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Big Sur Marathon Training-Week 11

Never mind, can I have week 10 back?

Who knew that it would look good by comparison.  😛

This week was a step back week but I had a specific way it was going to go down.  Run Monday and Wednesday after work, 8 miles on Friday since I had the day off due to a tennis thing and then a local half marathon on Sunday.

I hit a minor stumbling block on Monday but wasn’t worried as I still had the rest of the week to catch up.   The tennis trip was canceled due to rain so I debated canceling my vacation day too but decided to keep it after Wednesday night into Thursday morning turned into pure misery.  My stomach hurt so bad, I just wanted to cry.  Thursday morning saw me sitting on the floor by my closet talking myself into getting dressed and forcing myself to go to work.   Things didn’t get much better from there.

Monday- Rest Planned on running but a sudden trip to another work location at the end of the day put a pin in those plans.   Actually I would be at this location for the next 2 days.

Tuesday- Rest Pouring rain and working in the other location kept me from running.  The drive to work was sketchy enough, I wanted to get home and off the road as soon as possible.

Wednesday- 3.30 miles Once again at the other location which meant the only running option was changing ad heading back to home town.  I hit up the river path and hoped to break in my new Altra’s.   While I had no real break in period for the Torin’s, that is not going to be true for these Intuition’s.   My calves and achilles were super tight so I kept stopping to stretch them out.  Which gave me more time to enjoy the sunset.  😊  I also made my last mile a bit speedier than my past few runs.  I think I’ve made the run/ walk intervals a crutch.  They were only supposed to be for long runs for Big Sur practice but they’ve become more of an every run thing.  Oops.

Thursday- 2.3 miles The start of the pain days.  I headed to the lake path after work hoping that a few miles would help make things better.  I figured the path was a good idea because if things went south, the car was never that far away and there are bathrooms there if needed.  It wasn’t a miserable run but it wasn’t marvelous either.  Nor did it seem to help the pain or make it worse.  Just to be on the safe side, I called it at just shy of 2 laps of the lake.

Which was probably a good idea as that night I was in so much pain, I damn near went to the ER.

Friday- Rest Less pain than the day before.   I had the day off from work due to the now canceled tennis trip but I knew I wasn’t getting in my 8 miles like planned.  In fact, I knew I was barely going to do anything.  I was also beginning to question the likelihood of me running the half marathon on Sunday.   This was further reinforced by another epic bout of pain that evening, this one my mother happened to witness and she was volunteering to drive me to the ER.

Saturday- Rest Less pain but I was still on the fence about the race.  I went to packet pickup and picked up my bib and shirt.  I’d never down graded a race before but I also didn’t think I had a DNF in me if it came to that.  If you’ve been following me for a while, then you may recall that I have a proclivity for running races when I shouldn’t or finishing them when I know I shouldn’t.   My mother was lecturing me and I was texting Kate who was trying to talk me down.  In our Squadrunner channel, James and Dorothea were also trying to talk some sense into me.   I went to bed mostly decided to drop to the 5K but still thinking about the half.  I love this half and it would be half #30.

Sunday- Wine Country Run 5K  Holy crap, I did something smart.  😛  Race recap to come but damn it was cold!

8.71 miles for the week.  Sunday evening was actually the best my stomach has felt in days so fingers crossed that stays.  The coming week has tons of rain and a 19 miler on the schedule.

As for my stomach- my gastroenterologist can’t see me until the middle of May.  So either I get lucky and snag a cancellation or I wait it out.  Otherwise another round like this week may send me to the ER before then.

So, someone tell me something good!

A Little Predicament

My next race is now less than 5 days away.    It’s actually the very first race I ran and one of my favorite races- the HOB Fun Run.  Also a little nerve wracking because it’s one race where I see a lot of people I know.   Performance anxiety!!  This will be my fifth year running it.   The first 3 years I ran the 5k and last year I was a little crazy.   I ran the 10k… and then the 5k.  The 10k was a PR (55:57) at the time and the 5k was run with C and her husband.

Throwback to my very first race
Throwback to my very first race

Originally my plan was to warm up for a mile, run the 10k, run the 5k.  That would bring me to 10 miles and I was going to treat that as the last double digit run before the City to the Sea half.   This year with my lovely GI issues (and no City to the Sea), I am torn on what to run.   I want to be just as crazy as I was last year.  Question is can I reign myself in, take it easy and still have fun?  The way I see it I have three options-

A- Run the 10k-easy, spectate the 5k
B- Skip the 10k, run the 5k-moderatly
C- Run both and practice pacing and breathing

Thing is, the 10k has an unofficial time limit of 1:15:00.   Both races have a loop course, the 5k is one loop and the 10k is two loops.    The 5k starts at 9:15 and the 10k at 8:00.   If I take it easy on the 10k, I am hoping that would be around 1:01-1:03 ish.   Which would give me 10 minutes to stretch and hydrate.   I know I can finish the miles, the question is how well and will it be fun.   I have friends running the 5k as well.  If I run with C and her husband, it’ll be around a 30 minute 5k- last year was 30:22- assuming I can stay with them.  I also have one friend running a little slower than that, and a couple more that will be run/ walking with a stroller.  So I have plenty of people to run the 5k with no matter the pace.

Mom and I between races last year
Mom and I between races last year

I am working the late registration/ packet pick up table on Saturday so I have until then to decide.   So help me out!

What are your thoughts?

Ever run a race 5 years in a row?

Ever run back to back races?