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Week 15- Ouch

Upcoming Races:

  • Destination Races Santa Barbara 13.1- May 13
  • Rock N Roll San Diego 13.1-June 4

Ouch, ouch, ouch.  It hurts.  Cue panic.   I have a half in 2 weeks and Wine Country in 26 days.  Why?!?!

This week was tiring.  There wasn’t any real reason I can pinpoint it was just tiring.   I actually bought a few beers to help me relax a bit the last time I was at the store but to show how rarely I drink- when I went to have one I realized I didn’t have a bottle opener.   Well crap.  Who knew those multi purpose race medals would actually come in handy? 😛

After a good week of running last week I was looking forward to more of the same this week.   Ha!

Monday- Rest  I had planned on running after work but things ran a little later than I thought.  This is when the tiredness started.  I was also supposed to help my parents with their taxes so I decided there just wasn’t enough time.  I hate taxes.

Tuesday- Rest Hmmm, apparently this is the black hole day of the week.

Wednesday- 3.5 miles Where it all went to hell.  Ok, maybe that was a tad dramatic.   I headed to home town for what I thought was going to be a nice, easy 4-5 miler.  20 feet in I had a feeling it was going south.  My left knee hurt- like a sharp stabbing pain right under the knee cap.  Do I stop or is it going to work itself out if I run on? I ran on, slowly.   By mile 2ish, my knee was under control but now my left shin was throbbing.   My shin is always a hot point but never usually this bad.  What the hell! I had turned around before that point and was gimping my way back to my car.  Walking made my knee hurt but running aggravated my shin.  Both sucked.   Later that night I had shooting pains in my right leg… compensation maybe?

Thursday- Rest  My knee hurt at odd points throughout the day, I did the smart thing for once and just went home.   This was beginning to get irksome.

Friday- Rest  My knee felt 85% better but my shin was still twinge-y.  For only having hobbled my way through 3.5 miles during the week, I was stupid tired.  I took a nap on my lunch.

Saturday- 4 miles  I helped my mother move a bunch of rocks in the morning which may or may not have been the best idea.    I joked that I was just working on my squats and hip openers.    I headed out for a test run in the afternoon to see how things went.  One thing I changed was my shoes- Wednesday’s run was in the Sayonara’s and this was in the PureFlow’s.  I tried to keep things easy and walked anytime I felt any sort of twinge from my left leg.  All in all, it wasn’t a bad run at all.  If anything, my legs really wanted to run but I wouldn’t let them.

Sunday- 10 miles 2 less then my original planned long run but maybe more than I should have done.   A cool front and an incoming storm meant I could run in the afternoon again.  I helped my mother with more buckets of rocks and then got the run in before Easter dinner.   Can I count all the rock lifting as cross training this week?  I wasn’t sure how many miles I was going to get in but I figured I would give it a shot.     I ran the same route as last week and coming up on mile 4 I knew I had a choice- turn left and turn it into and 8 mile run with more hills or go straight across the bridge for a slighter flatter 10 miles.  I was feeling ok so I headed across the bridge.  Per usual, I picked up the pace running across the bridge and slowed it down after that.   The river path is super over grown right now so lately  I slow down, pause my music and keep an eye out for rattlesnakes.  😕    Coming back across the bridge my leg was starting to talk, not pain but not happy.  Ok, 8 miles would have been a better idea.    I slowed down and just kept moving forward.  I think I can, I think I can.  10 miles done.  Where’s my foam roller?

17.5 miles for the week.   Less then I wanted but more than I thought I would get considering how I felt on Wednesday.   I will be spending lots of time with my foam roller and stretching throughout the week to come.  Maybe this will be the kick in the pants to use the roller more consistently?   As for the pains, I think the knee may be a problem with my shoes.  If so, this is the quickest I’ve ever killed a pair of shoes- the Sayonara’s only have 174 miles on them.  I think I might know what triggered the shin so I am testing a theory this week.

Oh did I mention I tried to knock myself out on a tree branch?  😂😂

Last week had some shiny moments-  I made it to the movies to see Fate of the Furious.  Yeah it had it’s over the top moments but it was still awesome.

How was your week?

Happy Marathon Monday!!!!

Strike 2

And another missed long run.  If we are counting, I have not run long in 16 days.   SLO is 20 days away.   And yet, I am not freaking out.

I had great intentions with my long run this weekend but I also had great intentions with a lot of things this past weekend.  What do they say about intentions?    For some reason I made quite the weekend to-do list without taking some things into account.  Like I worked Saturday morning.  I wanted to spend 2+ hours at the movies.   Easter was Sunday.  Oh and I am a Slacker.    I accomplished maybe half of I wanted to do this weekend.   Better than nothing right?

This makes me laugh
This makes me laugh

After getting home from work on Saturday I headed out for the scheduled easy run.  While the overall pace looks easy, the run was kind of erratic.    I started out walking with my mom and then I would run ahead and double back.  Except that didn’t always work.   Every now and then I would lose her somehow and have to run like hell to catch up.  I did one hill loop backwards with the hope of catching her at the bottom after that loop but no luck, she was already more than halfway up it.   I’ve never run that side of the hill but I gave it my best.  Halfway up I needed a short walk break before resuming running.    I lost her one other time towards the end too when she switched streets on me.  I ended up spotting her though an alley and again had to haul.   I loved the walk breaks when I caught up with her.    🙂   So let’s call it easy meets fartlek training?  6.5 miles done.sat4-4I did spend the evening at the movies.  I am a sucker for the Fast and Furious movies so I dragged my mother with me to see Furious 7.   Yes, it was totally over the top and borderline ridiculous but I still loved it.  I only got a little teary eyed.   We lucked out with fresh and hot popcorn and I disregarded all dietary rules.  It’s not like I go to the movies all that often.   🙂

Sunday dawned and after a week of rough sleep, and not getting to sleep before 1 the night before, I was looking forward to sleeping in.   I woke up at 8.  Seriously?!  I briefly thought about going for my run but really wanted to fall back asleep.  I stayed in bed until 9 when I gave up on the sleeping in.   Kimi was happy though, she loves when I sleep longer.   So one of us was happy.  🙂

Well, she was happy until I got up
Well, she was happy until I got up

I knew we were having family dinner for Easter so I needed to run before that.   The time came to get a 10-12 mile run in and I just wasn’t feeling it.   I kept putting it off.   First 10 minutes then 20 and so on.  I finally decided that I would head out for an easy 6 and call it good for the day.    But even that didn’t happen.  My uncle dropped by for a surprise visit.  Family trumps running, right?    After that we enjoyed a yummy dinner and there was no way I was running after that.  So long run fail.

But I am actually ok with it.   Something in me just wasn’t feeling it this week and I decided to listen to that little voice.  Yes, that re-confirms my Slacker status.   That being said I cannot miss my long run this coming weekend.  Plus all the stuff I didn’t get done last weekend.  Oh and I have a race!  First 5K in 5 months.   And it’s gonna kick my ass.  I am so looking forward to it!!

Happy Monday!  Can that even be a thing?

What was the last movie you saw?

Ever missed 2 long runs in a row?