Big Sur Marathon Training-Week 4

I designed my plan with flexibility.   I know I like to be able to move my days around depending on how work goes or if my stomach is being a complete asshat.

That said, I didn’t plan on basically chucking the plan out the window in week 4.  I am so behind on miles.  Don’t freak out, don’t freak out.

I mentioned last week that I ended week 3 feeling broken thanks to a crappy treadmill and some shoe issues.  People, getting out bed on Monday hurt.  Walking around work hurt.  What the hell????? Don’t freak out, don’t freak out.

The plan-haha

week 4


Monday- Rest Haha, I worked and I rested.  I tried not to make any sudden movements and just get through the day.  I had to put the thought of my pretty new shoes out my head.

Tuesday- PT Otherwise, more of the same.

Wednesday- 4 miles on the bike  My lump on a log- ness was getting to me so I went for a very short ride on the bike just to test the legs out.    I followed up with half of my PT exercises.

Thursday- 2 miles I’m feeling very anti treadmill right now but wanted to test the leg considering I had a race on Saturday.  Oh crap.   While I wish I hadn’t been running on super uneven sidewalks, the miles were ok.  I always think I run differently at night due to the limited light.  I  love my Knuckle Lights but I still feel like I run a little off.  That could also be that I don’t run enough in the dark to get used to it though.

Friday- Rest For doing next to nothing all week, I was super tired.  That stupid cold/flu better not have caught up to me.  I worked the early shift at work and headed home to try and get some sleep before the early morning of race day errr, well supported long run. 😋

Saturday- Mission 10 miler– race recap to come.

Sunday- 3.1 miles I finally put some miles in the Altra’s.   I took it super easy as it was my first time in zero drop shoes but I surprisingly it took over 2 miles for me to feel any calf/achilles tightness.  Mini spoiler- that happened within 1/4 mile the day before during the race.  I also took it easy because I still wasn’t feeling well- another mini spoiler?  All in all this was decent recovery run.

15.4 miles for the week.  So basically, I ran a long run and skipped everything else.  Only 9 miles short.  Don’t freak out.

How was your week?<


6 thoughts on “Big Sur Marathon Training-Week 4

  1. Zero drop shoe? For road running? I’m trying to ask in a very low pitched town to belie my disbelief and help you keep the mantra of don’t freak out.
    I mean for real, don’t freak out. But how were they? how’s the leg? Are you really don’t San Diego? Do I need to start training and come run it with you? Isn’t Big Sir the one with a strict time limit? How’s the new bed? I’m starting to worry about you!
    Don’t freak out! You got this!


    1. Yes, zero drop. Sunday’s run was ok but my quad’s were super sore on Monday. That could be due to my lack of stretching post race because of my GI issues though. My leg is still sore but I’ve been sick so it’s an excuse to rest, hoping to run tomorrow.
      Yes, I am running San Diego in June, I really liked it last year so I am looking forward to going back!
      BIg Sur has a strict cutoff- they will sweep you at the 21 mile mark if you can’t maintain.
      I like my bed! So there’s a good thing!!!


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