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Week 16 Training Recap

Upcoming race– SLO Marathon 13.1

Focus– Keep on with the 4x a week.

16 weeks into the year already?  How did that happen?  I am not prepared for it to be halfway through April.  I feel like the past few weeks are nothing but a blur.  There has been running, eating, some mindless tv watching and some staring into space.  I haven’t been sleeping well, I think the bags under my eyes are permanent features now.   Enough whining, let’s get to the running!

Monday- Rest  Ha!  2 days post Firehouse and I was walking a little crooked.   I thought I was hiding it well but the first thing an employee said to me was “are you limping?’.  Just call me gimpy.   Getting up onto my chair and then down was definitely amusing.    But in shiny news- Meet Mel!   

  The week before was actually my 9 year anniversary at work and they (my boss) got me a new fish!

Tuesday- 3 miles  After work I headed to the lake path to take things nice and easy.   The first mile was rough but miles 2 and 3 felt pretty decent.   I kept it short on purpose and I wish that was all I had to say about Tuesday but it’s not.   Next post will cover the excitement though.

Wednesday- 4.59ish miles   I was running with NikeC and somehow I accidentally paused my Garmin .25 miles in.  I didn’t figure it out until we hit the turn around point 2ish miles later.  Waah!!!  No!    I may not be focusing on my pace these days (yet) but I am paying close attention to my mileage totals as I am trying to do this whole marathon training thing smartly.   Luckily, she has the Runkeeper app on her phone.   Other than the technical issue, it was a good run.  My calves were a little achy but I expected that going in.   I am really starting to like running with friends.

Thursday/ Friday- Rest  Both of these days are a huge blur truthfully.   I worked and ate cookies.  More on that below.

Saturday- 13 miles- 11:16 pace  Going into this weekend, I knew I was overly tired, stressed and emotional.   I had originally planned for a 14 mile long run and a 6 mile easy run.  By Friday evening, I had decided that anything I did was more than fine even if I chose to do nothing at all.   That said, I headed out to attempt a long run early Saturday morning.  8:30 is early to me.

I was a little stiff the first few miles but soon loosened up.  Per usual, crossing the bridge was my fastest mile-9:48.  Slightly slower though as I had to detour through the Albertson’s parking lot due to road construction.    Miles 6, 8 and 11 were real struggles.  My pace dropped into the high 11 minute range.    I wasn’t 100% present.   By mile 8, I had also confirmed that my Nike’s are not long run shoes.  11 miles in and I was adjusting my stride because it felt like my entire right arch was turning into one huge blister.   Part of me wanted to stop and check but I was also afraid to.  My stomach cramped really badly in mile 12 and I walked most of it.   I recovered for mile 13 but I was thankful I had called for a pick up.   13 was way farther than I thought I was going to get in.  And my arch?  Completely fine.   I don’t get it, I felt like my skin was on fire.


Better shoe choice
Sunday- 4.2 miles   This was intended to be a run/walk with my mom.   It was a very warm day and we headed out in the afternoon so I knew it was going to be slower.    And it really was- in fact I only ran about 1/4 of a mile.   My left knee felt off and my left groin? area felt tight.    I decided walking was just fine.  I was outside, my legs were moving and I could use it to help me get used to the warmer weather.

All in all, not a bad running week.    I actually got in more miles than I thought I would.   I am going to call that a win for the week.

Life-  Sometimes real life rears its head.  I admit that I don’t deal well when that happens.   My family has been dealing with some bad news, but part of that was waiting for the inevitable, final bad news.    The last few weeks have all blurred, I got all clenched up every time I saw my cell phone ring.   That call came Friday.  I’m still not processing well.  I don’t know when I will.

That’s not really how I wanted to end this post but I seem to have written my way into a corner.   At least for now.

How was your week?

Anyone race this weekend?

Tell me something shiny!!



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Training Week 11 Recap

Upcoming Races– SLO Marathon 13.1

Focus– Breathing😛

Yeah so this was a lackluster week.   Lot’s of sleeping and eating and watching whatever was on my DVR.    Why does that always sound awesome until it’s actually happening?   Boo.  But here we go.

Monday- Rest  Called in sick

Tuesday- Rest  Made it to work, man that was exhausting.  I did participate in another Twitter chat though.

Wednesday- Rest The day the room spun. Work was tiring again.  But yay for cheat pizza night!!

Thursday- Rest  Sensing a pattern here?  This cold thing was really starting to piss me off.  Did it not know I had new shoes to test out?!

Friday- Rest  At least Friday’s are typical rest days.  And it poured all day!  I hydroplaned 3x on the way to work.   Now I know where random flooding spots are on the highway. 

not too sick to shop though

Saturday-Rest You could have guessed, right?    I slept some more and then went to dinner with the family.   I tried cauliflower for the first time, it’s kind of tasteless?  The tri-tip was amazing though.

Sunday- 4.5 miles  I ran!!!!!  Skipping my race meant that I could sleep a little more and not have to stress about waking up on time with the time change.   I won’t lie, that was nice.   I headed out late morning during a break in the rain to get in a few miles.   Even though it was wet and I knew I was going to be finishing on dirt path, I wore my new shoes.  What’s a little dirt?  I started out slow and then just tried to keep it steady.  I didn’t care about my pace, I just wanted to run.  It was pretty good!  I had to walk a few times but I expected that.  I was bundled up pretty well so I was overheating for a few miles but when the wind picked up and it started raining I was glad I had picked a thicker jacket.   4.5 miles put me back at my car and only 1/4 mile had been in the rain.    It was so good to just get out there.

So yeah, a 4 mile week.  Woo hoo!!!   But if I had to get sick, I guess I am thankful it was now.  Not right before SLO or summer long runs.  Granted there’s no guarantee I won’t get sick again just hoping based on previous years.   With Daylight Savings going into effect, I am looking forward to getting in longer runs after work now.  I love Daylight Savings.   I am hopeful to get in some solid miles this week.

Low carb–  Yeah, why can’t I be one of those people who doesn’t want to eat when they get sick?  I only seem to want the horrible things.    Seriously, on Monday I dragged my scary self to McDonald’s because all I could think about was fries and a Diet Coke.   My lunches were all on point but I indulged with a few too many cookies this week.   And jellybeans.   Grrr.    This is a new week right?

Oh and this officially happened this week-  

I may have lost my damn mind.  More on that insanity next post.

How was your weekend?

Anyone race?

Do you like Daylight Savings?


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Week 16?- Blah

I really have to go back over these posts, I think I am a week off somewhere.  I shouldn’t be on week 16 until next Sunday.   Hmmm, maybe I can’t count?

If you read Thursday’s post, you know I got a little emotional last week.   I’m still feeling a out of sorts but I’m going to just keep smiling and fake it til I make it.  Thank you to everyone who commented.  🙂

Monday- Rest

Harvest Marathon meeting.  Where did the time go?  Race day is only a month away?  Well, crap that’s soon.   Unfortunately numbers are down.  I’ve noticed that at a lot of races this year.   I run a lot of the same races and they all seem smaller this year.  Has anyone else noticed that?

Tuesday- 3.8 miles

I really wasn’t feeling a run.  I couldn’t really pinpoint why so I made myself change into my running gear.  I headed to the river path for an easy run.    My mother texted me as I parked and I was hopeful she wanted to meet for dinner and I could ignore the run.  I was half right.  She did want to meet for dinner but was still at a tennis match.  So I went running.    Despite my weird funk it was a pretty solid run.   It started out slow with a nice progression to a faster finish.   I fit in 3.8 miles before I went to meet her. 

 Wednesday- 11.5 miles bike

Today was rough.   I think the bad news about the potential job was the final push and I got a little emotional.   At least I made the right choice that night and turned to exercise instead of food.  My legs felt a little rubbery when I was done with those miles.   😄

Thursday- 4.77 miles

Once again, I just wasn’t feeling my run.  The plan called for speed work but I was having troubles talking myself into even running 2 miles.  I headed back to the river path and just figured I would run whatever my head wanted to.  I kept it easy and tried to just shut my brain up.   I don’t know how well it worked but I feel like it was a solid set of miles.  While our temps have been very un-fall like- we have had some amazing sunsets.  It’s hard to be mad when you see this-

Friday- Rest

More like chaos.  Due to some scheduling issues and a late summer illness, there was only myself and 2 other people at work.    Being down 50% of your crew is painful.  I knew we could do it, but there were some logistical issues that had me concerned.    We did get a some help from other locations for portions of the day and thankfully it was a slightly slower than normal Friday.    We got through the day and I have never been so glad to close the doors.   😖 But hey a customer told me I had an amazing attitude so score!


Saturday- Rest

I planned to ride the bike but I was so damn tired I chose a nap instead.  Wish it could have been longer.   I also worked the registration table for my favorite race of the year.  HOB Fun Run!    This was the first race I’d ever run.  And it turns out it was 5 years ago Saturday and this showed up on my Timehop-
Sunday- 10K and 5K

I love this event but it does stress me out.  It’s a race where I am guaranteed to know a ton of people.  Performance anxiety!!!!  Plus the last two years we’ve had a running team with matching shirts.  You can’t hide when you’re wearing matching clothes.  😉  Race recap will be up Wednesday.


Oddly enough, for a week when running was the last thing I felt like doing, I turned in one of my highest mileage weeks in months.  Which is partially cool and partially sad because I would love to see a higher number.    But it is what it is.  Despite my funk, I feel like they were all solid miles and solid miles help build a stronger runner.   Right? Can’t complain about solid miles.

Paleo–  Oh hell, I don’t even want to grade myself.  Lunch and breakfast were still good but other choices were not.  Let’s just say donuts and pizza happened.  Way more often than they should have.   Oddly enough it was my nice healthy salads that made me feel sick.   I’ve been experimenting with various types of lettuce and some are not winners.    But now I know I can add kale to the list of things I can’t eat.     I’d never eaten it before so luckily it’s not something I’ll miss.

So yes, last week was rough but I am going to try to look on the bright side.   I got all my miles in plus a solid cross training workout.   I had a fun (busy) weekend and got to see a bunch of people.    Oh and I dyed my hair again.  😏   My boss is back this week- woo hoo!- and I am looking forward to a weekend of nothing.   And then taper!  Or am I in taper now?  How did I mess up my damn race plan so much?

How was your weekend?

What’s your favorite race? 

Is taper the week before race week of the week of the race for a half?  My brain has turned off.

Eat!, Run!

Sadness and Cookies

Thank goodness it’s almost Wednesday.

Monday started on a sour note, coming in to work we learned that our fish- Mo Betta- had joined the great guppy in sky.   He had been sick for a few weeks and we tried so many things but in the end nothing worked.   I admit I refused to even look in the fish bowl (punch bowl) I let the others deal with that.    We were all in a little funk after that.  Have I mentioned the awesome customers?  One felt bad for us and showed up a few hours later with a gift.  Say hello to this little guy-

Photo by Tee
Photo by Tee

Confusion abounded while we tried to figure out what to do with him.  A coworker refused to use the “death bowl” again and all we had were vases.  Luckily that same coworker had a large glass jar thing.  So that is currently his home, his name is also a work in progress.    Wish us luck that he stays feisty. 

It’s also that lovely time of year that tempts all healthy eating plans.    Yup, these were delivered yesterday as well-

So amazingly yummy
So amazingly yummy

Girl Scout cookies!!!  So much for no gluten.   Not that I am allergic to gluten but it seems to be the easier way to manage this Low-FODMAP thing my doctor has me on since December.  At least 85% of the time, I told him I’m not giving up pizza or a hamburger once a week 🙂  He rolled his eyes.  And continuing on the healthy kick, I put spinach and kale in my smoothie tonight. Spinach!!! I hate spinach, have ever since I was a kid, can’t even stand the smell of it.   I managed to drink the whole thing so woo hoo!  🙂

Little green specks!
Little green specks!

Today was rough for some reason.  I was dragging all morning.   I took yesterday as a rest day since I was still a little sore from Sunday’s run.  So I wasn’t tired from a hard workout.    Work turned a little crazy by the end of the day, too.  I originally had plans to go to the movies tonight with a friend but that fell through.  So I headed to the gym after work.

I told myself I would do an easy 4 miles to wake myself up and get me going for the rest of the week.   Once I got going, I felt pretty good.  I have been foam rolling often and I found a new (to me) yoga/stretching routine that seems to helping to.  Things never really hurt, just sometimes I feel a lingering soreness.   My easy 4 turned into an easy 5 for the night.  5 miles- 50:53.   Oddly enough there was a guy running on a treadmill near me who would throw boxing jabs while running.    That was interesting.   🙂   I made sure to foam roll tonight as well, plus my newest torture device-

hurts so good
hurts so good

In other news, Run or Dye is coming to town in May.  I am on the fence about how I feel about these runs.  Having never done one, I can only speculate.   I am already stressing over the logistics of not staining my car seats or my shoes.   But I have always promised C that we would run a race in tutu’s and this seems like the perfect opportunity.    We actually have quite the team growing, C’s husband and NikeC and ME and more, so it should be a fun day.   And colorful.

How is everyone’s week so far?

Any thoughts on color runs?

Any helpful betta fish hints?

chill out, Eat!, Run!, Slacker

Watery Eyes

Thursday was supposed to be a rest/ cross training day but since I knew the likelihood of me running today was pretty nil, I optimistically packed my running gear.   It was a pretty good day at work.  We were fully staffed, and even with the hectic-ness of month end, new month, year end and new year all at once, it was still good.   I was looking forward to a good run after work.  I wasn’t too eager to find out just how many people were working on their New Year’s resolutions but oh well.   It wasn’t until 4:45 that things went screwy.

I lost my mojo (if I ever had any to begin with).    I had absolutely no desire to go for a run or deal with the after work New Year crowd.   Even my drive home sounded horrible.  It wasn’t except for the random tears that started on the way.  For no flippin’ reason!!!!  Seriously nothing was wrong but I was crying.

Yup, that's about right
Yup, that’s about right

Today was my late day, so driving home last night in between sniffs, I thought about the logistics of a morning run.  I even laid out clothes before sleeping last night.  Then I went to sleep in the hopes that I would wake up in a better mood.   When my alarm went off, I rolled over and pulled back the curtain, still dark.  I hit snooze.   Second alarm went off, more dark, another snooze.   This continued for all 5 alarms.  I then had to drag myself out of bed for work.  The funk was still around.

I treated myself to a peppermint mocha along the commute hoping that it would help.  Not so much, I almost cried twice at work before 11:00.   What the hell.   I really don’t understand it.  By the time I got off work, all I wanted to do was eat a large pizza, but I didn’t.  Mostly because I didn’t want to pay for it, so I can’t even call it a will power win.

Tomorrow's question
Tomorrow’s question

8 miles are on the calendar for tomorrow but I missed a 4 mile training run.   So here’s to hoping for a good run of some sort tomorrow and a better mood.  Or at least one that makes sense.

Anyone else ever randomly cry for no reason?

I see everyone is doing great with their goals so far!!   Such a great thing to read!

Any races this weekend?