Week 40 Training Recap/ September Wrap

3/4 of the year is done!  Woah.  Already my Facebook feed is full of countdowns to Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Knock it off people!!

Anyways, last week’s training started out great, maintained for most of the week then hit a big roadblock by the weekend.  One I am still trying to figure out.  Combine that with a truly craptacular week in sleeping and this one was a little rough.   Seriously, each night averaged around 6 hours.  😕

Monday- Rest– I somehow got used to running on Monday’s and now resting on those days feels odd.  However I was so abnormally sore to the point of painful after Sunday’s races that I embraced it.  Plus the temps were in the triple digits everywhere so why put myself through that?

Tuesday- 4.2 miles–  I was still sore so I opted for the lower end of what coach suggested.    I kept the pace nice and easy and walked whenever my leg felt odd.   To avoid most of the heat, I ran in work town.   I really wish there was more trail through the eucalyptus grove.  That said, it was a decent run and I managed to negative split, which considering it’s an out and back with the first 2 miles down hill is pretty sweet.

Wednesday- 3.75 milesFloat like a butterfly, pant like a dog.   Speed work!

Thursday- 3.5 miles.  Recovery run.  In retrospect, maybe I should have just gotten on the bike and moved my legs that way.  I was really trying to stick to the plan though.    I crawled.  My legs were not happy even attempting to run.  I iced and rolled and stretched that night but I had a feeling it wasn’t enough.

Friday- Rest- Ouch.  My left leg was pissed.  I felt twinges anytime I moved.  Which  brought me to a very cranky conclusion-

Saturday- 5K race– Yeah, nope.   I had planned on running the inaugural Run the Runways out at the airport but I realized there was no way my leg was up to it.    I knew I would get out there and likely do something stupid.   I did 15 minutes on the bike though.  Work is attempting the Tone It Up challenge for October, I looked at the daily exercises but they all required more leg work then I was willing to do, so fail day 1.😢

Sunday-9-10 mile long run– 30 minutes bike  Another one bites the dust.  I woke up with a headache, tried getting up to run but no.   Figured I would go out for a few in the afternoon and slept some more.   Afternoon rolled around and my leg was not happy.  I was trying to determine if it really hurt or if I was trying to be lazy and not feel guilty about it.   I hopped on the bike for a very slow ride for 30 minutes.  Judging but how my leg felt while riding, I made the right choice not running.  Boo.

So now, I am in limbo.  I have a half marathon on Sunday and I am hesitant about it.  Plus side is that I haven’t registered for it yet.  Downside- it’s one of my favorites.   So this coming week will be interesting.

Since last week saw the end of September, I added up my mileage- 75.85.  Not too bad.  Not where I had hoped I would be but it is what it is and now it is time to focus on October.   Which hopefully means that the high 90’s and triple digit weather is gone.  Fingers crossed! 

How was your week?  September?

Any plans for October?



11 thoughts on “ Week 40 Training Recap/ September Wrap

  1. Way to listen to your body. What’s the saying, 75% of training is making it to the start line healthy. Maybe the percentage is off lol.

    Sept was awesome, I need to do a recap. October should be a lot of the same but equally awesome. We have running weather here in az and I’m sooooo looking forward to it.


    1. I’m trying to listen at least, I am still a little stumped about how to go about this weekend’s race.
      Glad to hear your September was great! I wish our weather would just level out a bit- 100 to 60 to 90 to 40 is giving me whiplash. 🙂


  2. Awesome week!! and you always have such gorgeous photos! Mondays are a rest day for me, too (I do long runs on Sunday) and it does feel weird, especially with everyone having the “never miss a Monday” mentality – which I totally understand but it just feels odd. Recovery is a (huge) part of training though and it’s just how our schedules work! I had a great but weird week, recovery week so less running. October goal is to get READY for my full marathon at the beginning of Nov! Keep up the great work!!


  3. Eh, a Halloween countdown is perfectly acceptable at this time of year, but the Christmas stuff is ridic. Then again there are people who start counting down to Christmas in like June, so this almost seems mild in comparison. And I’m surprised anyone bothers to count down to Thanksgiving – usually most people just treat it as Christmas Jr.

    Monday is my rest day too. It’s been my rest day in every training cycle for the past two years so I’m just used to it now. I really like it that way, actually – it makes going into the week easier knowing I get to start off with a relaxing day, and I like to be able to rest after a long week culminating in a heavy running weekend.


    1. I can handle the Halloween countdown but the others need to slow down! We did put up the Halloween decorations at work today so I am feeling a little more festive.

      I used to hate running on Mondays but I’ve really started to like it. That may change when it’s full dark outside and I have to go to the gym for the treadmill though. It’s so crowded.


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