Almost Turkey Time!!!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!!!!

Anyone racing tomorrow?  Have to rationalize the calories someway right?

A puppy is tiring and she isn’t even mine.    Just playing with her is exhausting.    She passed her first vet check with flying colors.  What is it about the vets office that makes all animals want to cuddle?  She didn’t even have a frame of reference, but she was not happy.   She also finally has a name.  Meet Zoey


Vacation brain has somewhat set in but I was able to get in a 5 mile run on Tuesday.   It started out really sluggish but all in all it was a pretty good run.  I never quite got up to speed but I felt good at the end.  This run also put me within 1.1 miles of my Pile on the Miles goal!  Woo hoo!   I may succeed at a challenge!

Tomorrow’s Turkey Trot will be the final push needed to meet my goal.   It should be a smaller race, there’s only race day registration available.  But it’s also fairly cheap and it benefits the local high school wrestling team as well as the food bank.  I am planning on meeting C and her husband there tomorrow morning.   It’s close, so I can pretty much roll out of bed and head over there.  (See- Slacker!!!!)  I would not say that I am super prepared for this so my goal is just have fun.   It will be more for the camaraderie than the pace.  I say that now, we’ll see if I follow through or bolt at the starting line 🙂

I thought by this point of vacation, I would be going a little stir crazy. But, nope, just slacking it big time.   I should be Christmas shopping, I have an advertising plan that I am woefully behind on.   Actually forget Christmas, both my parents birthdays are next week.  I need to register for classes, etc etc.   I did manage to get my car to the dealer to fix the door locks and made it through a dentist appointment with flying colors.   🙂   I also met some friends for a yummy lunch today.  We couldn’t decide where to go, so we hit the Irish pub.  I had never been there before.  Pretty sad considering it’s 2 blocks for where I used to work…for 5 years.    We ate some of the largest salads I have ever seen.   M’s made me laugh, it was called the “Man Salad”.  It looked amazing though.  We may have gone over their lunch a bit, oops.

Now its time to get some rest for tomorrows race and family fun to follow.  Plus puppy time!

I hope anyone who’s traveling has safe journeys.

Anyone else running a “trot” tomorrow?  Good luck!


Frustration leads to…

After the great race on Saturday morning and the festivities later that night, I made Sunday a very lazy, slacker day.  Got to say, it was very nice. 🙂   Official chip time was also announced- 57:17, hell yeah!!!!

My left ankle was fighting back on Monday so I decided to take another rest day.  I figured that since I had a split volleyball schedule, I could hopefully get in at least 25 minutes of running between matches.  It wouldn’t be a lot but I figured it would be an easy jaunt that would test my ankle.

In Public, no less

I have to say that I love the camaraderie of the running community. 🙂 The majority of runners I meet are good people and they are just as excited as you are when you do well at a race.  I wish I could say that holds true in a women’s volleyball league.    By the end of the first match I was so frustrated I was going to scream.  So I lost the knee pads, changed my shoes and ran it out.  Oh and I was wearing these socks-

Perhaps running when frustrated or angry is not best idea, at least not when the goal is to take it easy.  I set the timer on the Nike+ app for 25 minutes and was off.    My ankle protested for about half a mile and then it was quiet, woo hoo!  Brought in my first mile under 9 minutes, oops.  That’s not easy.  Slowed down a little and kept going.

Faster than planned:)
Faster than planned:)

Turns out I didn’t know the area as well I thought, got a little turned around but worked it out.   Towards the end of my run, I saw a crowd a people a block ahead but thought they were just bbq’ers.  Nope! It was a drug bust or probation, didn’t get close enough to read the vests.  Turned around when I figured out there were about 10 cops and 3 police cars milling about.    So, yeah, that’s a new one.  I ended up doing shy of 3 miles in 25 minutes.  So maybe running cranky is a good thing.  Who knows but I’ll take it!!!  And I played the next volleyball match in much better mood:)

The good thing about my training plan is the flexibility, so this week, I am adjusting my two week day runs to Tuesday and Thursday.  Starting today, I am on vacation until next week, so yea for morning runs!!!  Today I did a little shopping in a nearby town and came back with some new running gear.  Always exciting!

I also ate my post-race reward meal this afternoon.  After most every race, I go to the same restaurant and get a burger.  However after Saturday’s race, scheduling made that impossible so I postponed until today.  Oh so yummy 🙂


So what about everyone else?  Any post-race traditions?