The SF Marathon Training Week 13

13 weeks in and the title got a little shorter.  πŸ˜›

After my last post, this recap may be a little boring.  But I was so excited about my 20 miler that I just had to share it.   Thanks for all your thoughts!   So let’s see how the rest of week 13 went.

Monday- 4 miles.   Home town was a comfortable 106 so I sucked it up and ran in work town.  I love the views there but feel so awkward.  I don’t know why I am so concerned for customers to see me.  I kept the pace nice and easy but it took me 3 miles to warm up.  My last mile felt the best which was funny as it was all uphill.

Tuesday- Rest.  I’m somewhat sticking to a day on followed by a day off running plan as it seems to keep my shins less aggravated.   Plus a rest day meant that I could participate in BibChat- my first as a BibRave Pro!  πŸ˜ƒ πŸ˜ƒ   I’m looking forward to learning more and participating with BibRave.

Wednesday- 4 miles.  I’m sensing a pattern here.   I got off work early since I had to work Saturday.  Home town was still an oven so I headed to a new path in work town.  It kind of rocked.  I still felt super uncomfortable but I am going to work on pushing those limits.

Thursday-Rest.   I actually wanted to try a few miles to break in my new shoes but it didn’t happen.   I had an eye appointment at the end of the day and the dilation messes with my eyes.  I already have issues with too much brightness, even sunglasses weren’t enough protection post appointment.  I stayed in a dark room until they calmed down.  It wasn’t entirely a waste though.  I spent some time working on the blog.  The SLO milestone was still there- oops.  And now I have a discount page!

Friday-  Rest day.   I worked the late shift so I tried to sleep a little later in preparation for the weekend’s plans.   Wishful thinking, right?

Saturday- Rest.  Again, seriously?  This was intentional.  I knew I was planning a huge (for me) long run on Sunday so I was hoping to rest my legs.  I worked in the morning but things went well so we were able to get out on time.   I ran a few errands, rested the remainder of the day and hydrated like it was my job.    I also probably ate all the wrong things, oops.

Sunday- 20 miles.  Hell yeah!!  I am still riding high on this one.  I actually did it, woo hoo!  You can read all about that here.

28 miles for the week.   Could have been better but could have been worse too.   This week’s focus was on the long run and I would say mission accomplished.   Now if I could just stop talking about it.  πŸ˜›   Sorry!

Food wise, things have been a little rough.   I would say I am around 40/60 right now.  My nighttime snacking has gotten a little out of control.  Oops.  I really need to get a handle on that.   I say as I eat a cinnamon bear…or 3.

How’s your weather?

What candy is your weakness? 


9 thoughts on “The SF Marathon Training Week 13

  1. Great week! When is this marathon? I feel like it’s coming up soon now. I hope you gained so much confidence in yourself from that 20-miler. You’ve got this!


  2. Oof, I’ve been wilting in the heat here but it’s only been in the upper 80s lately (but with humidity). I can’t imagine 106, let alone running in it!! I’d totally be risking customers seeing me if it meant not having to run in an oven. Anyway, nice week, and congrats again on the 20miler! and on becoming a BibRave Pro!


    1. Humidity makes the 80’s unbearable! Yeah, I really need to work on my insecurities- I made the wrong choice this week and ran in temps in the 90’s instead of the 60’s. Oops.
      Thank you!!


  3. Hey 20 miles is a huge accomplishment, when I knocked mine out I was telling everyone who would listen lol.

    Weather is just flat out HOT!! 90’s is a cool down and 120’s is just scorching lol.


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