from her, I felt like I settled into a good pace. At least on the way up. Coming down, I was looking forward to thelittle bit of help that a downhill brings but then there was the wind. Every single time I run this newer path the wind is ridiculous coming back down. Last week it was so bad and so loud, I could barely hear the music coming from my headphones. It wasn’t as bad on Monday, but I felt like I was running through sludge. Once I made it off the hill and around the corner, it eased up a bit. And I was rushed by 2 dogs on the trail portion again. Seriously?! Why am I dog bait? Overall, though at the end, my pace was pretty good.

Hi moon!
Hi moon!

The gym didn’t work out tonight so I hit the lake path to get in some miles. My left foot was a little sore the first lap around, so I wasn’t sure how many I was going to finish.   I seem to have split personality feet. My right foot has a higher arch and loves heels but hates flats. My left foot has a lower arch, hates heels and loves flats.   How does that work out? I haven’t found an insert that would help my left foot yet. Those things are pricey!7-9

Luckily my foot loosened up around 2 miles in.   I finished a few more laps to hit 5 miles before turning of my Garmin. I then alternated walking withbutt kicks and high knees for the mile back to my car. I felt a little silly.    I was also staring at the serious lack of water in the lake.   I’m kind of afraid to ask where the geese went.

Where did all the water go?
Where did all the water go?

Tomorrow I want to get in a few quick miles before a rest day on Friday. Then Saturday is race day!! 13 miles on sand, I can do this right? There are 5 stretches of soft sand that have me concerned. One, it slows me down, two, it weighs me down. But I get to run it with NikeC, so I am sure that it will be a blast. Plus, I am kind of excited about running a race on my actual birthday.

How has your week gone so far? We’re more than halfway through!

Anyone use inserts? Either in running shoes or regular shoes?




18 Comments on “Rising Moon and a Windy Run

  1. Do you secretly run with bacon in your pocket for a snack? That would explain the dog bait question. Wait, I know…you use bacon deodorant so you can always have that wonderful smell. HAHAHA


  2. Ooh, good luck with the sand race! I’ve only run on sand (as an adult, anyway) once, both on wet/packed and dry, and my calves were KILLING me after only a few hundred yards. I hope it’s a fun race, and happy birthday! 🙂

    My PT gave me inserts after my last ankle injury but I haven’t tried them yet. I need to find a time when I can wear them for a few hours or less and then take them out, to sort of ease myself in. I’m too scared that just throwing them in my shoes and going will throw me off and get me injured again!


    • I’ve run a couple of 10ks on the beach and the killer was the soft sand. This will have the most so I am a little nervous.

      That is what I am worried about. I want inserts for my regular shoes but what if they do more harm than good?


  3. A birthday race?? That’s so fun! (Happy early birthday, BTW!) I personally really suck at running on sand so you are already awesome in my book if you can make that happen. I’ve never used orthotics, but I’m starting to think I need to. My feet are such a mess (well the right one in particular). Good luck this weekend!!


    • Thank you! Hard pack isn’t that bad, but the soft sand sucks- literally. I am wondering just how much is going to wind up in my shoes.
      Orthotics just seem like the way to go but I am not even sure where to start!


  4. Birthday races are the best! That’s how I celebrated mine this year anyway…:) If you find a good shoe insert, I would totally invest in it. Being comfortable in your shoes makes all the difference


    • Now if only birthdays could always fall on the weekend! I probably will start looking for some sort of arch support for my flats. All my heels are different shapes so that could get pricey!


  5. Happy belated birthday! I got to run a race on my birthday last year and then celebrated with mimosas and brunch. I can’t believe you chose to run a half on sand – as if 13.1 miles aren’t hard enough already!


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