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Prepping for SLO

I’ve never been one to believe in the “taper crazies”.  Hell, I love taper.  An excuse to run less and eat more?  Sign me up! 😝  Yes, I know that’s not how it works but let a Slacker lie to herself ok?

I wasn’t really planning on tapering for SLO.   I did one speed workout this training cycle.  One.  Once I realized how few long runs I had actually done over the years, my focus turned to getting in the distance and time on my feet.   While I have done much better since that little epiphany, it still could have been better.

My plan for SLO was to treat it more like an epic long run.  Enjoy the race, enjoy my pace, take in the view, smile at the awesome crowds and maybe, just maybe take a decent race picture for once.     And now?

I had my weird hip/ IT thing on Friday’s long run.  That led to limping on Saturday and resting all weekend.   This week’s runs have been so-so.  Tuesday’s was actually pretty good.  But outside of that- my shins ache at random moments.  My calves feel tight.  Today it hurt my big toe to drive, seriously?!   There’s a tickle in my throat that feels like it wants to turn into something more.   Bring on the Airborne!!  I haven’t slept well in about a month.

Grrr.  I love this race, I do not want to stress about it.  As of right now, I honestly have no idea what my finishing time might be.  I feel unprepared for the hills.  My fault, I should have sought out more hills.    The hill I use for hill repeats has been a construction zone for the last few months.  No excuses. I should have found another one.   After last year I feel like I have unfinished business with this race.

Maybe that is influencing how I am feeling this week?  I have no idea.   So now, I need to calm down.  I need to make sure I am sleeping better (or trying to), I need to ensure I m still keeping my carb count low to moderate and I need to not stress.  I have been looking forward to this weekend for months.   There are so many people that I am looking forward to seeing again.   I enjoy looking around the expo, and really this is my favorite finish line.

More cowbell!!

Actually, I think venting about it for a few hundred words helped.   Bring it on SLO, let’s do this.  Now if only I could figure out what I am wearing.  😝

Do you believe in taper crazies?

Any tips?


Run!, Slacker

Week of Woe

I have a race tomorrow.  A 10K.   How did that happen?

It’s not that I forgot about it, just that it somehow snuck up on me.  I thought I had another few weeks.  But I don’t.  I feel woefully unprepared for this race.  Not just because I still haven’t upped my mileage but my head is just not in the game.  At all.   I considered downgrading to the 5K at packet pick up today.    This coming from the person who completed a 5K after a 10K with serious asthma complications.   But let’s back up.

Monday– I knew I wasn’t going to be running after work but it was odd not taking my gym bag.    I had a meeting after work about a fall race so the evening was still spent talking about running.  🙂   Of course, as I was driving home I was jealous of all the people out running.  IMG_0587Tuesday–  Headed out after work for an easy run.   My legs felt like lead.   I tried out a new interval setting for my runs.  I always take a walk break at some point each mile so I decided to try 4:30 run/ :30 walk intervals.  I was curious to see how I felt.   My easy runs never seem to feel that easy, so I was curious if this would help.   I didn’t really notice a difference.   I ran 3.5 miles with an average pace of 10:14.   Which would have been fine if the splits hadn’t looked like this- 11:40, 9:51, 9:30.  IMG_0596Wednesday–  National Running Day!     I was planning on running anyways but by days end I really needed to run.  For the past month, I feel like I have been waiting for the other shoe to drop.  I don’t have to wait anymore, it drop kicked me.   But it happened, so now I can build from here and move on.   I made it through the day and headed to the lake for an easy 5K.    11:44, 10:17, 9:27.  All over the place but pace wasn’t the goal, quiet thoughts were.   I also stopped along the way to visit with lake cat.     🙂IMG_0154Thursday–   I really had planned on running.  The weather was odd all day and just kept getting grey-er and grey-er.   The wind had increased as well.   I changed into my running clothes and headed north, hoping to drive out of the grey.  An upside to commuting is that I have multiple locations along the way to run.   The sun came out a bit along the way but the wind increased.  By the time I hit home town, the wind was 20+ mph and my head was not mentally wiling to do that.  Rest day instead.

Friday–   National Donut Day!     My boss was nice enough to pick up donuts on her way in and you better believe I partook.  I had 2.  🙂   Both were equally amazing.   I had planned for the 2 all week, and my carb choices were on point all week, so I had zero guilt with either donut.   Plus, don’t donuts have magical healing powers?      And as an added bonus, I got to leave work shortly after 5, so it was only a 10 hour day.  Woo hoo!IMG_0620Today- Instead of running, I headed down to SLO to pick up my packet for the race tomorrow.   I had received an email that said this was their largest year yet with well over 500 runners and I knew that race morning could be more than chaotic. Parking!!!    Packets could be picked up early at Left Lane Sports in SLO, so I decided it was worth the drive down.   Plus, I’ll never turn down Firestone for lunch.  🙂    I returned home in time to make my hair appointment.  I loved the cut I got in February but it had grown a little too long, so it needed to be chopped.  I tried to take a before and after picture but I am crap at selfies.  🙂

Which brings me to tomorrow’s race.   Honestly my head has been elsewhere all week.  6 miles seems so very far.    My only goals are to finish and have fun.  I ran this race 2 years ago, so I know it is lots of loops and turns throughout the vineyard.  I am probably going to wear my trail shoes.    It also has a start time of 8:00 and is quite a drive from home, so it will be an early morning.   I am hoping it won’t be too cold.  This has been the oddest May/ June weather.

Who raced today? Racing Sunday?

Advice for when your pride gets punched?

Did you indulge in donut day?  How was your week?

Run!, Slacker

A Little Predicament

My next race is now less than 5 days away.    It’s actually the very first race I ran and one of my favorite races- the HOB Fun Run.  Also a little nerve wracking because it’s one race where I see a lot of people I know.   Performance anxiety!!  This will be my fifth year running it.   The first 3 years I ran the 5k and last year I was a little crazy.   I ran the 10k… and then the 5k.  The 10k was a PR (55:57) at the time and the 5k was run with C and her husband.

Throwback to my very first race
Throwback to my very first race

Originally my plan was to warm up for a mile, run the 10k, run the 5k.  That would bring me to 10 miles and I was going to treat that as the last double digit run before the City to the Sea half.   This year with my lovely GI issues (and no City to the Sea), I am torn on what to run.   I want to be just as crazy as I was last year.  Question is can I reign myself in, take it easy and still have fun?  The way I see it I have three options-

A- Run the 10k-easy, spectate the 5k
B- Skip the 10k, run the 5k-moderatly
C- Run both and practice pacing and breathing

Thing is, the 10k has an unofficial time limit of 1:15:00.   Both races have a loop course, the 5k is one loop and the 10k is two loops.    The 5k starts at 9:15 and the 10k at 8:00.   If I take it easy on the 10k, I am hoping that would be around 1:01-1:03 ish.   Which would give me 10 minutes to stretch and hydrate.   I know I can finish the miles, the question is how well and will it be fun.   I have friends running the 5k as well.  If I run with C and her husband, it’ll be around a 30 minute 5k- last year was 30:22- assuming I can stay with them.  I also have one friend running a little slower than that, and a couple more that will be run/ walking with a stroller.  So I have plenty of people to run the 5k with no matter the pace.

Mom and I between races last year
Mom and I between races last year

I am working the late registration/ packet pick up table on Saturday so I have until then to decide.   So help me out!

What are your thoughts?

Ever run a race 5 years in a row?

Ever run back to back races?