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Horrible to Harmony

This week was rough.  Which was shown partly in my lack of posting.

The Horrible-

So in an effort to not whine too much, here’s a brief recap.  Monday was a typical Monday except that my stomach graduated from asshat to bastard level and that continued through Wednesday.    Good thing I don’t run on Monday’s right?  Tuesday I was all set to run but my dad had a phone emergency (he’s on my plan).  There was no way for me to run and go to AT&T and still eat dinner at a time that wouldn’t piss off my digestive system further.  So no run.  Wednesday- usual rest day but I needed and wanted to run after missing the day before.   After finishing up at work I headed to the lake path hoping I had enough time to get in 3.5 miles before it got too dark.   It was a horrible, miserable run.    It wasn’t even because of my achy legs or hamstrings.  Those felt fine.  My stomach was horrible, my toes hurt and my head was not happy.  I called it at 2.5 miles.

Waking on Thursday, I found that the headache that had been playing peak-a-boo for days had turned into a full on migraine. Stupid hormones.   I thought about calling in but I am covering another location while their manager is out and knew I couldn’t do that.   One plus, is that it’s a shorter commute.    Never having worked in this location before I kind of felt like I was putting out fires all day and I didn’t know where the fire extinguisher was.   The day ran late and by then my head hurt so bad and I was so nauseated that I didn’t even attempt to run.   Friday was more of the same head wise, work was a little calmer though.      My head hurt so bad that I actually took 2 Aleve for it Thursday.  One thing I’ve never mentioned here is that I dislike taking pills.  Maybe because I have so many prescriptions as it is but I rarely to the point of never take something for pain.     My go to is an icepack for pretty much everything.  I didn’t realize how shocking it would be for me to take something though.  I had some interesting reactions when I mentioned it to some people.  It was useless anyways, they didn’t help.  Oddly the only thing that helped was food.  Not only food but greasy food.  I ate In n Out 2 days in a row for lunch.  The pain actually eased for a few hours.   But I was so ready for the weekend by the time work was over.IMG_9470 IMG_9558  Harmony-

Saturday I was super tired and though my headache had eased, it was still lingering.  I slept in before heading to SLO with my mom.  It’s kind of a monthly thing.   We had both taken running gear so we could potentially go on an easy hike.   I wasn’t sure I would be up to it but I felt like a sloth.  Particularly after 2 days of fast food.  😦     After a good day of shopping we headed to the Harmony Headlands.  It’s short, 4 miles out and back, easy, not technical at all, and has a gorgeous turn around.  IMG_9571 IMG_9554Let’s be clear, this was not a run, it was supposed to be an easy hike.  Which for the most part it was, but damn my mom walks fast.     It was hard to keep up sometimes.  I know I had an off week but come on.   But that’s ok, the scenery made up for it.  Plus the weather was awesome.    I had some phone problems so I didn’t get a lot of pics from the start of the trail but I figured it out by the end.  IMG_9476

All in all, it was a great way to end the day.  My legs were happy and my head was good too.    And we may have seen whales!!!  Well just the spouts, still cool though.

How was your week/ weekend?

Ever had a headache that wanted food?  Or am I just weird?

Run!, Slacker

Slow and Easy

While Saturday’s easy run had gone fairly well I was still nervous about my long run.  How were my legs going to handle it?   I knew the planned progression wasn’t going to happen but I was hoping to run long-ish and easy.

An old friend was coming to town for the weekend and we had been messaging about running together.  We have tried this before but never made it work.    We always seem to miss each other.  She ran SLO the year before I did, I ran City to the Sea the year before she did.   We did run into each other at my first Super Fun Run but she was running the 10k and I was running the 5K.   She’s running Wine Country next weekend and was aiming for 8-11 miles.   I said I would be slow but hang on if that was ok with her.  coldrunSeriously, there’s a reason I don’t run in the mornings.  It’s freakin’ cold!!   Yes, I realize that high 30’s, low 40’s is a heat wave to everyone outside of California.  Again let me state that I am a big baby in the cold!  For a variety of reasons we both had rough nights and there were more messages going back and forth on Sunday morning.   🙂  But we stuck it out and met up to run.   I planned the route and figured that my habit of running in circles up hills probably wouldn’t be the best idea.  So I mapped out a very lopsided figure 8 that led us across town and back for a little over 8 miles.  If we were feeling good I had ways to add on miles.    IMG_9458I was stiff and had to take numerous walking breaks.  My stomach has also been an asshat since Saturday night so that slowed me down as well.  I felt so bad for slowing her down.    Other than those 2 things I felt pretty good though which was cool considering how much I had not wanted to get out of bed.   If I am thinking optimistically then it’s not all my fault that we were slower than hoped for.  I live in a small town, proven by the fact that an 8 mile route can take me across town and back.  However, within that route we had 8 traffic light stops.  8.    That said, I wouldn’t mind running that route again.

We finished our run and chatted for a bit before heading our separate ways.   It was nice running with someone.  I so very rarely do that.  It does a little more energy to talk and run at the sametime- it should count as crosstraining- ha!   Maybe we can try that the next time she is in town.   Also, I would not have run in the morning had I not been meeting her.  I am so not a morning person.  I don’t think I ever will be.  Races are my extent of early mornings.

Running before made this seem a little less indulgent.
Running before made this seem a little less indulgent.

I am still on the fence about Wine Country.  I actually felt ok after Sunday’s run.   I stretched really well and rolled a little.    It’s probably just me using it wrong but my roller has not been helping.    I have a feeling I am going to put off the decision-making as long as possible.  On a random note- my Garmin shows 2 different average paces for the same run?!

What is your favorite time to run?

How many traffic lights do you usually have to deal with?

Can you run and hold a conversation at the same time?

Run!, Slacker

And How Now?

For some reason I did not want to do any of my workouts last week.  For some reason I was just feeling super lazy and super whiny.  It was actually something that my boss said each day that got me to change and get in both workouts during the week.     Which was a great thing because both runs were pretty damn good.

Saturday dawned and I was feeling the same lack of motivation.  I so wanted to bail on everything.  We had a prediction of rain for Sunday so I knew I should move my long run up a day.  I’m all for a short run in the rain but nothing past 6 miles.   My second half marathon was run in the rain and between that and a myriad of other issues it was a miserable race and I burst into tears at mile 11.  So yeah, no long rainy runs for me.  Bad memories.IMG_9327I finally headed out late afternoon but I had no expectations.  I was going to run whatever I felt like doing whether that was 3 miles or the 12 on the schedule.    I wanted to keep the pace super easy and just go with the flow.  After a couple of miles I figured I would just do my easy 4.5 mile route and chance the rain the next day.  But then I turned up the hill again instead of down.  And then again and then up another hill.  Followed by down and around and back up that first hill, then a few loops.   Then up the hill again, then some loops of the school.  Dizzy yet?    IMG_9341I was tired and achy but felt pretty good otherwise so I just kept running.  I actually felt like my form was pretty damn good.  Usually by that point, I feel like I am starting slouch and need to remind myself to straighten up and pick up my feet.   On Saturday, I felt like there was none of that.   There were a few times I looked at my watch and saw my lap pace was in the mid 9 range. Woah Nelly, slow down!    Each time I saw that I would take a walking break.  Part of me was super stoked each time I saw that but I knew I should back it off.     I felt pretty good but still had achy spots in my legs, particularly my left.  After numerous loops, I finally called it when I hit 10 miles at the bottom of my driveway.     Once again, I hadn’t felt like running but pulled off a pretty good run.   Guess that was the theme of the week.

Hills, hills
Hills, hills

Other than the few times I saw that I was running too fast, I hadn’t paid much attention to my pace.  I just kept what I felt was a comfortable pace and walked anytime I felt I needed to.  So I was surprised to see that the 10 miles were completed in 1:47:53.  Only 8 seconds slower than the previous week?  And how now?  Especially when the elevation is taken into consideration.  The previous week’s run had an overall elevation gain of 85 ft over 10 miles.   This week was 780 ft.  Say what?   It was in the high 50’s as opposed to 80’s so that could have been a factor.   But otherwise I went out with the full intention of crawling a slow, shorter run.    But I guess part of me just felt like running.   Long run done!   🙂comparision

That just left a 45-55 minute easy run for Sunday.  But yeah, more about that next time.

How about it?  Legs and head ever disagreed?

Do you like to run long in the rain? 

Do you like pina coladas?  Sorry couldn’t help it, that last question sounded like a personal ad.

Hope you’re having a great week!

Run!, Slacker

Wrapping it up!!

I hope everyone had a good Christmas!  We had a good day here in California even though Christmas finally brought in the cold.  We’ve hit freezing the last few nights and had colder days.   Yes, it has been nothing like anyone who gets actual snow but it’s cold for someone like me.  I think the perfect running temp is around 73 and I almost like running in 95-100º.   Crazy, I know.

Christmas was good this year and I can finally share a few things I purchased for my family.   I was super excited about these gifts this year, there were others but I had fun with these-IMG_8280

Road ID-  Ok this one is mine but I ordered a similar one for my mom and I ordered a FIXX ID for my dad for when he hikes.    IMG_8213

My mother has been saying that she wanted something with a logo on.  This is the back and the front says photographer.

My family proved just well they knew me as well-IMG_8223

I’ve come to realize that part of the reason I may have only run 34 miles in December 2013 was that there are so many things to be done.   My mileage so far this month is not where I had hoped it would be.  I had two tiny weeks in a row that put a dent in my goal.   But that’s ok- people first right?  I have one more commitment on Monday evening and then I think I am done!     Christmas is typically a lazy day with my family and I have always looked forward to it.  Last year, I ran a few miles to break in the Garmin I had received but this was a return to the norm.  It was so nice.  We hung out and watched Love Actually and then multiple episodes of Supernatural.  While enjoying yummy food of course.  🙂IMG_8255

Friday was back to work and I was confused all day.  It was a Friday but felt more like a Monday.    Even with that, I was able to restrain myself from eating cookies (Cookie Friday) which is kind of huge for me.  Saturday consisted of the usual errands and waiting around for it get a little warmer before running.   I admit to having little desire to run but I knew I was short on miles and also needed to get in a longish run.  10 was on the schedule but that didn’t seem like a smart idea after 2 short weeks.  So I headed out around 3, figuring I would aim for 8 but would settle for 4.5 if I still wasn’t feeling it.   For my longer runs, I have decided to aim for a pace around 11:15-11:30.   I really want them to feel easier and be more of a focus on time than pace.   Up until Saturday, it was going well.longslow1227

The run felt hard from the start and my legs felt weirdly achy.  I figured the cold was aggravating my asthma because I didn’t feel like I was pushing hard.  I had a route in mind but going up a hill in mile 2, I changed it up and ran that hill 3 times.   That section is kind of triangular so it was run up, walk a block over and run down to repeat.  From there it just a series of loops around neighborhoods but I did hit that hill again around mile 6.   I paused for a moment at an elementary school to check my shoes- they felt uncomfortable and just off- and use my inhaler again.   It was there I noticed my pace, aside from my first mile, every other mile was in the 10’s.  Slow down fool!  My legs had a mind of their own and the last 4 miles were faster than the first 4.  I was literally talking out loud to myself saying “slow down” but I just couldn’t seem to make it happen.  I took walk breaks in every mile just to slow down.   On one hand this is kind of awesome because it’s closer to what I used to be able to do but I need more self-control.   I should have been able to rein it in when I need to.    So yay but ugh?  🙂IMG_8275

Sunday called for an easy 6 and it was the perfect time to break in some new, shiny shoes.    I attribute the aches from my long run to my shoes.  I had noticed my neon Wave Rider’s had gone from good to not good overnight recently but I was hoping for another 50 miles or so.  All of my treadmill miles have been run in my Sayonara’s and have been relatively ache free.   Granted the condition of our streets doesn’t help but I had a feeling my Wave Rider’s were just done.   I bought another pair in October and just stashed them until needed.    What a world of difference!  Putting them on today made me realize just how bad the previous pair had been, I had arch support again!   Today’s 6 miles felt good, no aches other than a little soreness from yesterday.  Woo hoo!

How was your Christmas?

Ever have a pair of shoes go bad seemingly overnight?

Ready for 2015?  I’m getting there- next post will be goals.  🙂