Squats, strollers, and a mini horse!!!!

So, three days into the week and I have stuck to the plan! 

Monday’s run turned out to be a little less than 3 miles:).  It was over 90, yowza!  So on to cross-training, hehe, of volleyball went really well.  Played harder than usual, getting out of bed this morning was so hard.  I was so sore; not used to that.  I have played almost every Tuesday night for the last 5 years, think I would be used to it by now.   I also decided to complete a one of those squat challenges for July.  Its starts you out at 50 and hopefully at the end of the month, you can complete 250… ummm, what was I thinking?  Oh mama, my legs are sore.  And I still have another 25 to do today.

So tonight I leave work planning to meet a friend for our Wednesday run.  We like to run this trail around the lake in a city park.  The town is halfway between work and home for me, so perfect!  Turns out we were both dragging tonight, so it was great that she brought her daughter in her jogging stroller. Got to test it out and go a little slower.   Yeah, not as easy as it looks, for as much as they look so easy to push, you can totally feel the burn in your calves.   They may have been way slower than normal but it was still 3.5 miles.  Forward motion counts right?  

One thing I like about this trail is that there are so many people.  Quite a lot of them are walking dogs as well.  There is the cutest Chihuahua with sunglasses that I have seen a few times too.  Tonight was a new record, though.  There were huskies, labs, daschunds, border colliesL, schnauzers, etc.  Now most who know me, know that I tend to have interesting animal encounters when out running.  I have had run-ins with possums, snakes, cats and there is a valid reason one of my friends husband calls me “ass-bite”.  Tonight I got to add a new one to the list.  There was a couple walking a mini-horse!!!! It was so stinking cute, way smaller that I had imagined.  I so wanted a picture but the owners seemed a little stand-offish:(.   Anyone else have any interesting animal encounters?

So here’s to feeling inspired enough to do a couple miles tomorrow after work, now onto 25 more squats.


The Slacker Way

So, yeah the 4th of July planned run didn’t happen, the weatherman lied!  Over 100 again, too hot even for the chair, couldn’t even be a Slacker the right way.

So a little bit about the Slacker way:

My goal is to run 3 times a week, cross train twice and have two rest days.   In the beginning I stuck to the training plan really well.  Then come January, I was offered a promotion in a different town and began commuting every day.   The plan took a hit 😦  I managed to stick to the running 3 times a week but the cross training took the hardest hit.   I had been riding a stationary bike twice a week as my cross training.  It was helping my running; I felt that it helped with my breathing which in turn helped my pace.   Then the slacker-ness set.

Over the past few months, my training has looked somewhat like this- Run Monday, Wednesday and one weekend day.  I play in a volleyball league on Tuesdays so I was treating that as cross training (ha!).  As for my runs, I would aim for one speed-work and one long run and the other would just fall in the middle.    Shortest run would be around 3.5 and my long run around 5.5 when not training.  My running has at least stayed on pace and I can see improvement in my times, so woo hoo for that!!!

This week after posting and reading what everyone else was posting, I just felt like more of a Slacker than usual.   I ran on Tuesday and Wednesday plus volleyball on Tuesday but not following through with a run on the 4th just made me sad, hehe.   So Saturday afternoon in the middle of a migraine and the nausea that came with it, I was like what the heck, let’s hit the track.

I love the track, for me it’s faster than a treadmill (boring!) and it’s a good place to go when you are feeling a little crappy.  So much easier it walk back to your car than 3 miles back to your house :).  Plus, when I run the track my mother joins me to exercise as well.  It’s perfect, she does her pace and I do mine.  Also good to have someone there when you are feeling wobbly.  So my goal was to out run my headache.  I figured an easy 45 minute run would help, bring on those endorphins!   Forgot that I have troubles with the Easy part when on the track, oops!  But even though I pushed harder than I should have (not the best idea) I defeated the headache!!!

As a reward for the 4.5 miles, the weather cooperated enough to make the comfy chair comfy again, yeah!!!!


And on Sunday, I followed through and got back on the bike!  8 miles done, heck yeah!!!!   Now, if I can just keep it up:)

Heat = Lazy Runner

So my neck of the woods has just come off of an excessive heat warning.  Perfect for running, right?

Five days of temperatures above 110 makes it really easy to be a slacker runner.   It was so unbearably hot that even my comfy chair was a no go.  Felt like a dang sauna for your backside, ugh.  To make matters worse, I got sick last Friday.  Seriously, who gets the flu in the summer?  My body couldn’t decide if it was shivering with the chills or melting from the heat.

After the lovely knockout of heat and flu, I was forced to run even less than a slacker like me likes to.   Being a commuter as well as inherently lazy makes running in the morning and avoiding the heat highly unlikely for me, I like sleep!    With the drop in training and lingering icky feeling, I was forced to postpone a race that I had planned to complete on July 4th.  This totally bites as I was hoping for a new 5k PR there:(.  I know the course really well and was very optimistic.    Cue inner scream.

I did manage to go for a run this evening after work; if 2.5 miles counts as a run.  Since I couldn’t do the race tomorrow, I did the course tonight instead.   Turned out to be a hotter 86 than I felt ready for.   It was almost 7:00 PM for crying out loud.  I actually maintained a decent pace throughout the run but just felt so sluggish.  I have a 10k a week from Saturday so I need to get it in gear!  Less slacker, more of a runner!

Tomorrow is actually supposed to be below 100, so I am aiming for a good 5 mile run at the local track.  Here’s to hoping for a good pace, good overall run followed by some good 4th of July fun!

And maybe after all that, I can get back to the comfy chair.

Happy 4th of July!!


What keeps me going…

Ok, so getting out the door is most times the hardest part of running but sometimes I lag in the middle of a run.    In the beginning I would try the grade school trick.  Remember that one?  Telling yourself that can run until that next tree or as far as the green mailbox.   You could take a walking break if you just reached the next block.     Sometimes it worked; sometimes it just made me cranky.     Finding myself cranky in the middle of a run was almost worse than lagging. 

As I can’t exactly use Pinterest while running to look at inspirational images, I needed something else.   A year or so back I stumbled across an article on Runners World by Christie Aschwanden about mantras.    It talked about how a key word or phrase could really get you back in the game.  Ok, so just words?  I could totally do that!  So I set out to make the perfect mantra.  I wanted it to be cool and maybe look good on a shirt.   Easy right?   Yeah, not so much.    I tried numerous possibilities that aren’t even worth remembering.   Some were famous slogans and some were horrible creations of my own.  Nothing stuck.

What finally ended up working sounded a lot like a little Disney fish.  Once I was out for a run and starting to drag, when I just started saying “Just keep running, just keep running”, over and over again.  Not sure where that came from but it worked!  I even made myself a screensaver for my phone.  Image

Anyone have any mantras of their own that they want to share?


If you’re reading this, you came back! Thanks!

 So I have to admit that part of what I love about running is the races.  Nerdy and kind of needy, I know but I love the prerace jitters and the feeling you get when you cross the finish line.  Doesn’t matter if you were slow or fast, you still did it.   I mean yes I still like to improve my times and get better, but even when I finish slower than the last time, I still feel good.  Plus you get cheesy finish line pictures to show off or hide.

Plus having a race to train for ensures I don’t spend too much time in my comfy chair, binge watching Doctor Who.  So it’s good to have goals:) I have two races in July that I hope to complete, so fingers crossed:)  While in one I do hope to PR ( personal record, FYI), the other I just hope to finish, hehe! I have never run on the beach before so it should be interesting to say the least.  That water is cold!

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