Heat = Lazy Runner

So my neck of the woods has just come off of an excessive heat warning.  Perfect for running, right?

Five days of temperatures above 110 makes it really easy to be a slacker runner.   It was so unbearably hot that even my comfy chair was a no go.  Felt like a dang sauna for your backside, ugh.  To make matters worse, I got sick last Friday.  Seriously, who gets the flu in the summer?  My body couldn’t decide if it was shivering with the chills or melting from the heat.

After the lovely knockout of heat and flu, I was forced to run even less than a slacker like me likes to.   Being a commuter as well as inherently lazy makes running in the morning and avoiding the heat highly unlikely for me, I like sleep!    With the drop in training and lingering icky feeling, I was forced to postpone a race that I had planned to complete on July 4th.  This totally bites as I was hoping for a new 5k PR there:(.  I know the course really well and was very optimistic.    Cue inner scream.

I did manage to go for a run this evening after work; if 2.5 miles counts as a run.  Since I couldn’t do the race tomorrow, I did the course tonight instead.   Turned out to be a hotter 86 than I felt ready for.   It was almost 7:00 PM for crying out loud.  I actually maintained a decent pace throughout the run but just felt so sluggish.  I have a 10k a week from Saturday so I need to get it in gear!  Less slacker, more of a runner!

Tomorrow is actually supposed to be below 100, so I am aiming for a good 5 mile run at the local track.  Here’s to hoping for a good pace, good overall run followed by some good 4th of July fun!

And maybe after all that, I can get back to the comfy chair.

Happy 4th of July!!


What keeps me going…

Ok, so getting out the door is most times the hardest part of running but sometimes I lag in the middle of a run.    In the beginning I would try the grade school trick.  Remember that one?  Telling yourself that can run until that next tree or as far as the green mailbox.   You could take a walking break if you just reached the next block.     Sometimes it worked; sometimes it just made me cranky.     Finding myself cranky in the middle of a run was almost worse than lagging. 

As I can’t exactly use Pinterest while running to look at inspirational images, I needed something else.   A year or so back I stumbled across an article on Runners World by Christie Aschwanden about mantras.    It talked about how a key word or phrase could really get you back in the game.  Ok, so just words?  I could totally do that!  So I set out to make the perfect mantra.  I wanted it to be cool and maybe look good on a shirt.   Easy right?   Yeah, not so much.    I tried numerous possibilities that aren’t even worth remembering.   Some were famous slogans and some were horrible creations of my own.  Nothing stuck.

What finally ended up working sounded a lot like a little Disney fish.  Once I was out for a run and starting to drag, when I just started saying “Just keep running, just keep running”, over and over again.  Not sure where that came from but it worked!  I even made myself a screensaver for my phone.  Image

Anyone have any mantras of their own that they want to share?


If you’re reading this, you came back! Thanks!

 So I have to admit that part of what I love about running is the races.  Nerdy and kind of needy, I know but I love the prerace jitters and the feeling you get when you cross the finish line.  Doesn’t matter if you were slow or fast, you still did it.   I mean yes I still like to improve my times and get better, but even when I finish slower than the last time, I still feel good.  Plus you get cheesy finish line pictures to show off or hide.

Plus having a race to train for ensures I don’t spend too much time in my comfy chair, binge watching Doctor Who.  So it’s good to have goals:) I have two races in July that I hope to complete, so fingers crossed:)  While in one I do hope to PR ( personal record, FYI), the other I just hope to finish, hehe! I have never run on the beach before so it should be interesting to say the least.  That water is cold!


Hi! My name is Falyn and this is SlackerRunner!  Over the past few years, I discovered that I love to run.  Hated it when I was a kid but love it now.  However there was a small problem.  Know what else I love?  Sitting in my big, comfy chair, and Netflix, oh and pizza.  Conflict ahead!!

I ran for almost three years with little to no improvement.  I checked out all the sites; big names and little ones.  I bought books and tried various training plans, nothing worked:(   I was ready to chuck everything out the window.  About 99% of the sites I researched pushed for running at least 5 days a week, some everyday…um, what?!  It didn’t help that their slowest training plans at the time were still faster than me:( Talk about kicking you when you are already down.

I tried theirs, I failed, and so what’s a girl to do?  I cannibalized everything I had read and learned, took bits and parts and inserted my own inherent slacker-ness and tada!   Results!  In less than 8 months, I had shaved 24 minutes off of my half marathon time and lost 35 pounds, woo hoo!

So if you are interested in hearing more about how I did it, or looking for place to talk about running with a little less pressure, come on back!  There will be tips, random thoughts and probably some hilarity, but right now I need a break!

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