Wardrobe oops!

Sunday marked 10 weeks to my next half marathon and 8 weeks to my next 10K!   If I didn’t have such high PR hopes (goals) this might not be so nerve wracking.  I have a 5K planned as well, but that is just for fun 🙂  I finally have some friends running with me!!!

Sunday I headed to the track to get in a few miles.  I ran a pretty good 5K and decided to try some quarter mile sprints.  Ha ha, that was funny. So on the first one after I restarted the Nike app, it said that I completed it in 1:42, so that would break down into a pace of 6:48 per mile.  Yeah, ummm, no.  I almost started crawling after that, I was breathing so hard.  I completed another one but not at that pace.  All in all, I ran 4 miles.

Not Bad :)

Then I went and helped my mother clean up and get the tennis courts ready for the new school year and season.   There was a crank (holds the net up) that tried to kick my butt, however, I had a hacksaw and I won!!  I then completed some really slow ladders.  I managed to do them right this time but very slowly, I had to count out the foot work!   But perhaps, I got a little more sun than I had anticipated, oops.

Well I tried sunblock.  I can see my fingerprints!

After work, I hit the park to get in a few miles.  Having run Saturday and Sunday, I normally may have taken today off, but I am having a girls night tomorrow, and I am planning on Eating 🙂 So had to get a few preemptive miles in.

Ever have one of those days where everything fits all wrong?  Yeah that was me today.  I set out from the car with the belt that I have been trying to break in.  Yeah, no thanks!  It was either riding up my waist or down below my but but managing to pull my shorts up at the same time.  What?  I began the run in perfectly respectable shorts that tried to turn into racing briefs.   Umm, Shalane Flanagan I am not.  So to anyone on the path tonight who saw way too much of my upper thighs, I apologize.   The belt was driving me so crazy, I actually stopped at my car at the first pass and switched to an armband.  Luckily, I keep lots of spare gear in my car 🙂

Too much? nah!

I pulled a nice 3.5 miles at a good pace actually. Which was all I could take, the sports bra was so not friends with my sunburn.

So Monday run done!  And good times planned for tomorrow, hope everyone else has something to look forward to this week!

The view of a completed run :)


Anyone else ever have wardrobe issues while running?

Ahh, the joy of a good run :)

Sadly, my Saturday began with work.   My commute though different than usual was still pretty.  However today, it was so freakin’ foggy which made the fact that the hill drops off just past the road side even creepier.  I couldn’t see the drop off 😦  You couldn’t see oncoming traffic until it was already at you which made the cyclists that randomly appeared out of the mist extra fun.    I know that everyone is supposed to share the road, especially considering I run roads, but why would a biker ride in that kind of fog?  Without any of those lovely flashing red lights?  Really?  It’s like running at night wearing all black.

Yeah for Shade!
Yeah for Shade!

I came home to a late lunch, yummy pizza, and some errands before heading out for a run.   The weather was in the mid-eighties, and I took water and remembered my gum!  The plan was to do a couple easy miles, maybe a hill or two, test out my new belt and some new tunes.

I maintained a similar pace to Thursday but since I walked parts of it I was ok with today’s pace.   Plus the music was great so it made the miles fly.  It felt hotter than it was but that’s ok.   Had some glitchy moments where the music just stopped, and I had to go even slower while trying to figure out why it died.  Not cool 😦  Of course, I usually accidentally paused the Nike+ app and had troubles getting it going again.   But even with those issues, I completed 5.5 miles.   Since I ran from home, I was able to get in a nice stretch on our wall.  All in all, a good effort.

Pretty sure I heard something over there, eek!
Pretty sure I heard something over there, eek!
The Wall :)
The Wall 🙂

Now I have a new issue of Runner’s World to finish 🙂

Hope everyone had a good Saturday!!!

I blame it on the gum, or lack there of…

If I had known how icky today’s run was going to be, I would have whined a hell of lot less about Monday’s 10 minute miles.  Seriously, I need to go back in time and stuff a sock in it.

Work today was crazy, but then again the 1st always is, so I can’t really use that as an excuse.  But I want to!   After 2 days of being a Slacker, I was ready to run, so I decided to throw some hills into my run.   But again, I can’t use that as an excuse.  I was just sloooooow.   I had a new playlist ready to go and my new Yurbuds, (still liking them by the way, but that cord is freaky long).   As I was running, I noticed that my new tunes sounded like the Supernatural soundtrack 🙂 I even ran past a cemetery.  But even AC/DC couldn’t speed me up 😦

Today’s run was just all wonky.  It was just shy of 90 and I didn’t take water.  Stupid move #1.   I was half a mile into my run when I realized I forgot my gum.  Stupid move #2.  I don’t know about anyone else but I have to chew gum when I run.   It helps me feel less thirsty and just makes the run seem easier.  I realize that it’s all in my head, but I wanted that piece of gum!!    I pushed through for 4.5 miles but I was just done.

30 Day Squat Challenge
Done and Done 🙂

So on July 30 I successfully completed a squat challenge.   It started you at 50 on the first day and by the end of the 30 days, you completed 250.  I found it on Pinterest, but I know that it can be found on other sites as well.  While part of me thinks it may have helped my running, I am not sure that I like the other effects.  Of course I wanted to tone my legs, but now I can’t decide if they are toned or scary, hehe.  I am not really happy with how my clothes are fitting right now and the only thing I changed was adding the squats.  Eeergh!!!!

I had previously tried to complete both a push-up challenge and a plank challenge in June but failed both about 12 days in. Again, found them both on Pinterest   I am trying to step up my cross training and strength training because I know that I should but it is so hard for me to follow through.  I have numerous dvd’s as well, but rarely ever use them.  In fact the last time I used one; it was a Spartacus workout and it hurt to walk for days after that 😦  Sad I know.  I tried downloading the Nike Training App to my phone, but it requires more space than I can spare on my phone.  I have no idea what is taking up so much space, seriously what the hell is other?

Pushups Challenge

I think I will try the push up challenge again in August, not sure about the plank.  The idea of building up to 5 minutes is intimidating as hell.  I have tried looking for another interesting one to complete but so far nothing has jumped out me 😦  Anyone else have ideas or challenges to share?

Run, Run, Run!!!!!

So Sundays planned day of rest turned into a 4.5 mile trail run/walk. This was after a yummy lunch and a little shopping 🙂  While shopping I picked up a pair Yurbuds.  I could never find a pair of earbuds that didn’t hurt in some way, so I thought I would step up the money and see if it was worth it.  Worn them twice so far, and have to say, pretty nice.

I told myself I was going to take it easy on the trail run, and I did half the time, I ran the other half.  It was a very pretty trail.  Could have done without the snake that decided to say hi, I think we equally scared each other!  I may have to do this again sometime.

Nice little up!
Nice little up!
So pretty :)
So pretty 🙂
Really liked this tree for some reason
Really liked this tree for some reason

After running on Saturday and the trail on Sunday, I really should have taken a rest day today but I was so close!  After the trail, I noticed that my Nike+ app said 997.1 miles.  I was almost at 1000!!!  I wanted to hit that number so bad, so I went for a run after work.  Figured I would force myself to go easy for 3 laps of the park.  The weather was good except for the backside of the lake, the wind was ridiculous!  And of course, I was running into it 😦

So my ankle was not feeling so great and I was tired, so I was actually taking it easy.   As I’m running, I’m telling myself that my slow today is still faster than when I first started running and this time last year and at least I was getting in a workout.  Of course, while I’m trying some motivational self-talk, what happens?  A freakin’ turbo comes flying past me, leaving me in the dust.  Gee, thanks dude, did you miss my inner pep talk?!  Seriously, he was fast, and more power to him, I was just envious.

But Turbo-Man aside, I hit 1000 miles!!! Hell Yeah,  Little happy dance.

Hell yeah!!!!!!
Hell yeah!!!!!!

Now if only the average pace was more reflective of the past year, hehe.

Tomorrow is definitely going to be a rest day and since I work later than usual on Wednesday; that will probably be a slacker day.  I’ll get running again on Thursday.

Anyone else have any turbos on their runs?

I run, why can’t I do this?!

Apparently working in a town that rarely gets above 72 has killed my heat resistance.  Living in a town that averages triple digits in the summer makes that a problem.  Today’s workout was only around 90, but holy hotness I was dying.

Hit the track with the intention of doing 5 miles.  Ha!  I maintained race pace for 2 miles, then did some speed work for the remaining 2 miles, completing only 4.   I think I finally started to notice a difference in my running after 27 days of squats.  Running the straights, I felt like my legs were working more efficiently even if the heat was kicking my butt.  Of the course, the breeze didn’t pick until I was done running.  After running, I decided the grass looked nice and comfy 🙂

Nap Time!
Nap Time!

So my mother was there too, having absolutely no problems with the heat.   Then she spends most of her time in it, she’s the tennis coach.  Before we left, she challenged me to do some ins and outs?  Umm, do what now?  So we went over near the tennis courts, where I saw ladders painted on the ground.  I got it now.

Evil, Evil

So she demonstrated.  I thought, “sure no problem”.   Ha!!  I couldn’t even complete one.  So it’s an in then out pattern with each foot, so 1-2 in, 3-4 out, repeat.  I kept turning it into hopscotch!   She does it 5 more times and I fail every time.  I thought I was somewhat coordinated, apparently not 😦  It was a good thing no one else was around, because the more I messed up, the more colorful and vocal I became.

Me, making a fool of myself on top. Mom rockin’ it on the bottom.

New goal, complete these damn ladders.  Will attempt it again next weekend, fingers crossed!  Anyone else have problems with these or is it just me?

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