Last Marathon Thoughts & Moving On

Did I really run a marathon 2 weeks ago?!  It’s been over a week and I am still not sure how I pulled it off.  How did I go from the year of no goals to running a marathon?

I mean, there is a reason I call this blog “Slacker Runner”.  I am lazy.   Sleeping in on weekends and sitting in my comfy chair binge watching Netflix are kind of my things.   I’m good at those things.  But training for a marathon? Running that marathon?  And not hating life during it?  That’s not me.

And yet I did it. Training didn’t go like planned but I did ok.   Panic attacks leading up to race day were rampant… so was the doubt.  Yet, somehow it all went away race morning.    I realize that I got really lucky.  Incredibly lucky- 26 miles of hills and fog, under fueled by most people’s standards but never hit a wall.  I also somehow managed to avoid chafing.

I was so afraid the marathon was going to break me.  I feared that I would cross the finish line ( if I made it that far) and hate running.   I felt that way after my first half- I took 3- 4 months off of running.  Well, I raced ran a 10K after and it just made things worse.  But that’s another story.

Instead I went a little crazy the other way.  Last week, I was like “run all the races!!!!!”.    This week, I’ve calmed down a little.  😛   But that doesn’t change what I did.   Yeah… I have 3 half marathons in a 5 week time frame starting in October.   Oops.   I really should look at a calendar more often.     There should be an app that inputs all your races into a calendar that will pop up with flashing lights shouting “slow your roll”.     But it is what it is.

My hope is for 2 of the races to be run for fun and one to be a challenge.   I think it’s time to push myself a little.   Maybe to see what happens?  I also really need to get back on track with healthier eating habits. While I made it through marathon training without gaining any weight, I sure didn’t lose any.   I rationalized a few too many indulgences.   There’s only so many times you can tell yourself that life is short, eat the pizza.   😛❤🍕

I am still sussing out how I am going to train over the next couple of months but I am looking forward to it.   And I’ll leave you with a funny-

Walk break or picture break?

Happy Friday!!!

Have any plans?

Did I go a little crazy or am I still normal?

20 thoughts on “Last Marathon Thoughts & Moving On

  1. The girl behind you looks miserable! I love your shorts!
    A lot of women gain weight during marathon training. It isn’t unusual. I don’t gain weight during training but I sure don’t lose any due to increased appetite. Sure I could eat better at times but when you are in training having some treats isn’t a bad thing. 🙂


    1. She really does! I almost didn’t share it because of that but I thought it was funny that the photographer caught me taking a picture. 🙂 I rationalized so many treats due to marathon training, so many. It’s harder cutting back than I thought it would be.

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  2. Well, to be fair, you really shouldn’t be losing weight during marathon training – if you are, it probably means you are undernourished. I think the bigger challenge during training isn’t how much you eat, it’s eating the right things. You need to eat healthier, of course, but it’s also very important to get all the carbs, proteins, and healthy fats to fuel your body properly. Athletes need more food than sedentary people, that’s just science! 🙂 Also, FWIW, I read somewhere that runners tend to retain more water weight during the hotter months due to increased sweat production. We are in the thick of that right now!


    1. I retain so much water on a daily basis as it is, but if I can look forward to cooler weather I will gladly do that! I admit that my new ish dietary restrictions are making things a lot harder than I thought they would. I am still trying to figure things out.


  3. Oh, and what Hanna said!! So important to keep your body properly nourished..and yes you will gain if you overestimate what you are burning vs what you’re eating…so keep a watch on it and you will be good.


  4. Oh my gosh, that girl behind you in the photo looks like she’s absolutely HATING life and regretting ever signing up for a marathon, haha!


  5. I second what most people are saying- it’s normal to gain weight during marathon training. If you’re in a deficit, that’s just gonna lead to horrific recovery times – speaking from experience!


      1. That sucks, but it’s totally normal and part of recovery- a little weight gain and a suppressed immune system is just what happens! For instance I got legit hypothermia after my race and couldn’t regulate my body temperature for at least a week!


  6. Congrats on the finish. You know when you’re truly addicted when you say “never again” at the finish and 5 minutes later…”when’s the next one?”


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