Slow but rewarding

It’s only Thursday but this week has felt like a month.   Back to work on Monday with a little run.  Volleyball playoffs were on Tuesday.  Class final due on Wednesday (seriously I must have been insane to take a course in the summer), work today with a run after.  And through it all, my ankle has been making its presence known.  I am now also 25 days in that squat challenge.

Playoffs on Tuesday were, umm yeah.   Well, we made the playoffs, maybe we should leave it there.  Haha, we came in fourth.    The better part of the night was $1 tacos and $2 beers with the team afterwards 🙂

Today was just an “ugh” day. Nothing wrong, just in a funk.   Ever had one of those?  Left work for my run and was dragging.  Met my friend at the park and was happy to see the jogging stroller.  Yeah!  A reason to go slow!   Plus her baby is so stinkin’ cute, its impossible to stay cranky.

I am kind of an all or nothing kind of person.   I am either running or I am a total slacker.  I spent so much time trying to get faster and working on my speed that I have troubles going out easy when something hurts, so the stroller was awesome.   2 slower laps with them and 1 faster after. Today may have been slow but it was still 3.5 miles.  And jogging strollers are harder to push (better workout, hehe) when the tires are low on air.   The thing is brand new; do they all lose air like that?  Finished my 220 squats and am done, woo hoo!

Tomorrow may be Friday but for now, I am in my comfy chair with a fan on, and an ice pack on my ankle.  I have a snack of chips and salsa, oh and a nice cold, homemade margarita.  With real fruit!

Back on track?

Can you be back on track if it’s only been one day?  After choosing to take another rest day yesterday, stupid ankle, I hit the park after work.  Today was also my first day back to work so bring on the heels too!  Wore my lowest pair as they are still more support than my tiny little flats.  Too bad I can’t wear running shoes to work 🙂

Leaving work, I was so tired.  Today was such a Monday, plus the first day back is never stress free.  I had planned to meet my friend at the park for a few laps.  However her work day was just as crazy as mine, so she wasn’t able to make it 😦

After 3 days off my plan was to go slow and walk when my ankle hurt.  I also planned on only 2 laps.  It would be just under 2.5 miles, small but I figured it would be a good test.  Those 3 days off felt like forever once I started out.  I was so sloooooooow.   Which was the plan but it still irritated me.  Maybe I should have run this without my GPS, but where’s the fun in that?

2 laps turned into 3, all still slow.  Slow but steady with some walk breaks.  I can feel my ankle, it’s not as bad as it was but it’s not exactly happy.  So after tomorrow’s volleyball finals, I have decided to push my Wednesday run back to Thursday to give it a little more time.

On a funnier note, I had mentioned previously that there was a section of the park path that reeked.   Today when I ran passed that section the first time; I noticed a sign but didn’t stop to read it.  After the second pass, I busted up laughing and on the third pass, I stopped to take a picture.  Guess I wasn’t the only one who thought it smelled 🙂

This is awesome!
This is awesome!

Funnel Cakes and cross training

So I survived my foray into the fair.  Ate too much junk food and spent too much money, but hey, it only comes once a year right?  So I countrified myself up and had some fun. I wore my shitkickers (haha!) there and they served a dual purpose.  I fit in better, 🙂 and they helped support my ankle or shin, still debating which.  Didn’t feel a thing all night.   As opposed to its loud grumbling when I took my boots off.  Not cool.

So Saturdays plan for a nice run was postponed 😦 Now I am fine with being a Slacker Runner when it is being lazy of my own volition; that is just me being me.  However, taking it easy because something hurts just makes me cranky.   It suddenly makes me want to run more!  Anyone else like that?

It happened to be a rest day for the squat challenge as well, so that worked out.  I figured if I couldn’t run, or shouldn’t, I would do some cross training.  I had a funnel cake to work after all.  I know that I should do cross training and I have it in my training plan, but I hate it.  I really do.  This is how I usually end up having 3 rest (slacker) days a week.  So today I made myself get back on the bike. Stationary bike that is, did 8 miles and called it done.  Ugh.  So hoping to get in a few miles on the track tomorrow.  Fingers crossed!

On the upshot, I had this awesomeness made at the fair on Friday.  Super nerdy, I know, but I love it.Image

When the pain begins

So I followed through and went for a run this morning.  Getting out of bed was so hard to do; sleep was not my friend last night.  Finally managed to drag myself out and hit the road.   I could feel my ankle as I started down the driveway, uh oh 😦

New Gear!!!
New Gear!!!

I did a route from my house and my mother came too.  Usually she walks most of it while I run ahead, usually circling back to her again.  She has been adding more running into though, nice!  I was dragging today.  My ankle hurt, I was tired and it was already getting hot at 9:30 in the morning.   Seriously?  On the upshot, I got to test my new shorts!

The run route takes us by a cemetery, up a few hills, and down a few hills.  Then there are alleys to run through as well as a school, with a few more inclines.  I really should be better at hills than I am.

Today’s run was very slow going, but I completed just about 5 miles.  While I may wish it was faster, (a lot) it still adds to my training. 😦   I also completed the required 155 squats for the squat challenge that I started on July 1.  What was I thinking?   I then spent part of my day slacking and icing my ankle.  The pain needs to go away.

Forward, slow motion
Forward, slow motion

I was planning on running a few tomorrow but I may push that back to Saturday.  My town is currently being invaded by the barely controlled chaos that is the fair.  BBQ, funnel cakes and carnies abound!!!  I have tickets to a concert tomorrow so I am going to walk down do the fairgrounds and wander around for a couple of hours.  That counts right? Ha!  Maybe if I wasn’t also planning on consuming one of those afore mentioned funnel cakes. 🙂 And maybe a pretzel.   Eating healthy can get back on track on Saturday too.  I thought it was hilarious that Word Press chose to highlight the last picture in my last post.  All that yummy, fatty goodness right up top 🙂

On a side note, I made a Facebook page for my blog.  It’s just getting started but go check it out, and share something!

Frustration leads to…

After the great race on Saturday morning and the festivities later that night, I made Sunday a very lazy, slacker day.  Got to say, it was very nice. 🙂   Official chip time was also announced- 57:17, hell yeah!!!!

My left ankle was fighting back on Monday so I decided to take another rest day.  I figured that since I had a split volleyball schedule, I could hopefully get in at least 25 minutes of running between matches.  It wouldn’t be a lot but I figured it would be an easy jaunt that would test my ankle.

In Public, no less

I have to say that I love the camaraderie of the running community. 🙂 The majority of runners I meet are good people and they are just as excited as you are when you do well at a race.  I wish I could say that holds true in a women’s volleyball league.    By the end of the first match I was so frustrated I was going to scream.  So I lost the knee pads, changed my shoes and ran it out.  Oh and I was wearing these socks-

Perhaps running when frustrated or angry is not best idea, at least not when the goal is to take it easy.  I set the timer on the Nike+ app for 25 minutes and was off.    My ankle protested for about half a mile and then it was quiet, woo hoo!  Brought in my first mile under 9 minutes, oops.  That’s not easy.  Slowed down a little and kept going.

Faster than planned:)
Faster than planned:)

Turns out I didn’t know the area as well I thought, got a little turned around but worked it out.   Towards the end of my run, I saw a crowd a people a block ahead but thought they were just bbq’ers.  Nope! It was a drug bust or probation, didn’t get close enough to read the vests.  Turned around when I figured out there were about 10 cops and 3 police cars milling about.    So, yeah, that’s a new one.  I ended up doing shy of 3 miles in 25 minutes.  So maybe running cranky is a good thing.  Who knows but I’ll take it!!!  And I played the next volleyball match in much better mood:)

The good thing about my training plan is the flexibility, so this week, I am adjusting my two week day runs to Tuesday and Thursday.  Starting today, I am on vacation until next week, so yea for morning runs!!!  Today I did a little shopping in a nearby town and came back with some new running gear.  Always exciting!

I also ate my post-race reward meal this afternoon.  After most every race, I go to the same restaurant and get a burger.  However after Saturday’s race, scheduling made that impossible so I postponed until today.  Oh so yummy 🙂


So what about everyone else?  Any post-race traditions?

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