Recovery Week/ Goodbye July

Is that what you call it?

This week was odd.   It was the first week since February that I didn’t have the marathon looming in the back of my mind.    It was partially relaxing and partially nerve inducing.   You know that feeling when you feel like you are forgetting something?  That’s kind of how I felt all week.

There are so many theories online about marathon recovery, it’s easy to get lost.  Plus, I had no idea how I was going to be feeling post race- would I even want to run after that?

Monday- Rest  I had a few vacation days, so I turned off all alarms and just slept in.  It was kind of awesome.  Even better was that I had actually unpacked, put everything away and done laundry Sunday evening after getting home from San Francisco.   I must be crazy.   While relaxing, I finished up Lost.  Still not sure about it.    My legs felt pretty good.  The only time I felt sore was when I moved from a sitting to a standing position.

Tuesday- Rest  Another vacation day.    I actually thought about running.  I didn’t do it but I thought about running.    Pretty much all my soreness was gone.  That’s not normal right?  I kept waiting for other shoe to drop so to speak.

Wednesday- Rest Back to work, boo.   I took my running gear to work with me but that’s as far as it got.    I once again was easy prey to my family and numerous emoji’s of pizza being texted.  😛

Thursday- 3.1 miles  I ran!!!!  It was slow, like epic-ally slow, but I ran!!!   I also walked a lot of that but whatever- I was moving forward!   My calves were a little tight and my right hip was yelling at me.  Not yelling at me in a painful way, more of “girl, you’ve lost your mind but I’ll try to get on board” way.    I felt like I had a crazy grin on my face the whole run.   I could have done with less smoke in the air but it was great to be out there.   I made sure to foam roll well that night and slept in compression socks.

Friday- Rest  Well, hell.  I woke up with a charlie horse around 3am.  Grrr.  I rolled with the stick before going to work.    But the day turned around with an email- race pictures!!!!

Saturday- Rest  I had to work so I headed that way in the morning.  Talk about smokey!  I work in a town much closer to Big Sur on Saturday’s and the smoke in the air from the fire was intense.    I then headed home with the intention of doing a bunch of chores and errands but really only accomplished getting my tires rotated and doing laundry.

Sunday- 4 miles  I had my company bbq at the beach in the morning.  I am so awkward at these things.  I stayed the minimum amount of required time before heading home.  To where it was nearly 100.  Fun.   I headed out for a slow run in the evening but let’s be real, it was a walk.    Still moving forward right?

So, 7 miles is totally recovery right?    I am hoping to add another day and more miles in this week.    I have another post in the works about some new post marathon plans.   Stay tuned.

Oh and I never did a Goodbye July post- my third hundred mile month!

How was your week?

How do you recover post race?

Do you go to your company picnics?

13 thoughts on “Recovery Week/ Goodbye July

  1. First, that is a fantastic race pic!! Kudos for being so photogenic in the middle of a marathon! Next, 7 miles is totally recovery. You ran/moved more than I expect I would after running that far! I feel like any movement, walking/running/whatever, is good. We don’t have company picnics but I can almost guarantee I’d be super awkward at them if we did have them! My department goes bowling once a year and gets pizza, which isn’t *too* bad. I still manage to be awkward though 🙂


    1. Surprisingly, that’s near the finish line! Who knew I would be smiling after 26 miles? I never saw the camera person so that picture surprised me. I’ve worked for the same company for 9+ years but we are spread over 2 counties so I feel like it is nothing but a giant group of strangers. Bowling sounds awesome though. I wish we could do that!


  2. Wow solid race photo, I never look that strong in mine lol.

    That recovery week looks about right after the marathon. I wish I had taken days off after my two, I needed them just to get over my deoression…yikes!


  3. Awesome race picture! Bet you were so chuffed to see that? A HUGE congrats on doing the marathon! Did you enjoy it? Great effort on the miles racked up too 🙂 Hope you enjoyed your chill time!


      1. Amazing job, well done you! Haha were there? Well you chose a good one for the blog. That’s always the way isn’t it? Sometimes you look at the photos and are like ‘What was I doing?!’


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