Smart Sucks Sometimes

And the streak comes to an end.    Waah. 😭😭

I called in sick on Monday.  I don’t really remember doing it.   When I woke at 1- 1 PM!- I panicked.  I was late!    Oh, wait, my phone shows that I both texted and called my boss.  Oh ok, then.  But really?!  I called in sick?!   To emphasize how rare that is- my boss told me she was proud of me for calling in sick.  Proud.  And I’m sad I’m no longer in the 200’s for accrued sick time.

Wednesday, I woke to find the room spinning.  Boo.  I still sound like an angry Minnie Mouse.  I’ve made it to work since Tuesday but it’s been rough.   Talking tires me out.  And when I momentarily forget and try to sing along with my iPod while driving, it comes out more of a wheezy screech.

Combine all of that with a projected storm on race morning and even I can see the writing on the wall.  I will not be running Wine Country this weekend.  My streak stops at 5 years.  My wine glass collection stalls at 4.   This year’s medal will probably be awesome.   I briefly considered trying to run the 5K instead but I’m not up for that kind of pain right now.😁


2015- closest to my PR in years
I have run this race post flu before.  In the rain.  It was my second half marathon.  It was miserable, it made me want to quit running.  I burst into tears around mile 10 and scared the crap out of a volunteer.     But watching them pick up the mile markers while you are still on the course is pretty demoralizing.  It still stands as my slowest half ever.    It was also my first experience with an out and back.  So not a fan.   Thankfully, they changed the course the following year.   Granted the new course included a beast of a hill at mile 12 but that’s ok.  I mean beast- it climbs around 130 feet in less than 2/10 of a mile.  The race itself has around 1000ft gain in elevation throughout.    Ok, I’m making myself sad now.

So, here I am being smart.  Smart sucks.  This cold sucks.  Boo.

Do you run the same race every year?  Longest streak?

Should I be stupid?

How has your week gone?



33 Comments on “Smart Sucks Sometimes

  1. Sorry you’re feeling lousy – sometimes you really do need to take the time to recover.

    As for the race – you SHOULD be smart. What would I do … hmmm … would like to think I would be smart, but not sure. 🙂


    • It seems like it came out of nowhere, usually I feel a cold coming on. I’m still exhausted today. Grrr.
      Exactly- should be smart. Why is it so hard to do the smart thing sometimes!?

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  2. 200s! In the 200s for accrued sick time! I am assuming you mean 200 hours but DAMN. I get 10 sick days per year with my job (teacher) and they can carry over. There are some people who have like 100+ days accrued. I’m lucky if I carry over 4-5 each year, haha. I am always like “”ooo I need to take a day off”. I’m such a baby.

    Hmmm. I would also like to say I would be smart, but most likely I would not make a decision until the night before the race. Hydrate like CRAYYYYY and see how you feel. But ultimately, do what’s best for your body!!!


    • Oops, that should have said hours! 100 days?! I don’t know if I’m impressed or scared by that? Either they are slightly bionic or have been working forever. 🙂 We can only accrue up to 320 hours and then it’s use it or lose it.
      I have larger plans than normal for the summer so I am erring on the side of caution right now. I really want to run it but I don’t want to miss a ton (more) training due to being sick. It’s so hard!

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      • Teachers are crayyyyy in my school – they used to get paid when they retired for unused sick days. Plus, we get summers off so technically, they just have to make it 180 days without using days. But that getting paid for sick days will be a thing of the past (going away with our new contract) so what’s the point of saving them now?!


  3. Boooo, this stinks! I’m sorry you have to discontinue your streak, but I admire you for being smart and putting your health first. I hope you get better soon!


  4. Oh, dude. I’m sorry you’re feeling so crappy! And I’m sorry it looks like your streak is ending 😦 Smart does suck, but it’s for the best in cases like this. As much as I love me some race bling, I know I would be utterly miserable if I ran a race feeling the way you described, and with my luck I’d be regretting it hardcore afterwards. Think of it as a hiccup in your streak – you’ll be back out there next year! 🙂 Feel better!!


    • I think the fact that I’ve run this race sick before is part of what is making me be smart. I’m afraid a miserable experience would color my view of it. I know it would be all my fault but why take the chance? It’s one of my favorites, I’d like to keep it that way. 🙂


  5. Boohoo!! Dang I’d love to run out in wine country. I have signed up for a wine run in April and I’m so excited for it!! Lucky you, you live near some of the best wines in the nation!!

    Feel better!


    • Part of the race swag is a free tasting pass to about 30 wineries. I admit I am not the biggest fan of wine- I know!- so I usually give it to someone after the race. But did I mention that the male and female winners win their weight in wine?

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  6. I hope you feel better soon, but being smart will aid in your recovery.

    There are a few race that seem to be a yearly staple for me – Louisiana Marathon, Pensacola Double Bridge Run and Pensacola Half Marathon.


    • Thank you, I am hopeful that the rest will help.

      I like running the same races every year sometimes. Both for the nostalgia and as a way to measure improvement. Plus it’s kind of nice knowing exactly what is around the next corner. 🙂

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  7. Aww bummer :-(. I have to end a streak this year too. I wanted to go back every year and run the race that was my first half marathon two years ago, but I can’t this year because it’s the week after my marathon and there’s no way I’ll be up for that long of a run. I could do the 5K (really slow), but that doesn’t seem worth the registration fee or the hour drive. I may still volunteer, but, it’s not really the same.


    • That’s exactly it- it’s the first half I ever ran and I’ve gone back every year since. I thought about volunteering but unfortunately standing outside in the rain for hours probably isn’t the best idea. An hour drive for a 5K does seem kind of long. It’s longer than the time you would be running!


  8. So sorry you’re still sick! Sounds wise though not to race. I’ve done races year after year before but now I think I’m switching to one and done for a lot of them. As the sport increases even more, we have so many options!


    • I like new races for new adventures and sights for sure. I love the nostalgia of certain races. Plus seeing how you improve on the course over the years is kind of fun. 🙂


  9. Being smart is a good thing even when it is a hard choice to make. I had to do that a couple of weeks ago for a race I was going to do. It ended up paying off for me so I am glad I didn’t run. If you feel up for it could you volunteer for the race?
    I have done the same island series races for the last 5 years. I enjoy all the people I get to reconnect with.
    Hope you feel better soon.


    • Too bad the smart choice isn’t always the easy choice, right? I am glad your choice worked out for you. I considered volunteering but it is supposed to raining like crazy and cold, I don’t think that would help me get better either. Grrr, stupid sickness.
      Thank you!


      • Yes, the right choice is a hard one.
        Smart move then not volunteering in the cold and wet. That doesn’t sound fun.
        Take care.

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  10. I am sorry that you aren’t feeling well, and hope you get better soon! I think it’s a good idea to skip the race and focus on your health. There will be other races! Good luck and hope you have a good weekend girl!


    • That’s what I keep telling myself when I get down about missing the race- there are other ones out there. Maybe one I haven’t done before. 🙂 Thank you! Have a great weekend!


  11. Oh i hear you on this! I’m currently taking a rest week- COMPLETE REST- cos I have a dumb injury. I hate doing the right thing sometimes. Also, I’m glad I’m not the only one who hates out and back courses. I mean they’re just so awful. The last race I did was an out and back, and was a 100% straight line which just made it seem endless!

    Hope you feel better soon hun! xx


    • Sorry to hear you are injured! I hope it heals quickly.
      I can tolerate short out and backs, not a fan but they are doable. An entire half was unbearable. I think I took 3 months off after that first out and back race!

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