Training Week 11 Recap

Upcoming Races– SLO Marathon 13.1

Focus– Breathing😛

Yeah so this was a lackluster week.   Lot’s of sleeping and eating and watching whatever was on my DVR.    Why does that always sound awesome until it’s actually happening?   Boo.  But here we go.

Monday- Rest  Called in sick

Tuesday- Rest  Made it to work, man that was exhausting.  I did participate in another Twitter chat though.

Wednesday- Rest The day the room spun. Work was tiring again.  But yay for cheat pizza night!!

Thursday- Rest  Sensing a pattern here?  This cold thing was really starting to piss me off.  Did it not know I had new shoes to test out?!

Friday- Rest  At least Friday’s are typical rest days.  And it poured all day!  I hydroplaned 3x on the way to work.   Now I know where random flooding spots are on the highway. 

not too sick to shop though

Saturday-Rest You could have guessed, right?    I slept some more and then went to dinner with the family.   I tried cauliflower for the first time, it’s kind of tasteless?  The tri-tip was amazing though.

Sunday- 4.5 miles  I ran!!!!!  Skipping my race meant that I could sleep a little more and not have to stress about waking up on time with the time change.   I won’t lie, that was nice.   I headed out late morning during a break in the rain to get in a few miles.   Even though it was wet and I knew I was going to be finishing on dirt path, I wore my new shoes.  What’s a little dirt?  I started out slow and then just tried to keep it steady.  I didn’t care about my pace, I just wanted to run.  It was pretty good!  I had to walk a few times but I expected that.  I was bundled up pretty well so I was overheating for a few miles but when the wind picked up and it started raining I was glad I had picked a thicker jacket.   4.5 miles put me back at my car and only 1/4 mile had been in the rain.    It was so good to just get out there.

So yeah, a 4 mile week.  Woo hoo!!!   But if I had to get sick, I guess I am thankful it was now.  Not right before SLO or summer long runs.  Granted there’s no guarantee I won’t get sick again just hoping based on previous years.   With Daylight Savings going into effect, I am looking forward to getting in longer runs after work now.  I love Daylight Savings.   I am hopeful to get in some solid miles this week.

Low carb–  Yeah, why can’t I be one of those people who doesn’t want to eat when they get sick?  I only seem to want the horrible things.    Seriously, on Monday I dragged my scary self to McDonald’s because all I could think about was fries and a Diet Coke.   My lunches were all on point but I indulged with a few too many cookies this week.   And jellybeans.   Grrr.    This is a new week right?

Oh and this officially happened this week-  

I may have lost my damn mind.  More on that insanity next post.

How was your weekend?

Anyone race?

Do you like Daylight Savings?


19 thoughts on “Training Week 11 Recap

  1. Boo for not feeling well! 😦 I hope you’re feeling better now, and that this week is happier and healthier! It’s great you were able to get out for a run at the end of it though 🙂 I had a low-mileage week too… two 1-mile treadmill runs and then a race yesterday, which went surprisingly well. Congrats on SF! I’m looking forward to reading about that 🙂


    1. I was actually oddly hyper today- so that’s a good thing right? Yay!!! Glad to hear your race went well!! How is the gait retraining going? I don’t think I’ve quite processed SF yet, even if it’s actually been planned since January- eek!

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      1. The gait retraining is going pretty well.. I actually managed to run the whole race “properly” (kind of, anyway) and it made me speedy, so that was cool! 😀

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  2. I’m so sorry you’ve been feeling so icky. I hope you feel better soon!! I tend to eat a lot when I’m sick too – it comforts me lol
    In other news, are you running a full?!?! Looking forward to hearing more about that soon 🙂


    1. Thank you, I’m feeling mostly better. Seriously, all I wanted to eat was junk food! If I have to crave food when sick, why can’t it be something like broccoli!? I am training for the full at SF. I still can’t quite believe I registered!

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  3. I am so glad you are feeling better! I wish I were one of those people who can’t eat when sick. People are always like “omg I lost like 5lbs last time I was sick” and I’m like “OMG I gained 5lbs being sick”. I eat my feelings.


    1. Right? I felt like I wanted everything bad last week. I have no idea how I drove past In n Out every evening without stopping. Fries and a burger sounded so good! I refused to get on the scale after last week, I knew I wouldn’t like the number!

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  4. Congrats on a full marathon!! I hear that’s a really good one!!! I LOVE (and terribly miss) Tri Tip and I love cauliflower because it doesn’t have much taste. I made a casserole out of it and i only used 1/2 cup of cheese for a huge 9 x 13 pan and it tasted like mac and cheese for a fraction of the calories. I use it for everything!!


    1. Thanks! I am still in denial about it! Oh, a non pasta Mac and cheese? That sounds awesome! I may have to try that sometime, I haven’t had mac and cheese in forever! Stupid low carb restrictions. 🙂


      1. Right? If I’m not totally trying to get rid of carbs I do half pasta and half cauliflower, you really can’t tell a difference and it allows you to eat one of the best comfort foods without feeling guilty!! lol

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  5. I get e-mails for that marathon and each time I want to register!! SO cool you’re doing it!!

    Bummer you’ve felt sick but hopefully the worst is in the past. I totally get wanting to eat though. i do when I’m sick. Oh wait, even when I’m not! 😛


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